Try Again - Recruiting! (edited :D)

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Once upon a time this game was one you couldn't play well without getting to know other people. Where dungeons and raids weren't qued for but to run them efficiently and quickly you'd want to run them with people you know. Sure you could hit up trade and form a group for a heroic Magister's terrace but most serious players had a list of people they met in pugs that they formed on their friend's list. Usually these friends and alliances you made with other players led to forming guilds and groups of people who preferred to play together.

Most guilds in this game seems to have forgotten that this is a game that is better when played with friends. Why would you want to commit to a raid team and spend hours of your life raiding with 24 other people you didn't like or didn't even know? Our guild fights that contention every single day. Like any social interaction you will get as much from our guild as you put into it, nor will we feel obligated to do anything with you; but we will engage you.

I know the personal opinions of most of my members on the new expansion. I know them so well that the other officers ask me "who is that?" and I reply "oh yeah thats Bahnn, he rolled another druid cause he wants to try boomkin :D". If you're 85 I will whisper you and ask you if you want to do scenarios or try dungeons with us. I get to know the member of my guild, as do most of the officers and we encourage our members to do the same and nine times out of ten they will because it's the way guilds should be.

We raid. With a tryout basis we choose the people who not only perform but will fit our team. But we don't define ourselves as solely a raid guild because that's not all we are. We strive to be the best social guild and the best raid guild. And each day we become a little bigger because the people of our realm have seen our resolve and want to help us reach our goal. If you want to be apart of that then APPLY to our wonderful guild.


my realID is

our website (still a work in progress) is

Whisper warpchild, cantsleep, bahnn, or phathusa if you are interested in joining. though all members can invite.

Our raid times are 8-10:30 server (est) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and we do a fun run on Saturdays around those times for old content and getting people free mounts.

We are a level 25 guild, renamed a couple times, we have a tabard and even a working ventrilo server. We only run tens. We do organize arena teams and want to do rateds but probably won't unless we find good pvpers.

All active 85s in our guild get free twilight drakes and ZA bear mounts eventually.

Our current team needs are as follows; we need mdps, a tank, and one ranged dps would be great (no locks, boomkins, or hunters). that being said we rotate members regularly and no one is guaranteed a spot. We do not have a clique.

The only person that would be there every week will be our raid leader. And two other people will be being trained so he may step out as well. Try-out basis for all raiders. Meaning you sucks and stand in fire we are less likely to bring you, but we don't need you to beat us on dps. Just get to the median of what your class needs to be pulling for your tier level and don't stand in stuff and we will always try to get you in to raid.
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Try Again
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This strikes me as a renamed Guild... good luck though! I look forward to seeing some guilds be competitive! Smash those boss meters!
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09/13/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Sunderwear
This strikes me as a renamed Guild... good luck though! I look forward to seeing some guilds be competitive! Smash those boss meters!

Yeah we used to be armada then we became red plastic cups. Now we are TRY AGAIN :D
and thanks, gl to you too.


Our guild isn't right for everybody and if we had more information about you guys we would totally refer people. Like to my knowledge the only hard core raid guilds horde side that run 25s are EMERGENCE and RELENTLESS. The only hardcore team that runs tens is STRAW MAN. and the only guild here that organizes rated bg's successfully is RELENTLESS. And the best social/leveling guilds are DESERI ROSE and THE REBELLION.

If you are interested in fostering a solid community base than please contact me or warpchild. And if we come across people better suited for your guilds we will recommend them and hope that you do the same.
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best of luck cantsleep ;)
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09/18/2012 10:14 AMPosted by Cantsleep
This strikes me as a renamed Guild... good luck though! I look forward to seeing some guilds be competitive! Smash those boss meters!


I am the GM of Emergence and like the idea of a tighter community on Undermine. I would really like to see Undermine climb up the realm ladder. Add me to realid ( and we can talk further.
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