State of the Mistweaver

85 Human Death Knight
After doing the State of the Brewmaster, it's Mistweaver's turn!

What do you think about the current state of Mistweavers?
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90 Goblin Shaman
Yeah, my brief experiencing playing a MW was that it was clunky. I don't like how so much of their mechanics are geared toward melee dps. To me it seems like the same problem with Disc's Atonement healing. It's fine when healing is light, but when content is challenging, you're not going to be dpsing as a healer. That Smite isn't going to do much and neither is that Jab.

Also, their aoe healing looks...odd. But this is coming from someone used to Shaman and Pally aoe healing muscle. So, idk. I'll definitely roll one at launch to see if it grows on me. They have cool factor going for them.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I absolutely love renewing mist and uplift. They really reward being able to anticipate incoming damage. If I know there's a huge raid-wide aoe coming that will take everyone down a fair amount, I can use Thunder focus Tea to get renewing mists on 16 people, then uplift them two or three times for massive raid healing for very little mana. But The damage has to be anticipated about 12 seconds out and you only have an uplift window of about 4 seconds, but if you time it right the healing is crazy.

I expect them to be very powerful in 10 man content because they'll be able to keep everyone blanketed with renewing mist pretty much all the time. I'm really excited to level one up and see if I like pallys or MWs better.
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87 Blood Elf Warrior
Mistweaver is hands down the most fun I've had healing in WoW. I look forward to being able to play it on live. Commie you do way too much for the community.
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