I’m looking for a new home for MoP. I’m a mage who stopped raiding in 4.1 to move out West
and take a new job. I have done LFR and normal DS casually with my guild but would like to move back to the Horde and find the right fit for me.

Looking for:
  • 2-3 days of raiding a week or 10 hours or less
  • Late night and/or weekends (9pm weekdays ideal, earlier possible, any time on weekends)
  • Like-minded adults (grad students, professionals who still enjoy wow, late 20s-30s+) is probably the right fit for me.
  • A group that cleared 8/8 DS in June or July and was 6/7 FL HM is probably where I’m aiming.

About me:

I started just before 2.3 came out. Once I hit 70 I joined a guild and discovered I wanted to raid. I led ZA on my alt Hunter while my Mage tried to help the guild through Kara while progressions raiders were enjoying Sunwell.

In WotLK I raided on my Mage and an alt Shaman and finally found a home with a late-night raiding guild where I was an officer during 25 man ICC progression. We completed 9/12 on an RP server before the Cata patch.

In Cata I went alliance and was an officer in my current guild’s 25 man raid until I moved and stopped raiding due to my schedule. We were 5/13 Tier 11 at the time. I would like to play at that level again with a more suited schedule on a server where I could probably pug a little more easily when I have time to play an alt.

I have logs of recent (post-patch) DS casual runs and would be happy to app to any guild along the lines above. Contact me in game (Battletag Arantes#1637) any time or reply here as I will check back.