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Well to anyone who knows me, doesn't know me, cares, doesn't care, whatever. It's been fun.

As it stands right now, I have very little desire to play WoW anymore. Sad I know. And it be entirely honest...it's been a long time coming...let me explain a little bit.

I started playing WoW again right after Wrath came out after not playing for all of BC. I came back with more or less one goal, which is going to sound extremely egotistical. I wanted to be the best tank I could possibly be. So once I hit level 80 I very heavily threw myself into tanking theory(crafting) to try and figure out literally as much as I could about my class and tanking.
After doing a number of pug Naxx's (fun times actually), I managed to land my self in a guild one of my old Vanilla friends was in (quit playing right before I joined funny enough). Managed to prove my self as a tank doing Naxx's and I was asked if I wanted to be on their raid group. I accepted and was made the off tank. Which is funny since I always ended up doing the job that was the hardest. Anyone who has "followed me" knows why this is. Anyway, after a while of Uld I managed to make the main tank at the time hate me as a person he quit and server transferred. I only found that out much later.

Moving on to ToC we managed to blow through that really easily. When ToGC came around we hit a wall, managed to get past it, and finally managed to clear ToGC. Now, my guild was never a hardcore progression guild, but we ended up I believe 3rd on server for 10 man as a result. This in hindsight only did one thing for me. Make me (much more) egotistical. If I remember right (might be later, either way the point is the same) around the end of ToC heading into ICC I decided to make my tanking guide. And to be completely honest, a large part of the reason was to help people, something I very much enjoy(ed) doing in WoW. But it was also to help achieve what I set out to do. Be the best.

Go through ICC with a few walls, blah blah blah. Get to LK, couldn't kill him. After a while I just quit. Came back a few months, left my guild, joined an old friends guild, killed LK, ended up 9/12 Heroic 25 ICC. I am on top the world since at that point I could easily say I was one of, if not the best Pally tank on my server. In my eyes at least, and probably a handful of other peoples.

Cata comes around. I get to talking to some of my old guild mates and we get this idea to make our own raid team. We wanted to be the A team. Not so much server firsts but we wanted to have a group of amazing players who would be able to do the content with more or less ease. This never ended up happening (which my RL and I have sort of lamented about much later).
We had more trouble then we needed to with just about every boss for Tier 11. If you could do 6 man raids, we would have been fine. The other half of my raid was bad by comparison. Die to stupid things, not be able to do enough DPS, tank poorly, you name it. The reason it bothered me so much, I didn't consider what we were doing to be hard. By the time we cleared T11 I wanted to start doing heroics. My RL pointed out that our raid wouldn't be able to do them (he was 100% correct about that). By the time T11 came to a close I was about to quit playing because of how bad my raid group actually was (half of it at least). But I stuck around.
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Tier 12 comes around, literally the same thing happens. As T11. Everything was harder and took longer then it needed to. I'm finding it to be easy and am getting annoyed (privately after raids) that we are not clearing easy content. Blah blah blah, we kill Rag after a while. Again, same thing, I want to attempt heroics. Never happens for the same reason as T11. So (and due to a few other reasons) I quit playing again, right before Dragon Soul.

It wasn't until a little after Scroll of Resurrection came around did I start playing again. I got Rezed by Cely and decided to make a Lock. Well a raid night came around (Legendary staff working in Firelands). And I got a chance to DPS on my pally. Now...mind you I am wearing a mix of random Firelands and ZG/ZA DPS pieces. Hardly anything special really. Well...for the most part I managed to keep up with everyone in the raid while they were wearing full Tier 13 gear. Now anyone who has again "followed me" knows how much this would annoy me. So...I quit playing my Pally and switched to my Warlock. One because I wanted to play something different for fun. And two...to make a point. I leveled to 85, got gear, got more gear, enough to the point where you would consider me equal in gear to everyone in my raid. Well...I started to out DPS just about everyone in my raid. On a toon I had only been playing for a couple weeks. Got a few more correct pieces of gear, and this trend just continued. I was beating everyone. We finally got a legendary staff for our Afflic lock. Well...I managed to beat our Legendary staff lock with nothing but semi BiS normal DS gear. This was constantly driving insane. I should be beating people with a toon I that I have only been playing for a month.
Well moving along we started to attempt some DS heroics, and even with the nerfs we were still barely able to kill bosses. This pissed me off to a point where I just ended up quitting WoW again.

I suppose you can blame all of my annoyance on me having a semi hardcore progression mindset in a semi casual guild. You would be right, but I did enjoy the people I raided with and I didn't want to leave.

Now people are probably wondering what in the world this has to do with MoP and me not wanting to play. Well it boils down to a few things.

1) Always being annoyed while raiding really burned me out.
2) Any time mechanics change I hurl myself into them to learn everything I can and as a result burn myself out
3) My friends are not really playing anymore.
4) It just doesn't seem fun.

What I mean by fun, Pally tanking is honestly just going to turn into a heal spam fest like it was at the start of Cata. It was amusing, but not fun.

If I do play again, it wont be as a tank, and probably wont be my pally. Odds are, I will stick with my Warlock.

Now getting away from that, there are a few things I do want to address.

As much as I like to think I am this godly amazing tank. I'm probably not. I am nothing special. I've never done anything special beyond making a stickied tanking guide, which in all honesty is just a rehash of Theck and other peoples work. All of whom are better tanks then I am.

Be it, Vent, in game chat, forums, or real life, I have this very bad habit of being very blunt and thick headed. I will argue a point to death even if I end up being wrong. I will defend it to death. Combine this with my already mentioned bluntness I manage to piss a lot of people off with my apparent attitude. I want to make it clear that I am not trying to be snooty and whatnot when I get this way. It's just a bad habit of how I act. I act like and elitist when I don't really want to. So I want to apologize for that.

For all my faults I have always tried to help people be the best tanks they possibly can be. If I do/did a good job or do it the right way...that's up for debate. But let me just say, I tried.

Anyway, I just want to say thanks to everyone in Glyph Vendor, Open Librum, everyone I have managed to help, anyone who has read my guide, and just anyone who I have had the privilege to interact with because of this game (good, bad, or otherwise). I'm not going to start dropping names, but you all know who you are.

Much love,


I may see you guys in MoP at some point, who knows. But as of right this very moment, it's a no. I may still lurk the forums from time to time though.

I don't know who I wrote everything I did...just deal with it and skip to the end if you want.

Real Pallys are full of win and ponies! They also eat waffles, not pancakes!
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Oh and for the love of god, someone PLEASE try to get "Xayton Punched" as a real thing!
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<3 you bro

Best of luck in all your endeavors, in game and out
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It's been a pleasure knowing you; I'm sorry to see you go, and I'm sorry to lose a valuable member of the tanking community. I'm glad: you're choosing something which causes you less stress, and I hope: it goes well for you.

I also hope: this thread doesn't get you in trouble, as goodbye (usually not as polite) threads tend to.

Before you go, maybe change the title of your guide to make obvious: it's not updated for 5.0.4. Or update it for 5.0.4--not a lot has changed.

You'll be back when locks can tank. I'm glad you discovered them.
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This game is really really hard sometimes. Other times, playing with others is the hard part.
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09/02/2012 07:38 PMPosted by Xayton
Oh and for the love of god, someone PLEASE try to get "Xayton Punched" as a real thing!

This is what I wanted to post about. Will miss you Xay Xay, don't be a facebook stranger!

You should just be super casual with some of us.
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/drinks in honor of Xayton
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
Fair Winds and Calm Seas Xayton.
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brb fermenting these gr'apes I'm eating so I can /drink too.

Gonna miss having you around :( I'll remember every time I take a huge melee hit that I forgot to ragebucket on to refer to it as a Xayton Punch.

EDIT: Gr'ape is not a bad word, Blizzard :(
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
Edited by Waniou on 9/2/2012 9:27 PM PDT
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09/02/2012 09:23 PMPosted by Waniou
I'll remember every time I take a huge melee hit that I forgot to ragebucket on to refer to it as a Xayton Punch.
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Good luck man.

Its been great knowing you and it was your guide that taught me how to play!

I wont be playing too much longer myself but ill try and get Xayton punch commemorated in some way with my remaining time.

I hope you have fun with your future endeavors and continue being the perfectionist we all know you to be =)
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Keep in touch on Facebook, and enjoy life!
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I macro'd "/say XAYTON PUNCH!" to my Rebuke.

The Rij will miss the Xayton.
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It sounds like it's been a bit frustrating for you, good luck whether or not you decide to come back to WoW. I found your tanking guide extremely helpful when I was learning how to tank, and I've pointed a lot of other newbie pally tanks at it.
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Farewell, as the Sun rests in the West each day, all things must end.
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