BM PVE Hunter concerns for level 90 raiding

90 Human Hunter
Hello, I've noticed that BM feels a bit clunky at times at level 85 due to all the various cooldowns to manage. This playstyle is annoying currently, but still manageable.

When the expansion hits and raiding begins, two new cooldowns will be added.

A list of DPS abilities with a cooldown include:
- Rapid Fire: 5 minutes
- Stampede: 5 minutes
- A Murder of Crows: 2 minutes
- Bestial Wrath: 1 minute
- Dire Beast OR Fervor: 30 seconds
- Focus Fire: varies
- Kill Command: 6 seconds
- Glaive Toss: 15 seconds OR Powershot: 1 minute OR Barrage: 30 seconds

This list does not include racial or profession-based cooldowns.

Isn't this a bit much to work with along with micromanaging pets and spamming arcane shot so that focus does not cap?
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90 Worgen Hunter
You forgot readiness.
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71 Blood Elf Mage
09/26/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Heftylefty
Ret has at least that many cooldowns, along with a bunch of support abilities like LoH, Salv, etc. It's manageable, it just takes some practice.

Where in the OP does it say RET PALLY?? Start your own thread.

OP: There are usually new, and different abilities w/each new xpack. This will just take a bit of getting used to, and then probably won't feel so bad.
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90 Human Hunter
While I'm not so sure it's a problem in PvE, I still don't understand the decision to give hunters even more buttons.

Going into Cata, we heard "we want to reduce the amount of hunter keybinds required," and that was the train of thought (maybe even going into MoP beta as well, I don't know)

Now, coming back for Pandas, it's pretty much more keybinds than ever before.
It's not all that difficult, for the most part, to have enough binds as a hunter in PvE or PvP, but it's still silly.
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90 Human Hunter
For PvP Ill be playing BM, for PVE if I do raid, most likely not anymore due to being a whole lot busier... I will stick with SV.

Nice to see you again stalked! :D
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71 Blood Elf Mage
09/26/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Heftylefty
We are in the damage dealing forum talking about how many cooldowns a dps spec (BM hunter) has.

Right. And, nowhere in the OP, or thread title, does it mention ANY other spec. To mention any other spec is trolling. Go start a pally thread if you feel it's in the same boat.
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90 Gnome Rogue
Let's see.... if I remember right, the rogue dev review waaay back at the end Wrath stated that rogues had too much passive damage and was too reliant on cooldowns.

I don't think the devs read their own reviews.
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LOL at all the other classes hoping hunter's don't get fixed... You know what I did - hooked a "Whack-A-Mole" up as my heyboard.

And for the record, BM has 9 cd’s to manage to produce it’s best dps, not counting racials, and almost none of those are on the same CD timer to marco. How many does a ret have for dps? If you want to count all the support none dps abilities for ret then we can get into that for hunters as well… His point is that hunters have too much to manage. I think he has a valid point. Maybe rets do as well. Top it off with hunters at the bottom of the dps charts and you got a pissed off hunter community. Wondering why the designer in charge of designing Monks was also tasked with hunters. Feeling kind of like the “red headed step child” as the OG’s put it. O well, back to Whack-A-Mole.
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90 Pandaren Monk
09/28/2012 10:56 AMPosted by Ragepoundin
LOL at all the other classes hoping hunter's don't get fixed...

It has nothing to do with not wanting to get fixed. I'd just rather get fixed without dumbing the class down.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
Well, maybe it's called "BM" hunter for a reason, given the language filters and all.
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90 Tauren Hunter
I for one enjoy the "Whack-a-mole" game that has been added to my BM hunter. I stopped caring that my dps was always near the bottom and just sat back and had a blast. Fight mechanics got thrown into the wind as well because I was having too much fun with whack-a-mole to focus on what was actually happening above my action bar. I hope there will be more buttons for me to push in future content, like maybe BM hunters can summon a unicorn that can shoot rainbows at targets with a 3 min 12.333 and 1/2 sec cooldown.

In all seriousness though, I do agree that there is slightly too many CDs happening at varying times for hunters and BM more specifically. It is very clunky. I will admit though that as I got more practice it became a tad easier to manage all of them. I am sure that the more time people spend playing their hunters the more natural it will become. However I still believe that there does need to be a "fix". I have yet to feel completely satisfied with a fight and always wonder what would have happened if I had pressed this button or that button instead of the one I did press. All in all if nothing gets changed though I will not stop raiding with my hunter, I will just try to get better at whack-a-mole.

My keyboard only has so much room too.
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