Alliance Blade of Lost Explorers Wants YOU...


Here's the deal:

Blade of Lost Explorers on the Kael'thas server, Alliance side, is looking to expand for Mists. The GM has extensive game/raiding.PvP experience that dates back to vanilla, and he can remember when sharing the sense of adventure and love of the game with fellow players was more important than e-peen. (Sure, that could be looking at vanilla through rose-colored glasses but I personally can remember having the concept of aggro/toon level relationship explained to me in Blackfathom Deep by a complete stranger who never once thought I needed to be insulted because of it.)

We're level 21, and on-track to be minimally level 23 by MoP launch. We have the guild bank and free repairs, and all that usual stuff, but what we have that's most important is the understanding that what makes an MMO special is when you play with people who make you feel welcome and appreciated and part of a community.

Are you a player who appreciates the way sunrise looks over the rooftops of Stormwind AND has the Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievement? Then we might be for you.

Are you looking for a group with whom you can run scenarios and instances without being made to feel like you're just an NPC for someone else's game? Then we might be for you.

Are you simply looking for a safe place to level and learn in a guild with knowledgeable adults who remember what it was like to have lots of questions and no one to ask besides trade chat (shudder)? Then we might be for you.

Would a gnome named Snugglebumkn lie?

If you're ready to check your ego and have a great time, contact Snugglebumkn, Killday, Aireona or Grumpypants through in-game mail, look for us on-line, or feel free to respond here.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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So sorry I missed you Azick. Should your current guild turn out to not be a good fit, please don't hesitate to drop me an in-game mail message.

For everyone else: Blade of Lost Explorers, now level 22 and soon 23, is looking for people to help us grow in Mists. With a knowledgeable and friendly leadership, we want to grow our membership with players who would like a say in the direction of end-game pursuits and not just be a means to the ends of the pursuits of others. Just as Samuel Butler wrote "All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it. ", we'll go forward remembering that nothing in WoW is more important than if we're having fun.

Come join us.
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