...we are the real deal!<Mirage> is now recruiting players of all levels/classes/specs for MoP!

We are currently running three awesome groups within our family-oriented, friendly guild!

We have a newly forming PvP team open to anyone who wants to PvP, including RBG's, Arenas, Wargames, etc..! For more information on this team, please contact Mandenn in game. Wed/Fri 6 pm server

We also have a newly formed Casual Raid Team, ran by our lovely Kintessa of <Mirage>. This team is ran on a first come, first serve basis, so everyone will have a chance of raiding!
Sat/Sun 4 pm server

We also run a Core Raid team. We are looking for a laid back, awesome healer! If you are average, or could use a little help, please don't hesitate to join! We have many helpful players to help you learn!
Mon/Tues 8 pm server

We are also looking for more casual raiders who may be interested in 25 mans in the coming MoP!

We are looking for laid back, friendly, fun people to play with in this coming expansion! You also must be DRAMA FREE!

For more information, or an invite, you can contact one of the following in game:
Silenthealer...or any of our other great members of <Mirage>.