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Purity Recruitment Post

What are we?
The primary focus of Purity is to form a guild of players with like-minded goals and plans for the upcoming expansion and to work towards said goals. Purity is an upcoming reroll guild that will focus on the completion of PvE progression content in a competitive environment during Mists of Panderia.

What are we working for?
To build a tight knit community composed of talented players with like-minded goals, that work together to complete progressive content in a both aggressive and enjoyable manner in the upcoming expansion, Mists of Panderia.

What are we seeking/expecting from our members?
• Active Players that are eager to find their new home in Purity.
• Players that enjoy playing the game and working to be the best they can be
• The ability to work together with other players in a mature way even in times of conflict.
• Looking for a guild that is more than power leveling and getting guild perks
• Players that will honor their commitments to the guild and their guildies
• Players willing and able to better themselves through research and constructive criticism
• Players that are over the age of 16 and can demonstrate the maturity of an adult both in attitude and actions.

In order for this guild to flourish as wanted we will be combing through applicants to look for those that are believed to be a good fit as not only members of a future raid team but also as members of a community of players. We are not simply seeking players that have an impressive resume of raiding but also players who can handle conflict maturely and take constructive criticism.

How do I apply?
The application process for Purity is not one that is overly lengthy or outrageously rigorous, however in order to be part of the guild it is key that interested individuals follow all of the steps and take the time to complete them correctly.
To apply for membership in Purity please do the following:
- Complete the guild application fully and coherently
- Keep up with your application and answer any additional questions that may be asked on it
- In some cases an additional voice interview may be requested.


Information about the guild and policies:
Server, Faction, and Leveling Policies:
Server: Ner'zhul PVP
Faction: Alliance
Recruit A Friend (RAF): There is no rule against the use of the RAF system to level up, but the same thing applies from leveling caps, blowing through the content and being 85 first serves you little benefit as you will be sitting waiting for others to catch up.
Bind on Account (BOA) Gear: The use of BOA gear is fine and many players will use it during their leveling process.
Death Knights: The creation of a Death Knight prior to the actual reroll date is allowed and encouraged as a way to farm materials for your character and to establish a little gold supply on the server. As far as the playing of a death knight as your main in the guild, please refer back to application section of the charter.

When will we start leveling?
In order to set up Purity with the best chances for success we will be recruiting somewhere between 25-35 members before we actually start the leveling process. With that being said members and applicants will need to be patient. Jumping into a guild with inadequate number of members to sustain the inevitable loss of some during the leveling process is simply setting you up for failure and would make the effort of everyone pointless.

Raid Times:
Tues, Wed, and Thurs
8:00pm - 11:00pm pst

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Why was Ner’Zhul selected as the realm for the guild?

Ner’Zhul was selected as the realm of choice after a long selection process in which about 25 realms were evaluated as a possible home for Purity. Here is a quick information breakdown about Ner’Zhul:
Realm Type: PvP
Time Zone: PST
Alliance/Horde breakdown: 49% Alliance 51% Horde
Realm Progression: 17 of 246 (Overall)
23 of 246 (10 mans)
9 of 246 (25 mans)

What’s the timeline for starting the guild?

In the guild charter there was a series of stages outlined for the formation and execution of the guild and it goes as such:

Stage 1- Recruitment and Formation of the Guild
Stage 2- Rolling and Leveling
Stage 3- Raid team forming and starting content

These three stages are an outline of how the guild will be constructed from the ground up. There are no exact dates associated with these stages as a lot revolves around recruitment. In order for the guild to take off and be successful it is essential that we recruit between 35-40 players in order to reach our goal of 25 man raiding.

So I am really interested in joining your guild, but I am not really interested in leveling up another character. Can I transfer my existing character?

Purity is a re-roll guild and so we will be starting new characters fresh from level 1 and working from there. Transfers will not be accepted into the guild as of now due to the fact that it goes against the core purpose of our guild. In the future if we are needing to fill slots in our raid team due to members dropping off (hopefully this will not occur, but we have to be realistic) then we will possibly open the guild up to transfers at that time.

Can I take advantage of the Recruit A Friend system in Purity? Is the usage of BoA gear permitted?

The policy of these two things in Purity is simple; you are permitted to use them all in order to speed up the leveling process. Before you jump into taking advantage of these two leveling perks realize that you may out level the remainder of the guild and find yourself with no one to play alongside of. While Purity is a reroll guild focused on progression raiding in the future we are also striving to create a community within our guild. Just take these things into account before you leave everyone else in the dust while you level.

So after we all level up what’s the focus of the guild?

Purity while being a reroll guild is being created to offer a community for players with like-minded goals to work towards achieving progression and dominance in both PvE and PvP scene. The primary focus of the guild will be on competitive progression raiding during Mists of Panderia, along with that there will be RBG teams within the guild. Purity strives to be one of the top achieving raiding guilds on Ner’Zhul.

On the homepage of the site it says closed next to Death Knights for recruitment, are you not excepting ANY Death Knights?

The policy for Death Knights is that we are not outwardly recruiting any Death Knights from day one because of the fact that they start at level 56. We will be having them within the ranks of our guild but what we are asking is that anyone interested in playing a Death Knight in Purity levels up another class to 55 before starting one. The reasoning behind this is that players that role Death Knights are so far ahead of everyone else that they will cap out far before everyone else and then have to wait around for the rest of the guild. With past experiences being the evidence this is never good for anyone because players become bored and either end up moving on or are just simply unhappy having to wait around.

Are we allowed to raise funds and gather supplies on a Death Knight before the official reroll start date?

Absolutely and its encouraged!
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90 Troll Hunter
You guys 25m or 10m guild?
Edited by Abbador on 9/5/2012 6:11 PM PDT
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we will be a 25m raiding guild
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90 Troll Hunter
Nice hope everything works out for you guys. 25m guilds are scarce can be a real challenge to keep together.

GL :-)
Edited by Abbador on 9/6/2012 8:39 AM PDT
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I absolutely know what you mean. Its tough. Thanks!
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1 Gnome Warlock
we are starting today, get in while you can. we will start leveling at 8pm pst.
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1 Gnome Warlock
cant wait to start tonight!
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we have a very solid foundation. we will be doing 25mans. recruiting all levels.
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