I've been playing Rogue since... well... the beginning. And ever since BC I get this continuous feeling that they just don't know how to treat the class. Every change seems a bit dramatic to me. Nerf the hell out of several things and place a shiny "AXE" in it's place. Remove the ability to use poisons as you would like and place them as a shiny "SPELL" instead. I don't even compare other classes, as I don't play them in order to make any realistic arguments for them; but I haven't had the feeling that my Rogue is a Rogue for quite some years now. I can literally go through a whole instance without using any trademark abilities. Stealth? Sap? Disarm Traps? Even Cheap Shot has lost a lot of it's luster or need. Other classes that can now, basically, do the same Roguemark skills... A Vanish like ability shared... Really...? This includes Rogue H's.o.T. Where it gives so much more than just healing. What are bandages now for? Or the profession to make them? I'm essentially waiting for a patch day when my rogue will don Mail armor and wield a two-hander of some sort.

I'm not attempting to 'rant' or portray WoW in some exponentially negative light. Nor am I trying to troll a new update. But I read the posted comments and see so much delight within them that I begin to wonder 'how' is it possible. There seems to be so much homogenization with character classes now... that playing Rogue hasn't felt like I'm playing a Rogue.