Hey there! I just recently started leveling a couple horde toons (What will be a holy pally belf, and a resto druid tauren) and I realized I would love to find a guild on this server. :)

Mainly just interested in leveling (to include grouping up for dungeons) and semi-casual raiding (sometimes I have some time constraints, other times I do not.)

I'm stationed out on the east coast (Maryland) so I'd prefer someone in that time zone (and hey! Local wouldn't be bad either, eh?)

Give me a holler in game or here with some guild info!

-- Honey.

PS. If you'd like to add me for RealID, go ahead. Just send me some in game mail and I'll respond with my email. I'm not always on this realm, so it may be kind of hard to catch me in game otherwise.

-- Honey.
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