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"House" guilds are a debate unto themselves, but setting aside the legitimacy of those, you have to look at the details. Check some MRPs, get into some conversations, do some eavesdropping, and you pick up a pattern of people who pay lip service to "by the book" but go about doing anything but.
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This is off topic but how do you pronounce Tushui? I want the actual answer and not, "Well I pronounce it like..."
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10/01/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Safeteedepoz
This is off topic but how do you pronounce Tushui? I want the actual answer and not, "Well I pronounce it like..."

I haven't heard it said in game, but based on the convo with someone:

Mysterious person on WRA who can speak Chinese:
but from the literal translation ( earth-water), it's too-shwei

a few seconds ago-Lilliat:
u r smart

Mysterious person on WRA who can speak Chinese:
Although there's less emphasis on the h, actually
So more like too-swei
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I made a Pandaren warrior who sided with the Horde due to the way the questline and npc's you interact with progressed. I was partnered with Ji a lot and managed to get things accomplished by backing him. Aysa just disappeared after Ji's efforts at the end and didn't seem to be willing to help at all because things didn't go her way. Not an endearing quality. Also, the idea of the seemingly brave and helpful Horde npc's being chained up and abused by the Alliance isn't something my character would back either. Throw in the haughty attitude of the human Alliance Captain and her threats to throw the Horde members back in chains, and the decision becomes even clearer. Did my character have second thoughts upon reaching Orgrimmar and his meeting with Garrosh and the locals? Of course. So does Ji it seems. The game has to make you choose one side or the other for mechanics purposes, that doesn't mean that you are straitjacketed by those mechanics. That's one of the great part about rp servers and the development of your character: you get to decide and advance the character as you see fit.
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