Loot/Target Bug??


90 Tauren Paladin
This is becoming more than an inconvenience as it's starting to happen in raids where bosses and objects are untargetable. I haven't noticed any patterns, it just looks like there's some bad code in there somewhere. Relogging does fix the issue, but that's not a very good alternative in raids.

This is the longest I've seen a game breaking bug go unresolved (1 month now?). Hard to believe this hasn't been a top priority for them prior to MOP launching.

Edit: Happening without addons and everyone in guild has been experiencing this is one form or another.
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91 Draenei Mage
Can't move around the middle of my screen, can't click on anything in it and can't turn using that portion...needs to be fixed.
93 Troll Shaman
I have a Mushan problem with losing the target and not being able to loot or skin a young mushan. This was on Nizhoni just today in the valley of the 4 winds.

This was at 6:38 pm Undermine time in the area by the Nesingwary Safari people and the Torjari Pits. I had been farming turtles, foxes, elk, tigers etc for a while for leather and cooking meat.

This was to do the green stripped tiger and mushan safari quests. There is a dead mushan that the tigers like to munch on laying on the side by/toward the hill. This is the location it happened (Duskback Gorge).

I had been farming turtles, foxes, elk, tigers etc for a while for leather and cooking meat.

@ 6:48 pm I lost target on a young mushan who I was fighting. I was switching back and forth between the young one and the big Dustback Mushan level 87. There was another one but he was under the Dustback Mushan. I might have been mixing tab and mouse targeting. I am not certain if there was still a third young one.

Once I killed the Dustback, the young one kept attacking my shaman but I could not target it until I tab targeted. I had clicked on him with the mouse nothing (both right and left clicks). Then it worked with tab target but I could not loot or skin until I logged out and back in. I have not had many incidents of not being able to target on my shaman - very few. There are players in my guild who get them constantly.

My bags were not full. The only add-on I have are these and they are up to date:

DBM -(the family)
Archy -Archaeology Assist
Grid - Quickhealth

Done at 6:52 pm. (looted and skinned and killed a tiger).
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49 Pandaren Monk
Any updates on this Blizzard? This has been happening for weeks now. Addons enabled, addons disabled. Extremely frustrating. There is no rythme or reason.. happens on level 45 toons and level 90 toons. Happens in Orgrimmar, happens in Dread Wastes. Unable to loot killed mobs, unable to target random mob or player or npc. Unable to interact with quest items (making questing nearly impossible without relogging every 10 minutes). How can the culprit not be identified yet? It's been ages. An update would be appreciated.
90 Human Warrior
Any word yet? It's not addons and it needs to be addressed. It's frustrating for every aspect of this game.
90 Goblin Warlock
This is back with a vengeance. Every fourth or firth attempt on Feng was a wipe because a tank could not interact with a crystal. Cannot eat raid feasts or click on soulwells without constantly relogging. Bosses untargettable until engage. Archaeology finds and random mobs become unlootable. It's a massive annoyance.
100 Dwarf Paladin
Experiencing this issue while fishing as well. Occasionally after casting fishing the bobber simply emerged uninteractable and I'd have to recast. Kept telling myself that couldn't have been the one the Spinefish Alpha was waiting in...but of course it could have been! Please investigate, it's pretty frustrating.
100 Night Elf Druid
10/07/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Advo
This is back with a vengeance. Every fourth or firth attempt on Feng was a wipe because a tank could not interact with a crystal. Cannot eat raid feasts or click on soulwells without constantly relogging. Bosses untargettable until engage. Archaeology finds and random mobs become unlootable. It's a massive annoyance.

Same here, had some fights even where neither tank could interact with the crystals.

EDIT: Make that three attempts in a row that a tank couldn't target it, with relogs between attempts.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Apparently it happens in raids as well. Feng the Accursed spawns two crystals for tanks to click on, however on occasion you end up with two crystals that are unclickable and sometimes even the boss is untargetable. This makes for fun times as my guild found out tonight, so ETA on fixing this would be great :)
90 Worgen Druid
Dear Blizzard:

None of us can click on the nullification ability on the 2nd boss of vaults, please pay us back our money for flasks and repairs, this is ridiculous. Fix your game


The Chrisyou Gang
100 Troll Mage
This bug seems to be getting out of control. It's quite frustrating particularly when boss mechanics require you to click an item (AKA scholomance boss to click bone shields).
90 Orc Warrior
This was crazy in tonights raid. Got to a point where we were unable to click feasts/healthstones or the console to start the Will of the Emperor encounter. Got worse and worse as the night went on, needs to be fixed as its happening with trying to target bosses as well.
100 Troll Mage
I also just went to harvest my crops. Had to re-log to harvest 2 of them. Then I planted 2 new crops and I had to re-log again in order to jump on the weeds on them. This is certainly getting more and more common.
90 Troll Hunter
Seeing the same thing. Several things are not clickable (npcs, dead or alive monsters, harvesting nodes, etc). Relog tends to fix it for the immediate things but it breaks very quickly. Been having to use the /t <npc name> and hit the interact with target keybind to do a lot of things. Been this way since launch and seems like its slowly getting worse.
85 Troll Mage
I am having an issue where I am randomly unable to target a mob/npc/player. I mouse over it and it does nothing. I can't right click or anything. Same goes for loot, I will kill a mob, and the loot will sparkle, but I can't right click and loot, it's like there is nothing to target. This hasn't happened before patch, just recently within the last day or two, and I don't have addons. Also, if I log out and back on, I am able to loot/target again. Is this just a patch issue or is the problem on my end?

100 Tauren Druid
This seems to be increasing in how often it happens for me lately. (possible due to me simply doing more with the expansion)

I disabled all of my add-ons to test this and it made no change. Still having serious issues.

Nodes. Corpses. Quest Items. Archeology fragments. You can see it sparkle but it acts as if its a piece of the scenery.

I'm generally patient so if its a mob, I kill another one nearby then loot that one. If its a corpse I need to skin, interactable quest item, or node etc.. I sit down right there and log out then in.

Sometimes this isn't really possible. Inside dungeons it becomes an issue. (who wants to wait for your healer to log in and out over and over.

Perhaps there is a pattern. I have never had it happen twice in a row, there does seem to be an amount of time or items in between.
90 Dwarf Hunter
The bug seems to be getting more common every day. Last night I had to relog on every character at least once just doing my planting/harvesting. I've noticed it when farming, when looting, when interacting with quest mobs, when fishing. It's widespread and the only thing that seems to fix it for me is relogging, but it can happen again almost immediately sometimes.
100 Troll Shaman
This bug is REALLY common. TOO common. It happens about 1/3 mobs, lootables, quest items, herbs that I can not target or interact with. Please fix this, it really is making dailies even more frustrating.
100 Orc Death Knight
Dear god please keep workign on this and work on it seriously. It's only getting worse over time. Half the time I can't click on feasts, healthstones, portals, mobs...we've had people dying in challenge modes cause they couldn't click bone piles and the like. This is seriously the most game breaking base UI bug I've seen in years of wow and it's been like this for over a month now.
100 Draenei Shaman
I am experiencing the same problem as well, but thing is when i get this thing that I simply call the "loot bug" all it takes to fix it is to sign out then back in, OR alternately to simply kill another mob and loot that other mob. How do you post your dlag info? It is a problem I been having, it's more a minor inconvenicene really.
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