Loot/Target Bug??


90 Worgen Druid
I get this happening also; with regards to the archeology, fly out of the area (doesn't have to be super far), just enough to get the digsite off your immediate map and then fly back - you should be able to loot the fragment / node / mob, no need to log.
90 Human Monk
While I am not currently raiding, I am getting this VERY regularly to the point it is VERY hard to play the game. At least once per hour I am finding myself having to log out and back just so I can click my targets/nodes. I have been using the /target [dead npc name], but I shouldn't have to do this every 1 out of 15 (or so) dead npcs.

Is there something Blizzard plans to do for the community as a whole since this seems to be a widespread issue cross servers?
90 Worgen Priest
I get this issue a lot, especially in Mogu'shan Vaults near the Spirit Kings and Elegon. Feasts, warlock portals, repair robots, etc. are often not able to be clicked by some (but not usually all) raid members.
90 Orc Death Knight
It's not add-ons

You may be running out-of-date addons, that's usually the primary culprit of issues with being able to click or loot things.

I am having this problem and I do not have any add-ons.

I haven't been running any addons since I've been back and this is happening to me. Somewhat of a work around is to /target (name) and bind an interact with target key. Most the time it's tilled soil and Madam Goya for me but I've noticed it for other things also.
Quality Assurance
We are aware that this issue is persisting and should have a new fix out soon. I'll update you when I have more information.
90 Pandaren Warrior
This has also become an issue withe Quest: Battle Helm of the Thunder King.

Cannot interact with the helm and now I cannot complete the quest chain. Tried mouseover keybinds, cross realm invites, reloadui, logging out and then back, also dropped quest and restarted. Still nothing. Other are having this issue.

90 Troll Death Knight
Makes Stone Guard crystals more interesting. Better fight this way, imo.
85 Dwarf Mage
By far the most frustrating bug I have encountered so far.
10/09/2012 06:52 PMPosted by Sindralic
By far the most frustrating bug I have encountered so far.
90 Night Elf Druid
I notice that if I kill something nearby and loot it, I get the loot from the unlootable mob. So it really does sound like a target issue, not a loot issue per se.
58 Troll Death Knight
I have this problem too.

Heres some infos:

1' I dont use any addons and never used any.

2' it started with 5.0.4.

3' /reload do not fix it for me.

4' My graphic card is updated to the most recent version, I updated recently but I had this problem before I update and still have this problem.

5' I played MoP beta early in for a good time (then stopped), but while playing I never had this problem.

6' I found the only way to "fix" is relog. It might let you target the thing you wanted but it still wont let you some things...

Extremely annoying. I finished a Diremaul run, without killing bosses so more loot,quests. I couldnt get the king buff because of the bug. At least i managed to do it with /target and setting a keybind to interact with npc.

+im missing loot sometimes because i cant target and loot. AoE loot helps but thats assuming the corpse i cant target is close enough.
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90 Pandaren Mage
This is crippling in heroic progression. Tiles on Guards? Nope. Tanks clicking crystals on Feng? Nope. Trying to get healthstones, use jeeves, eat feasts? Nope.
90 Night Elf Druid
10/09/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Tasty
This is crippling in heroic progression. Tiles on Guards? Nope. Tanks clicking crystals on Feng? Nope. Trying to get healthstones, use jeeves, eat feasts? Nope.

It's being fixed, there's a post on the general forums about this.

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90 Troll Hunter
Alt + F4 seems to fix the issue temporarily

(I'm not kidding)
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
This is entire realms that cant do this. We working on stone guards atm and everyone has issues targeting bosses before we pull
90 Night Elf Hunter
21 November and problem still here
90 Pandaren Shaman
June 5th, Hodir 10 man - 2 chests unclickable. Exited the game and still no change when logging back in.
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