Stable Work for Ish

33 Orc Warrior
Well this is what you get for volunteering. Standing under the blazing early morning sun, at the bridge in the Valley of Strength, scanning the crowds that crossed it for someone you’d never seen before, holding a sign with the nickname of the unknown you’re waiting for (and what kind of nickname was “Ish” anyways?), not even knowing if this “Ish” would really show up today.

The dark gray shirt and pants of the Orgrimmar City Maintenance Crew uniform absorbed the sun’s heat like it might never see sun again. Dorgot set the sign on the ground and wiped the sweat from his brow. Well, at least he’d provide some entertainment for the Crew, whether Ish showed up or not. Especially if he had to spend half the morning standing around with this sign; the boss would not be happy about that.

It had all started with a conversation over the hearthstone that Dorgot caught the end of; he wasn’t sure how Ish had slammed off the hearthstone in a huff, but somehow, he had. Then Archmagi Raoul and Lord Viceran (Dorgot wasn’t sure he had their titles proper but it was something like that) were discussing Ish’s tempermental nature and sensitivity.

The mention of sensitivity was what triggered it all. Well that and the fact that Dorgot wasn’t quite back up to par after recovering from his burns.

Karak had just been complaining the other day about his son being too sensitive and bringing him onto the Crew to harden him up to real life and real work. With this in mind, Dorgot butt into Raoul and Viceran’s conversation, offering to harden up Ish’s soft sentiments by a few work days with the Crew. Kill 2 birds with one stone, is what Dorgot had been thinking; harden up the softy and still get his quota of work out in spite of his convalescence.

Now here he was, hoping Lord Viceran had passed the message along, and that the tempermental Ish had deigned to work with the grunts. If not, he’d be the butt of Crew jokes for weeks.
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90 Undead Warrior
Abominus skittered through the throngs, forever seeking what he sought, according the Flowchart. He stopped in front of the Orc-thing holding the sign.

"Isssh may refer to the Issshnu Por Ah, Orc-thing, yesss"

Abominus scraped the Orc clean of sweat and a layer of skin, then scurried off.
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33 Orc Warrior
Well that was . . . . .


Dorgot glanced about the crowds flowing across the bridge, but those near enough to have seen what just happened were patently avoiding making eye contact.

Out of time, Dorgot rushed up the hill to the day's work location, the stables behind the Auction House. Maybe Ish would show tomorrow.

And tonight he could ask Kezzie. All goblins had contacts. Surely she might possibly know or have heard of some elf fellow named "Ish" or a group called Ishnu Por Am. Maybe.

That is, IF she came fishing.

Well, he had enough to worry about now, what with being late and the Boss Orc's short temper. He could fret over the rest later.
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