(RP) After the Summit

90 Worgen Warrior
((This is a collab with the player of Fenneous, Lem's BFF.))

Lemuelle’s bedroom was warm, a product of the afternoon sun and the closed, barred window. Fenneous didn’t dare leave it open, every bit of barrier between the outside and the still snarling worgen on the bed was a good thing, in his mind. She was out, to be sure, but if she woke up like she was at the summit...

He didn’t want to think about it. She’d been impossible to stop until two other people stepped in, both considerably stronger than he was. And he was still recovering from the thrashing he’d gotten the first time around, his arm in a sling and bandages all over from his shoulders up. If she wasn’t herself when she stirred, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Her ear twitched, she snorted, and slowly her eyes began to open. She blinked a couple of times, sitting up with a start. Fenneous quickly jumped to his feet, leaning toward a table lined with vials.

“That properly you, Lem?” he asked, his voice strained.

“...what? Uh, yeah.” She blinked, “Yeah. It is. What happened? Did he knock me out? ….did I stop him, first?”

He breathed a sigh, and slumped back into the chair. “Stopped him from walking away with unsoiled pants, at the least,” he said, with a chuckle.

Lemuelle exhaled in relief, “Good.” A pause. “So, I guess someone hit me upside the head before...?”

“Not as such, no.” He shook his head, “You sort of lost it. Had to haul you out of there before you killed someone. Passed out on the way to the portal, you did.”

She tilted her head. “...you grabbed me out of the middle of a fight? Why would you do that?”

“Because the peace summit was !@#$ed enough without you disemboweling an elf five feet from the door. And I didn’t do it alone. Even wolfed-out I’m not nearly strong enough to manage that.”

She turned to stare for a moment, dumbfounded. “He was five feet from the door, and drew his sword. I was taking him down before he could kill people who were fleeing. ...I guess he got away, then?”

“Nearly everyone did. It was a madhouse. Much as I don’t like to say it, I figure the elf was just scared %^-*less, even before you jumped him. And... well, it wasn’t the jumping that had me bothered.”

Lemuelle leaned back against the wall, exhaling slowly and staring into space. “...Yeah. Might’ve just been scared !@#$less...”
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90 Worgen Warrior
“Lem. Look over in the corner. See your swords?”

Her eyes wandered over to the corner, where her swords sat propped against the wall. They were shiny. Clean. Unbloodied from the fight two nights before. The worgen’s eyes lit up. “Oh hey, you brought them back? Thanks!” She smiled sheepishly, baring fangs still stained slightly pink with Fenneous’ own blood. “...they’re kind of heavy, aren’t they.”

“You never even drew them. Was easy enough to bring them with you when they were still strapped to your back.”

She blinked. “....what?”

“You ripped into him with your claws. And then you ripped into us when we tried to get you to safety. Gnashing your teeth about like some kind of animal.” He shook his head again, looking down at the floor for just a moment. “Broke my arm with that jaw of yours, you did.”

Her brow furrowed, and she remained quiet. Fenneous could almost see the gears turning in her head, as if she were trying to piece the events together. “I bit... you?”

He nodded, and looked down at his nearly shredded forearm with a grimace. Even after all the attention it’d gotten in the aftermath, it still hurt like hell. “Being fair, I sort of stuck in it your mouth. Figured it was better me than the paladin fellow who was helping us carry you out, or any of the terrified people rushing past.”

“So, um. Wait. You stuck your arm in my mouth... to try to save a blood elf? And then a paladin helped you?”

“Lem, we were saving you as much as anyone else. If we’d left you there, all that elf’s friends would’ve been quite rightly angry and probably acted on it. The arm came later, on the way out of the sewers.”

“I think you underestimated how much worgen-me can handle.” Another toothy grin.

He grit his teeth. She just didn’t seem to get it. “My estimation doesn’t mean a damned thing. I still wasn’t going to leave you in the path of nearly two dozen enraged Horde, to find out later whether or not they bled you down in the !@#$ing sewers of a floating city.” Fenneous took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. “It’s bad enough we were already the side that walked out with less than we brought.”

“I calm when the fighting stops, Fenn. That’s when I’m more coherent again.” Her ears pressed flat against her head. “I damned well better have been the last of ours there if Alliance were dying and you pulled me out before the fight ended.”

“Nobody’s died. Everyone was supposed to run, get out, and not cause any more trouble than had already been. Damnit, Lem, we were just trying to make sure that happened.”

She seemed exasperated, “And I was trying to make sure our people COULD get out, Fenn!”

“We were damn near the last ones out anyway, if it makes you feel better.”

“Yes. It does.”

“Well, good then, I guess. The sensible folk bolted for the portal immediately, most of the wounded managed to be removed while we were trying to remove you.” He waved his uninjured hand, gesturing to the bandages and sling. There was only a little blood showing them. “And I’d appreciate it if you’d not chew me out for trying. Already happened once.”

A pause. “...I HAVE explained how my berserking thing works, haven’t I?”

“No. I still feel I should point out that most of the blood caking your claws right now came from your allies, not your enemies.” Another deep breath, and Fenneous’ brow furrowed. “Light, Lem. I’m worried about you.”

She looked down at her claws, wiggling them in front of her face. Sure enough, they were completely caked with blood. She glanced back over at her swords, then back again at her claws. “Did you say... I didn’t draw my swords at all?”

Fenneous shook his head. “Didn’t look like the thought ever crossed your mind.”

“That’s not how it works, though.” She was dumbfounded.

“Seems like the rules have changed, then. I’ve never seen you leap into a fight like that without a weapon in hand. I think...” He trailed off, frowning.

“Well, it was kind of an extreme circumstance, you know...” She looked down. “Oh, right. Still in my armor. Do you mind if I get out of all this?”

“Would’ve done it myself if I had any idea how. Used to just take some whiskey and a wink, but you were conscious then.” He managed a little grin, and didn’t even flinch when he felt one of the gashes on his face reopen slightly, as much as he wanted to.

“Hah, good old days.” She slid from the bed to stand on the floor, and pulled the Rose tabard over her head. Holding the tabard in front of her, she looked at the multi-toned blood stains on it with a low Huh.

“That they were. Still worried, though. I’m inclined to agree with Seddy and Sophie, spending so much time in the fur might be putting you a little closer to the beast. Already been on the receiving end of one ‘I told you so’ on their part, I have.”
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90 Worgen Warrior
Reaching up with one claw, she gingerly unlatched one shoulder-plate from the rest of her armor, then the other. “I’m SUPPOSED to be close to the beast while I’m in the middle of a fight. That IS how it works.”

“Maybe. You’re usually there enough to listen when someone yells your name, though.” He spared a glance out the window, and nodded to himself. “You’ll want to call in on the Rose when you get the chance. That rotter bastard with the horns disappeared with Miss Viridiant. They’re working out how to get her back.”

By then, Lemuelle had managed to pull off her gauntlets and had been halfway through unbuckling the side of her chestplate before stopping to stare at Fenneous. “They got SHAILA?”

He nodded, his face grim. “Didn’t see it happen in all the confusion. Didn’t hear about it until I’d already hefted you into bed.”

She stood there, staring, with her chestplate still half-unbuckled. “!@#$. We have to find her! I have to go help!”

“They’ve got better scouts than you or I trying to find where she’s being kept. Nothing to do until we know that much. Been two days, I haven’t heard anything yet.”

“I’ve got a damned good nose on--- wait. Two days? Have I been out for two days?”

“Little less, it’s Sunday. Was starting to wonder if you’d ever wake up, actually. Miss Windwhisper sent you some flowers and a package, yesterday. I’ve mostly been sitting here waiting for you to come to.”

“...that doesn’t make any sort of sense at all. I always go a little incoherent when I get into a fight, but I always get coherent again when the fight’s over. None of this passing out business.”

“Well, it’s happened and I’ve just as little clue as you about the why. Kaldorei fellow- Shad, I think it was- who took care of the few wounds you got suggested we get you to the Howling Oak for a once over.” Fenneous thought a moment, and decided to neglect to mention the also-prescribed tranquilizers. They didn’t seem necessary, and bothering Lemuelle with yet another thing seemed like a bad idea.

“Couldn’t hurt, I guess. Rampage-until-I-pass-out can’t be useful in any sort of practical situation.” She resumed unlatching the chestpiece, and lay it on the floor next to her.

“No. Not in any way.” He shook his head again, with a little exasperated exhalation. “I think it might be a good idea for you to try the human thing again. At least for a bit, until we get this figured out, yeah?”

Lemuelle finished unbuckling her leg armor, now down to the padded pants and tunic she wore under her armor. She stretched her arms. “Now, I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Fenneous shrugged, wincing a bit. “I won’t force you, but I’d like you to at least consider it. If you ARE getting closer and closer... I don’t want to have to worry about what that might mean in the long run.”

She smirked, “I think you’re just sick of looking at a big, muscly, fangly thing instead of a hot redhead, Fenn.” Her expression became more serious, “Look, strange things happened with the berserking in an extremely stressful situation. It’s not like I eat people every full moon, or anything. I was already fighting and... the berserk lasted too long? Something. But, I mean, if I get into another fight, I’m going to go worgen again immediately anyway.”

He grinned, “Well, I certainly wouldn’t complain about having the much more attractive you around. And, well, if you think that’s all it is, I won’t argue. Not in any place to. Still, promise me you’ll go see someone about this all? Make sure it’s not going to escalate, at least.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll make a trip to the big tree and drink some more of the magic water. Okay?”

He looked at her, hard. It wasn’t quite a glare, but that was mostly because a glare would hurt more than he’d like. “Don’t think it’s something to make light of, Lem. I’m not the only one who’s worried.”

“Okay! Fine! I’ll do it!” She threw up her enormous clawed hands, seemingly genuinely taken aback, “But first, I should let Chelody know that I’m awake and okay and I’ll do whatever she needs me to do to help get Shaila back.”

“Of course. I’m useless for a few more days at least, Sophie says, but I’ve already offered whatever help I can give."
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90 Worgen Warrior
For the first time, she took a good long look at him, and cringed. “I got you pretty good, didn’t I?”

He shrugged, and grinned. “I’ve had worse. Light, you were there, most times.”

“Yeah, well. Still.” She lowered her head a little, oversized ears drooping. “For what it’s worth, I’m really sorry, Fenn. I never would actually WANT to attack you. Um. If that wasn’t kind of a given.”

“Believe me, I know. Part of why I was concerned in the first place, it is.” His grin widened. “It’s not an issue, don’t worry. Now, go do what you need to do.”

Her ears perked up, and she nodded. “Right! ...I guess I’ll change into some not-smelly real clothes first, though?”

Fenneous laughed, and walked toward the door. “Probably a good idea. I’ll get you some coffee on while you’re at it.”

She turned away, walking towards her wardrobe. “Thanks! I think I’ll need it.”

He looked back with a grin. “Amazed you’re as awake as you are without it, I am.” He made his way into the kitchen, breathing a sigh of relief along the way. Lem’s alright, he thought, still as stubborn as ever, too. A smile spread across his face as he stoked the coals and set the coffeepot on the stove. It was only two days, but damn was it good to have her back.
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