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I seem to have posted this in the wrong place before, but i have a question about the intended behaviour of the app on android (specifically using HTC Desire S with HTC sense 3.0/Android 2.3.5):

Short version:

Since the update to remote chat and use of the auction being free, the way the app behaves seems to have changed. Is it intended that the guild chat part of the app is 'randomly' reconnecting when the app is working in the background? What is the intended behavior in regards to being connected anyway?

I have a question about the behavior of remote chat.
From what i've seen over the past year or so using the android app (using the premium services on my EU account, asking here because US forums seem to have more posts related to it), remote chat is mostly only available when i actually look at it specifically. Whenever i check my auctions for to long, when i go back to guild chat, it has to reconnect to it.
But sometimes, when i do this, and then exit the app (without signing out), it will randomly log back in after a while (a few hours even), meaning someone whispers me in the middle of the night because my phone is connected all of a sudden.
I'm having mixed feelings about this, because on one side i don't really mind this, people know remote chat doesn't necessarily mean i will respond. But on the other hand, i'm the guildmaster and some less experienced members might find it offensive.

So my question in short:
Is it intended that the guild chat part of the app is 'randomly' reconnecting when the app is working in the background? What is the intended behaviour of this part of the app anyway?

Anyone has some answers? :P

EDIT: Forgot to say this, but this 'random connecting' has only happened to me quite recently, since the use of the entire app went free.
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I had a similar thing happen last night. I received random whispers from two guildmates at around 8:30 in the evening, when I hadn't been in the game since that morning and hadn't been on the mobile app since lunchtime.
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Quality Assurance
Our update earlier this year enabled this feature. If you do not log yourself out of Guild Chat before minimizing the app or locking your phone, you will be placed into a "Mobile Away" state. Whispers will then be received a push notifications.
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