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I'm actually looking for a raiding guild for MoP(Alliance or Horde). The reason it's my current guild, Coup de Grâce, about to turn into a social guild. I have been raiding with them since Burning Crusade.

TBC: Well I joined in Burning Crusade, 2 weeks after hitting lvl70 i was raiding all the t4 + ZA. 2 months later I was progressing in the Black Temple with a guild called Apocalypsce.

Wotlk: Well wrath I raided with a lot guild, ARMY OF DARKNESS, a good guild from malfurion I can't the name atm. I did all raid, but with reason...(I did a few heroic boss(out of loot ship))

I rarely miss a raid, I like challenge. I learn fast, I would like to PvP too. I'm good melee DPS, or Tank. Mianly looking a new home for my Rogue or Warrior.

Bloodrazor: Well I recently worked on her prof so she has bad ench/hemming/reforge sinc eI didnt raid with her. I like playing her Subt, solid spec now. Prof: Ench/JC

Vicey: I raid with her since Wotlk, I tanked a lot with her in wotlk, and in cata i sent her to Coup de Grâce because they needed a solid dps for progression. So for Tier and Fireland i was Arms warrior. I tank since Burning Crusade(i was a paly tank in BC) Prof: Eng/Ench

Current Guild: Well i raided a lot that casual RL friend guild. They needed solid DPS so my friend Khiori and me joined. Since Wotlk Khiori(hunter) and me are fighting for the top dps charter >:). No matter the class i pick we are close, well geared or no. I have almost all class 85: Warriors(2),Rogue(1),Mage(1). Well actually when a coup de grace player is logged on its pretty much me.

I always come ready for raid, I hate asking for flasks when i forget them. I check Tankspot, each week I check/test for a way to do more DPS to be up to date. I use Wowreforge too.
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Here you go -- http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/kargath

From that page, you should be able to find a guild that matches well with your raid times, attendance policies, progression interests, etc. You can even choose a couple! Once you've found one (or two) that you feel is a good fit, there should be obvious instructions on how to apply for membership.

Good luck guild hunting!
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thank you, I couldn't find it earlier.
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If you think you're a player, consider www.guildrecon.com

Good luck!
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It's not an entirely accurate page unfortunately. We're a 25 man guild and have had most of our achieves from 25 man raiding but it lists us as 10 man.

Just an FYI to actually look into whatever guilds you're interested in so you know what they plan to do in MoP.
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09/04/2012 04:53 PMPosted by Aero
It's not an entirely accurate page unfortunately. We're a 25 man guild and have had most of our achieves from 25 man raiding but it lists us as 10 man.

25s: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/kargath/rating.tier13_25
10s: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/kargath/rating.tier13_10

It's not that bad, you just can't go by what's in the parenthesis. Since according to that, there are literally no other 25s on Kargath...? Is it based on what difficulty the kills were first obtained on to some extent? Because that's what it looks like.
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mm okay
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89 Blood Elf Rogue
I dont know if it's harder or something, but for the hard we have very low pop atm so finding skilled players too it's hard and few of them prefer casual guild or are in one atm. Coup de Grace have a few dedicated players
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