Friday (9/7)

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The website... it's so BRIGHT! MY EYES!!!

It's Friday, September 7th, 2012. And it's going to be a while before I get used to the new background for WoW's site.

[RL] Ugh... yesterday was so gray and rainy. Today I see blue skies. Too bad it's going to go into the 90s... eww... can't wait for the weekend to roll in; it's going to cool down.

For some reason I keep wanting to readjust my table where I keep my laptop and secondary monitor. I don't know why, but I just want to adjust it. But I can't cause the table isn't big enough. And it's really frustrating.

And I'm currently planning what I'm going to be doing on September 25th. I have a noon class that day. Tempted to skip it...

[IG] So, I finally decided to RP on Og after spending two days just logging in and standing around bored. The new Cross Realm Zones feature is quite interesting (though broken in some cases). So... does anyone else notice the realm time change in different zones? Kinda confusing...

I've also finally managed to get Neus' enchanting leveled! Yay! I think I left it at 495. Or 490. Not sure. Was expensive though. I think I'll be trying my best to keep my professions leveled in MoP this time...


How are y'all doin' today?
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It is Friday, and the last day of my training. Not looking forward to Monday, we have a whole bunch of new employees and interns to train.

At least I have a nice hot cocoa and apple fritter :)
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09/07/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Ikinai
At least I have a nice hot cocoa and apple fritter :)

You're sounding a lot like someone else I know ... oh ... wait.

Last night was certainly interesting. Sirens, idling diesel, knock on my door. Landlord tells me I need to shut my window because the firemen came by and said there was a gas leak. Around 11:30 pm (maybe half an hour or an hour later), jack-hammering starts. That ended after about half an hour, but they were still out there working when I went to sleep around 1:00 am. Turns out the gas leak was a pipe leading into the back of the convenience store right next door to us. (The house I rent a room in is the first residence on the block with the convenience store on the corner.)

Combine that with the church where my daughter sings in the youth choir catching fire a week ago (much damage inside, hole punched in the roof to let smoke out, and expected 6 months to test structural soundness) ... and I'm wondering if this comes in threes as well, and if so, what's yet to happen? (Maybe I should stop thinking and talking about how long it has been since we've had any sort of significant earthquate - 1989.)

No WOW time or D3 time yesterday, yet a friend is trying to coax me to get GW2 so I can RP with him there. O_o Honestly, when would I play? I'm spending 3 hours max, none some weeks, gaming right now.

And has anyone else been noticing the earlier evening hours? Somehow it surprised me last night because in the hour or so of weight work at the gym, the skies went from bright blue with white puffs to blue-black and all the building lights on. That and the fact downtown has turned on all the decorative lights (strings of Xmas lights on trees) which isn't necessary when it stays light until 9 or so.

Good afternoon Sentinels!
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