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40 Worgen Druid
As a guild master, how do you decide how much to put into the guild? Do you pay for all the bank tabs yourself? I am new to running a guild and I don't know how it's normally done. I am thinking about having one alt just for gaining gold for the guild and still having my main to make gold for the things my toon will need (epic flying, ect). I was wondering how other GM's did it. Thank you.

A bit of a history: My guild is made up of less than 10 people. We are close friends and family. We all were horde on a different server, but with MoP coming out we wanted to roll on another server and play alliance. Our old GM has health problems and doesn't want to take it over anymore, so I said I would. So far everyone is expecting me to buy all the bank tabs. I don't mind doing it, but then how do you pay for all the stuff you want? Do I have to sacrifice what I want for the guild? Or can I have it all? lol
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90 Worgen Druid
Just buy the tabs as you need them. For a small guild I don't think you really need all the slots right away.

As the guild grows and the demand for more tabs increases you will probably be able to ask the guild to help you out by putting donations into the bank to help fund them.
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90 Draenei Shaman
You might want to pay for 2 or 3 tabs yourself, but as the guild levels and you get Cash Flow, you can use those funds to buy more tabs. Or, you can take up a collection from your guildies. It is not your job (unless you choose it) to cover 100% of all expenses of the guild....only to manage the funds.
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14 Troll Priest
Short version: I bought the first 4 at least, maybe 5 tabs. We were still kind of small then. Until we reached 75ish members I paid for tabs, had about 5k in the bank and had it stocked a bit. After 75 or so, and others started putting in more, I stopped. However, I also opened the bank more when others started helping more.

As I tell my members-
As long as we all help in some way, we will all benefit. Yes, some put less vs. others, but generally everyone contributes and receives what they need or want.

I will never see the things and time I put into the guild fully come back to me. But it's okay. I am just happy to be.
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58 Dwarf Death Knight
Only give what you can happily give. It doesn't benefit the guild to have 8 filled tabs and a grumpy guild master.

I don't mind faming herbs to make flasks and potions for the guild, but I do mind fishing for the feasts. So I do the things I don't mind and draw a line when I am not having fun donating. Targeted donations are often more fun than general ones - I get more pleasure from mailing somebody a few gems (or whatever) that they can use right away than from stashing the gems in the guild bank where they might not be used.
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90 Human Mage
If there is something specific I need, like fish for feasts, I'll mention in guild chat that we need it and give folks a chance to volunteer farming. I will also periodically clear things from the bank to the AH and deposit the gold back in bank to help pay for mats needed.
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90 Undead Rogue
I'd recommend killing off the idea that you have to front the money for everything. Make it a guild thing - that way people feel invested in the guild bank and contributions are seen more as group mentality than what the GM (you) are trying to push. Not getting enough contribution? Well - then the need does not meet the desire.

If you are running with less than ten people, 1-2 bank tabs are all you really need. One for the sort of random stuff people think are valuable (like ten stacks of Blood Shrimp) and another for current content items you may want to reserve for guild events or prizes/awards.

Push for Cash Flow - that's where the money will come from. If you find you need more money than that is providing, just put the bug in people's ear to donate. If any of your guildmates is a real good auction hunter, give them some increased power to pull out gold/items to make more gold/items - just make sure you establish control so they don't go too crazy with guild funds. If you don't have anyone like that - just stick with the always handy Guild Message asking for 100 gold here... 100 gold there.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I have a blanket rule that people can have whatever they want if they pay a token of 'respect' or 'user fee' for whatever they take out.

I also always make sure I have a 'free' tab so that stuff we're overflowing with anyone can just take.
But even then I find most people more than willing to pay 1g for a stack of whatever crap we're trying to get rid of.

I think I bought the first couple tabs myself but after that with the 'user fee' rule in place I found it pretty easy to get guild funds up to buy other tabs.
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5 Troll Hunter
i am new to this guild thing how can u take gold from your guild bank
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90 Human Death Knight
Click on The guild bank And in the bottom right conner Should say withdraw gold thats if your aloud
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90 Human Mage
You can start small and just get a few tabs and the necessities. Discourage your guild members from throwing useless junk into the bank (or just take it out when you see it) like level 5 food or something. As you raise more funds (this can be done through cash flow and also, put some effort into fulfilling guild challenges - running dungeons and scenarios with a guild group).

If you have a guild website, put a section of things that the guild needs (such as flasks, current buff foods, mats, uncut gems). Discuss with people what they think the guild should be able to receive from the bank and try to fill that order with contributions from members. You can work with crafters and gatherers and see what they can contribute to help out.

Some guilds charge a small (lower than AH price) fees for items people take out. Some sell BoE gear to raise money for the bank. There are many different ways to raise funds and fill the bank with useful items.
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90 Tauren Druid
The first few tabs are cheap to buy. It helps to pay for them yourself. I did. However, a guild should work together to accomplish the goals of a guild. No one person--even the guild leader--is not responsible to foot the entire bill.

My Horde guild has a lot of cash inflow. We were able to open up grepairs to every rank (except new recruit by choice). Our ally guild didn't have the cashflow for some time. This last week, at level 20, we realized we could probably add guild repairs due to our current cash flow. Start low and add 25g to ranks as you can with the increased cashflow. It's a perk or guildies and an achievement for the guild.
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