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85 Human Priest
i am a ilvl389 holy priest 8/8 in DS, on reg. 0/8 in heroic. what im mainly looking for in a guild is a guild that dosent push perfection to the limits. When everyone gets sick of it, but i also want a guild that atleast can clear current regular content. Right now i heal 14-17k hps but when i did heal for raids we usually 3 healed, so i didnt really have to push myself to 20k+ due to the other heals sniping my healing. regardless i wouldnt say im a hardcore raider, but i do like to atleast clear regular content. Other than that professions wise i dont really work on them, I do farm herbs for the gbank however. I also have a 379 resto druid if anyone is interested in a druid more so than a holy priest. Ide have to work on him some more again though to get adjusted to healing on a druid again for mop. For anymore info add me on real id to connie-east@hotmail.com
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90 Worgen Druid
I can't offer you a core spot, but we do have two different alt runs that clear normal every week, a long with random runs that get put together randomly by guild members rather often.
Additionally, if you've proven you are capable, on a night where a core raider cannot attend, you may have a spot in the main raid.

We're a newer guild, rather casual with no aspects of hardcore attitudes. We like to get everyone in to raids, but only do so if the person is capable of pulling their own weight, simply because you cant kill a boss if people cant handle what needs to be done. None the less, we could always use some more players for alt runs and other guild activities, so if you'd like to give it a shot, hit me up in-game.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
If your interested www.incurronoctis.org one of our healing priest is going shadow to fill that void come MoP so there is room for another.

We do need a boomkin if that interest you in MoP.

After perusing our website if your interest, sign up for the forums and leave an app.
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