Races classes and their diets?

Since this was about races, and I'm a grumpy face for forum topics today.

Orcs tend to eat smoked and "sweet" meats. They don't really have a concept for desserts, no floury cupcakes, no angel food, no wine. Their breads would probably be hard and similar to a flat bread, bread that doesn't rise.

Humans are incredibly curious in all walks of life. They will try anything once, seeing as there's plenty of human chefs that ask for you to bring them livers, spider legs, murloc eyes and anything else.

Dwarves tend to eat hearty meals. Haggis is a noted favorite, due to the cooking daily. They drink their ale, but we must remember, that everyone, everyone in WoW drinks ale with dinner. I do protest when there's so many people taking today's standards of alcohol and assuming that it was a bad thing in WoW. It's probably a lighter ale, or hell, even the water may have that touch. Do you have a water purifier? No? That's why you drink booze.

Night elves are noted to love ribs along with their kimchi. I could imagine that some of them love eating nothing but the greens, but nature loving doesn't mean they don't understand that a food chain exists. They are the top of the food chain, and they have no reason to fear showing it.

Trolls like rice, meat (raw or not), and whatever their hunters bring home. Seeing as the orcs steal rice from the trolls, I'm guessing orcs also now like rice.

Tauren seem to like things like mushrooms but I really imagine they also know they are top of the food chain. Sentient creature beats lower creature every time.

Worgen get the benefit of being people and feral beasts. So they eat from both worlds. Raw and cooked, spiced tasty things, to eating things just as they are.

There's other things out there, but this is my start.
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90 Tauren Druid
I would expect Tauren would be Omnivorous, since they were hunter-gatherers before they decided to settle down?
But other then that, I would think being a Druid, would be mainly Vegetarian, with side dishes of meat? (such as small cutlets of spiced meat, or perhaps just eggs and such for protein?)

Chanken cooks his own meals, so I think he wouldn't say no to a Roast Boar with herbs and spices, with a nice salad, and a slice of soft banana bread for a finisher as a regular meal?

And for the Feasting/Celebratory meals? Perhaps a honey glazed roasted kodo, with mashed herbs and spices, with a little cream. Definately have to have a nice Northern Stew for a second course, or perhaps an appetizer? And dessert? Probibly some fresh baked sweet rolls, or buns with spices, or a steamed bun, with sweetened meats and savory glaze inside?

Damn. Now im hungry.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Cal'mai's a pretty good cook with a sweet tooth.

She's the outdoorsy type though so most of the stuff she eats is a) wild game, b) wild plants and c) seared to a crisp.

She's never been a very high class person and is a bit of the odd one out among other elves. She's also very fond of human food, especially meat. She consumes a lot of meat.

I think most blood elves would be into the high-class european quisine, though, and have beautifully decorated cakes and champagne because why the !@#$ not?
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90 Dwarf Mage
Let's see...

Ira enjoys richly cooked venison, fish, crustaceans, vegetables, fresh fruits and all with the appropriate type of wine to match.

My dwarf prefers sausages, cheeses, crusty bread and ale. Quite literally this is all his diet consists of.

My paladin eats very little, and spare meals adopted from his days as a soldier from rationing (despite his high station).

Bunch of characters I don't play...

My warlock, when I turn him into a worgen, is going to prefer very rare meats - almost raw (this was before the curse) and, because he's a little bit crazy and a lot insane, fresh blood mixed in with his red wine... or just blood by itself.
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100 Human Priest
If the oat crop fails, Everen is likely to die.
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Kinria is much flexible with her food tastes. She particulary loves soups, stews, and Chicken dumplings. she isn't afraid to drink, but she will not do it to the point of overly drunk.
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100 Worgen Druid
Welcome to the Heart-song Soup Kitchen and Ducky-Daycare!

...Thats how it feels some days. Ol' Dusk tends to cook for the pack while he's on portal detail.

Meat is important-high energy, high protein, high iron, since his guardians seem to take hits all the time. He'll throw anything into his turtle shell pot that's made of meat. Bear, venison, rabbit, squirrel, snake, fish, spider meat, all sorts of stuff. Pretty much whatever he or the others hunt up. Excepting wolves and sentients. Sometimes he eats it rawr, other times cooked. He keeps dried meat jerky on him for snacks, and to shut up hungry puppies while they wait for dinner.

Starchy tubers and vegetables thicken the meals and add...stuff...to them. Recently he came into a large batch of rice courtesy of yet another idiot crashing his wagon outside the grove. Seriously...who keeps parking those things there?

Some vegetables and plants that he can scavenge usually end up in the meal. Mushrooms are a tasty treat, yum! Herbs and spices are added to his own taste, which is sadly, much more like a canine than a hominid.

Dusk...also has discovered a fondness for cheese. Especially the sharp smelling cheeses. Mmmm.... He was disturbed when someone told him where it came from...but he got over it.

He also takes enjoyment in sweets. Like cookies. And cakes. And icecream that he had once.

There's bread around here somewhere for you not-pack. Can put cheese on, if wish. Mmm...Cheese.
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100 Draenei Warrior
being the motherly sword-swingin' lady alta is, she'd probably eat meat alongside veggies

and make sure her kids eat the veggies. or else she brings out the sword.

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90 Dwarf Paladin
09/07/2012 04:48 PMPosted by Hellissa
They drink their ale, but we must remember, that everyone, everyone in WoW drinks ale with dinner. I do protest when there's so many people taking today's standards of alcohol and assuming that it was a bad thing in WoW. It's probably a lighter ale, or hell, even the water may have that touch. Do you have a water purifier? No? That's why you drink booze.

You're talking about the concept of small ales, which were beers with incredibly small alcohol percentages, sometimes added to water as a way to kill off potential bacteria (of course, people wouldn't really know of microbes until Pasteur's confirming through experimentation in the 19th century).

Of course, considering there's plenty of items that are water that's drinkable, I imagine a world with gnomish technology and access to magic would have already found a way to purify water.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Ylanna drinks wine. That's a food, right?

My druid is a vegetarian for the most part. But she doesn't care that other people in her household eat meat and will even eat it herself sometimes. But she tries not to since there's really no need.
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91 Worgen Druid
Charles here learned from the best at Darkmoon Faire.

Give him something. He'll fry it and make it delicious and incredibly bad for you.
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90 Human Death Knight
Well Theresdor here eats anything that takes up bag space...that's edible
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90 Human Death Knight
Well really, anything you eat turns into bread, and every drink turns into a beer mug, so really...Breadception

And you can only eat bread
and only drink beer
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90 Goblin Mage
If I cooks it, I eats it.
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100 Human Warrior

Thea loves fruits and veggies.
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87 Blood Elf Hunter
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85 Worgen Warrior
This thread is some good readin'.

And it makes me so hungry.

Systar eats pure protein, mostly roasted chickens. She will probably eat about fifteen chickens in one sitting.
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100 Human Warrior
10/07/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Systar
She will probably eat about fifteen chickens in one sitting.

That's a lot of c...

Never mind.
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