It's Tachi, Your fav warlock from Void

90 Human Warlock
So, reading through these threads, it sounds like Gurubashi turned into a server full of Chinese farmers?

I stopped playing for a long time, just started up again. Just wondering if anyone else is around? Where is my favorite BFF Alli, Cabana? I know Mega & Nephel married ... I don't know if they have played at all. I haven't really kept in touch with any of the old VOID members after we disbanded.

I switched over to Alli because Horde sucks at PvP. I'm still too burned out to raid, yet.

XOD - If you're still out there, I still hate you. You're mean! Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you're better than me. Miss you Recca, despite your qq. Hope Vineyard is around. Raijin, you're still a punk in my book. Relapse, sorry Mega got Nephel over you, buddy. Kenji ... didn't he get married and have 3 kids? I think so ... Am I spilling too many secrets? LAWLS. Keegan?????? What happened to you!? I know you got married too!

I still <3 all of you.
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Hiya, its me terms! no one remembers me tho. Anywho take care!
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90 Undead Mage
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100 Human Priest
The original VOID guild is probably the most memorable of all guilds to ever play the game.
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78 Orc Hunter
Long Live Terror Squad
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100 Goblin Hunter
mega, recca, neph, are all in this guild eka on mal'ganis. recca logs in once in a while but the guild is pretty much dead im usually the only one on
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Hi tachi, fuga or fugative or even as mega called me foooooogativ here. I went ally as well. Hope all is well miss the old void.
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90 Orc Warrior
Hey tachi, it's devll. Not sure if you remember me, sup.
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94 Troll Hunter
fugative was my idol. i remember once he helped me with my demons for my roc n loc.
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90 Human Warlock
Hey Fuga and Devil ... I remember you both. Are you still playing?
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100 Human Paladin
Tachi! I remember you and mostly everyone else from VOID. Hanjin here. Or as mega would always say, "Honjeen". I recently subbed myself after a very long absence. I doubt anyone will see this, but man, vanilla wow in VOID brings back a lot of memories...

• Stealing raids from other guilds, we were doing like 3-4 MC's a week until the guild 3 day ban.
• The farm guild we set up (cant remember the name now) that we pranked all the time.
• Pranks like telling people they could see rag if they stood in the lava after Golemagg.
• The brief stint as "aAPrestigeAa" because mega was convinced guild name effected loot drops
• Xod getting Thunderfury
• Xod getting perma banned after getting thunderfury.
(I will always remember him reading the email from blizz to a few of us on vent. It was just this LONG list of stuff. Mostly name calling in WSG or AV. He was just reading this list off to us, no kidding like 100 items, and gets to, "Inappropriate character name, Cockgoblin" we were all laughing our asses off to begin with but we all lost it there. Poor guy just got his TF though)
• Opening AQ and getting mega the black bug mount
• Shot per wipe Molten Core runs
• Zindiya getting first High Warlord
• Taoth killing Vael with frost shock as the only one alive (I think it was first Vael kill too)

Soooo many more too. If any old VOID members ever stumble across this, post your memories too. Let's hear em!
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100 Tauren Shaman
is this a reunion thread or did everyone quit again already? Also raided with Devil, Vinyard, Buri a few times in like BC, Devil seems to be stalking my guilds.
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80 Orc Death Knight
Hello ladies. I know this is old as balls but this is Relapse, haven't played in years... Also Sachmo~ I'd like to get in touch with Mega if anyone knows how.
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16 Tauren Warrior
Where my betches at?
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