Eminence Front (H) Recruiting

85 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello all!

My guild, Eminence Front, is recruiting for MoP!

Before I get into what type of person we are looking for, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself and my guild.
I have been playing since release, with a few breaks here and there. I have been everything from a faceless raider in one of the best guilds (at that time),to a GM of my own progression focused guild. I am currently filling the role of Recruitment Officer for this fine guild! What drives me in this game is community. At this point in WoW we are assured, that given time, loot will come to us all. What is not promised is an environment where you feel apart of something bigger then your pixels. It is easy(ish) to get loot, finding people that you genuinely get a long with, joke with, get mad at (let's be honest) but can't stay mad at because in the end, your fighting for the same things, is not as easy. I firmly believe I have found that here. I have been with this group of guys and gals since early BC. We have a lot of fun but we can definitely get down to business (currently 8/8H).I love it here.

Let me stop with the sappy heart strings and move on to what we look for in a potential new member.
A large majority of us are adults with families and/or jobs so while we love this game, not all of us can be on all the time and we enjoy the fact that we surround ourselves with people that understand this.

-Don't be elitest.
We will not pound cookie cutter builds into your head, or demand that you be the best toon on the server. We do ask two things. 1. Have a great grasp on what your character can do . 2. Have an open mind and always drive yourself to improve. This includes accepting and applying constructive criticism, especially if you are looking to raid in our progression group.

-Have fun
We all play this game to have fun, to escape the grind of life. We want you to have fun also! Get involved! We PvP, PvE, run old content for transmog and new content to get better gear. We have people that love to farm, and those with fishing at 1. I believe you will find a like mind here to share your WoW time with, and that is awesome to me!

This is necessary if you want access to a higher rank in the guild, for guild repairs and to get certain things from guild bank

If you read to this point and are interested in learning more or to become a part of our team, then please copy and paste this link. Feel free to contact me in game as well!

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100 Tauren Warrior
As one of the guild officers I would like to see some fresh faces. We are always looking to fill our ranks with some quality players.

Looking to hit the ground running in MoP so come raid with some proven raid talent
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85 Tauren Death Knight
This guild has been a home for me for along time, this guild can be very good to you. This guild is looking to run at least 2 progression 10 man groups and if we get enough responses possibly one 25 man. We are looking for people that are dedicated to their group that will show up on raid nights.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Just downed Heroic Madness! Congrats to those that put in a bunch of work to get this done!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Whats the raiding schedule. Im looking for some morning raid times. Have 10 85s and 7yrs of experience.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
Congrats on the kill.
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90 Undead Priest
Just wanted to say hello to any new people looking around. Please check us out at:


And apply at:

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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Assuming this is the original Eminence Front from back in BC, Psycow says what's up.
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90 Tauren Monk
It absolutely is, most of the original members still together! I'll pass along the greetings!
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90 Tauren Monk
Just a small update to our recruiting.

We need tanks! If you are a tank, know a tank, are a great dps that has thought about tanking, we would love for you to speak to one of us! Our professions are maxed and we are willing to help you. The number of 90s grows daily and our raid worthy are farming heroics as we speak! The start of any expansion levels the playing field a bit if you are looking to get into raiding. We have two raid leaders looking to hand pick their raiders and the more competition, the sharper our focus and the better we perform! Please feel free to contact me in-game for more information or head to our website!

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