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Azeroth can be a confusing place. <Blizzard Mentor H/A> is here to help! Recruiting all players level 1-85 in need of some training with the patch and launching into MoP. Join us for dungeons, battlegrounds and raids. PST for guild invites or more info.

I am the GM of the <WAR PIGZ>, and we have been selected as Sen'jin's Horde Mentor Guild. I would like to give a shout out to Cornflakes and the <Godz of War> for being selected as Sen'jin's Alliance Mentor Guild.

There has been confusion as to the intent of this pilot program. I would like to try to clear up any confusion.

Mentoring Guild Objective:

To proactively offer guild membership to new and low-level players. Provide assistance, support and play with new recruits. In general, help new players learn the ropes.

Mentoring Guilds Target:

New players / Low-level players

Program Duration:

08.30.12 – 11.19.12


Q: How to help mentees?

A: The main objective of the mentoring guild is to build a community for low-level players. Help them understand the game, and build an atmosphere that promotes a friendly relationship between guild members and mentees and be willing to answer questions about game mechanics (ie: how to use add-ons, roles and etiquette in dungeon and raid group, loot system, in-game UI, etc.).

Q: Should we provide in-game gold or bags?

A: This is up to you and your guild. New players may ask for in-game gold or bags, but it is not mandatory for the guild to provide them.

Q: When mentees hit level 85, should they leave the mentoring guild?

A: Not necessarily. Mentees have hopefully become members of your guild now. This is a good time for you to explain how to enjoy end-game content, as well as the proper etiquette when on dungeon/raid groups.

Q: Why did our guild name change?

A: For better awareness, mentoring guilds should use specific guild names for the duration of the program. We will reserve your original guild name and will restore it once the program is over.

Q: What was our realm selected for this program?

A: Short answer: RNG! Long answer: This is technically a pilot program. So when realms were picked to test it, they were picked based on having a decent population and known for being more new-player-friendly.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions either here or in game.

Zerafa, GM
Blizzard Mentor Horde
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100 Tauren Paladin
Bumping this to let new players know that with the new expansion hitting, we'll be busier than ever with people leveling up characters, alts, professions, trade skills... bartering, exploring, killing, questing, achieving, adventuring, and otherwise doing exactly the sorts of things we all know you want to do in the near future.

If there's ever been a time to get online and get involved, it's now with the Mists of Pandaria, and the overwhelming number of people that will be online and available to help with any questions you have.

Happy Harvest Days, happy hunting, and hope to see you soon!

Muuther, War Lord
Blizzard Mentor Horde
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90 Undead Warlock
Here's is what I am wanting to know...
Just this morning I was playing on my druid and then as I am running around I see Vyril, an 86 warlock on his mount and he is "flying" (looks like running in the air instead of actual flying on a mount or flight path) in the jade forest, and then another 2 people go right by him doing the same exact thing all the while herbs and mining nodes are disappearing magically as they go.

Now I understand that people do get hacked, but typically this is because they are not practicing safe internet habits and/or giving out their info to friends who do the same thing. So I am really hoping that some of your players just got hacked and that you as a guild are not supporting these folks that are boting. And yes I did report them using the in-game tool for cheating.
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