How is this server?

85 Dwarf Warrior
Hey there Firetree. I just wanted to pop over to the realm forums here and grab an opinion on the server. I am in all likelihood going to try and level my first Horde toon on this server (just going for a "whole new experience" type of thing).

So, what do you think of this server? My only experience is seeing PvPers from here in Cross-Realm BGs. Also, any suggestions on what class/race I should be and my leveling progression route?
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85 Troll Hunter
alliance is boring. horde da best.
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90 Troll Warrior
Pretty quiet at the moment, very pre-expansion. There's all the usual idiots "I QUIT" and "THIS SERVER'S DEAD" but ignore them, their heads are firmly entrenched in their nether regions.
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90 Undead Warlock
its been pretty much dead since bc, for obvious reasons.

alot of old good players are starting to pop back up and renew their accounts.
so its starting to become good again.

horde !@#$s all over alliance doe.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
I have toons on both sides of this server. Horde is more active and although there are trolls on either side it tends to be easier to find serious people willing to help and such on horde side as well. I've found a great sense of community here thanks to, in part, the lower realm population. Things are pretty slow during the off peak hours and I find those best for just questing. There are also a few decent raiding guilds on either side and a somewhat decent pvp scene as well.

My suggestion? Make a DK here to have something higher level to start with and get to know the people. That's what makes or breaks a server.

[EDIT] Just realized how old this was... that's what I get for trusting posts on the first page. XD
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90 Undead Warlock
horde is better. used to be dead as !@#$ during cata. good players are starting to come back, but maybe thats just cause mop was just released. pretty good server. good pvp. for the horde doe
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