Cross Realm Fishing Derby?

92 Night Elf Hunter
09/19/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Megalithic
Wow, so instead of disabling the terribly buggy CRZ fiasco that has been thrust on us, they are instead disabling the fishing derbies which were previously working just fine.

Wow, so instead of understanding another individual's viewpoint, you are instead whining.

It will be fixed soon enough, at least they ARE fixing it, obviously the only way to fix the issue is to disable it, despite what everyone says Blizzard does their best to fix the game and cater everyones needs. Thanks blizz!
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100 Worgen Druid
09/21/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Valorous
Wow, so instead of disabling the terribly buggy CRZ fiasco that has been thrust on us, they are instead disabling the fishing derbies which were previously working just fine.

Wow, so instead of understanding another individual's viewpoint, you are instead whining.

It will be fixed soon enough, at least they ARE fixing it, obviously the only way to fix the issue is to disable it, despite what everyone says Blizzard does their best to fix the game and cater everyones needs. Thanks blizz!

Not sure you are seeing the bigger picture here. GC has already stated that they can turn CRZ off easily on whatever zone they like. So instead of turning it off on 1 zone for 1 day and letting many people fish the tourney, they cancel the fishing tourney to let a flawed/bugged system run instead. STV is even 2 zones now so it would be a very small handful of questers in that zone on that specific day.

See GC tweets for the quote about turning off CRZ on certain zones.
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100 Orc Hunter
09/21/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Valorous
Wow, so instead of disabling the terribly buggy CRZ fiasco that has been thrust on us, they are instead disabling the fishing derbies which were previously working just fine.

Wow, so instead of understanding another individual's viewpoint, you are instead whining.

It will be fixed soon enough, at least they ARE fixing it, obviously the only way to fix the issue is to disable it, despite what everyone says Blizzard does their best to fix the game and cater everyones needs. Thanks blizz!

This will not get you a job with Blizzard. Btw, CRZ is terrible.
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90 Human Mage
I'm one of those people who was mostly neutral to CRZ when it was initially announced. As time has gone on, the CRZ feature has overall grown on me. Yes, I'm excited about it. One reason is that it seems to be bringing back real world pvp. The kind of world pvp where it isn't just one side dominating and harassing the other side. But where it's pretty equally matched and each side gives as good as it gets. Where it's a ton of people going at it instead of just a couple of individuals. (Of course they need to fix server types getting mixed up. I enjoy it, but I realize people on non pvp servers don't want that).

I also really enjoy flying in old zones and suddenly noticing how...alive they feel. I don't mind competing for resources. I'm sure I'll rage at times. But overall I accept it as being part of the way the game is meant to be experienced.

HOWEVER, I agree with those who feel that the way Blizzard is handling these bugs or unexpected consequences is completely wrong and inconsiderate toward players. Turn off a popular event because a new feature breaks it? Really? It's not like turning off the fishing tournament impacts just a few players. The reason the CRZ problems are so big and complained about is because the fishing tournament is still so popular. Those of us who have been trying for the achievement for a long time know how much each weekend counts. I agree, I'd rather see CRZ turned off for those particular zones. But maybe that's to much of a pain in the !@#$ to just "switch off." If so, I would much rather at least have a chance to try at the tournament, even with odd chances. Despite the problems, I've been able to come close to winning a couple times (in a fair way, without trying to go to another zone to win).

The solution is NOT to remove it from the Salty title like some are suggesting. I look forward to the day I finally win and get that title. The sense of actual...achievement (har har) I'll feel. And I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for people who worked hard to get the title, waiting on the derby achievement, to have it suddenly removed. (My husband, for one, finally got his title just before this CRZ stuff happened).
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55 Tauren Death Knight
Well, I think this is a good reason to postpone inevitably my wife and I's purchase of MoP. She is livid that it is hopeless and pointless to attempt to camp a rare mob on her hunter to tame ... when there are 60 people killing it as soon as it spawns for lols.

I needed to win a fishing derby for salty ... oh, did I mention I only need Vyra for that painful rare acheivement in northrend? but hey, who cares, amirite?

Oh, and leveling toons ... yep, griefers killing quest npcs. Oh wait! let's have to wait for respawns constantly as well!!! Running in circles looking for mobs and staring at mob corpses for 20 minutes to do one lowbie quest ... FUN!

Those poor souls who roll on low pop servers on purpose to avoid node, questing, dead npc issues? eh hush it I suppose?

The bugs, I can handle, like getting dismounted crossing every damn zone while riding on my wife's mount (vial of the sands drake). I can handle a bit of rubber banding and dc issues. I know the bugs will be fixed in due time.

But cancelling an event for the hell of it, when it is supposedly 'easy' to disable crz ... is a slap in the face to those who fish for the heirloom ring, or upgraded fishing pole on both events, or just want the salty title.

It insults those who have camped time-lost for years and were unlucky not to get it (whom I am NOT a part). Those who camp rare pet spawns. Those who have been camping the deepholm drake all cata.

I don't blame the staff that works on the game though. I believe this was another decision from up top, to save money (hell I blame cata on them too, my opinion).

I love the game, and the lore ... but these things that irk you add up, and when the wife is unhappy, it just intensifies the distaste I have, because I understand the things bothering her as well.

It just isn't worth keeping a sub, if they can't even say much; or admit it needs to be shut down while they work on all the bugs and issues, then roll it out again.

Lots of things should be phased to server only. Nodes, events, rares to name a few. Selectable to opt out of crz, sure.

But when playing becomes more frustrating than fun ... you question your willingness to pay a sub.

Oh well. I still hope others have lots of fun, even if we leave the game. Maybe we've been playing too long and expect a bit too much. You tend to do that when you care and have lots of time invested. Might be time for a break.

It is just sad :( Mists felt pretty good on Beta, I know they are trying; I just don't know if we have the patience any longer to suffer through this, especially at the beginning of an xpac.
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90 Worgen Mage
I don't know why it's so hard to just disable CRZ during the tournaments, huge miss by Blizz not seeing this one coming, but if enough people keep posting the patch will come soon enough.
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100 Dwarf Paladin

Okay... so... instead of disabling the feature that's causing the actual problem - CRZ - you disable the fishing tournaments until you can fix the problem that CRZ is causing.

And what makes you think this won't be resolved soon? All Blizzard said is it required a patch and in no way implied to be some far off event. Mop comes out next week. You do realize this right? There almost always is some sort of patch either right before or right after the release of an expansion. Stop blowing this issue out of proportion. It is getting incredibly tiresome.

I'll tell you what makes me think it wont be bloody fixed any time soon... because some of these DAMN issues were brought to Blizzard's attention in MAY AND JUNE... and they continue until this very damn day... and they even brought the issues to live, THAT is what tells me that it wont be resolved anytime soon...

So you say you dont see what the problem is... how about this one... flying to Wintersgrasp when there isn't a battle happening... dismounts you and guess what.. if you arent' over water... you fall to your damn death!... or is that bloody intended? You tell me.
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100 Dwarf Paladin

You're getting incredibly tiresome, Irocain. People here have genuine issues with a game that they pay good money to play, very real, very frustrating issues, and the forums are the appropriate place to vent and give Blizzard some constructive criticism. Like it or not, the fact of the matter is that several of these issues WERE brought to Blizzard's attention at the PTR/Beta stage, and they still were not addressed before CRZ was released. So stop being an !@#. If you find people's venting "tiresome" then don't read the f'ing forums.

And again I state, what makes you think Blizzard is just being lazy about fixing these issues? if they were fixable in beta they would have been. Period. End of story. The fact that they are starting to get fixed now after going live indicates to me they needed more data on what was causing the problems in order to implement fixes.

Want to voice your opinions? Awesome. Have at it. But demanding Blizzard remove cross realm zones, insulting Blizzard employees and harassing people who disagree with you WILL NOT accomplish anything but earn yourselves a forum vacation.

how about give us a vacation from your arrogant, self-important, condescending attitude... folks are justifiably upset because they are getting screwed.

just something else for you to think about, how long do you think it should take to make the anvils in Dalaran work again? a week? 2? 3? I'll have you know they still don't work FOUR DAMN MONTHS AFTER THEY WERE REPORTED AS BROKEN ON BETA. Justify something like that not being fixed? You cant. And its stuff like THAT that leads intelligent people to opine that something stinks about how our concerns are being address or, more succinctly IGNORED.

As another poster said, if you don't want to read about folks being upset about this... stay out of the thread.
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100 Orc Warrior
09/21/2012 09:28 PMPosted by Irocain
Like it or not this is the best way and only way to get this feature up and running.

So we beta test the game for blizzard on our time and with our money? That doesnt sound resonable to me.
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90 Troll Druid
So even though on the main website for the calendar of events it shows a fishing tournament, there's not actually a tournament? I was under the assumption they were turned off for the time being but I saw the calendar post and figured maybe they hotfixed it. Due to the login problems today, I was unable to get on until just a few mintues after the tournament starting time.
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Mr Pinchy graced me with his presence this morning. All I need is a tournament win. . .
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90 Blood Elf Mage
So is this fixed yet or what? I don't see it on the calendar.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
Working as intended aka by Ghostcrawler past tweets about CRZ....get use to it...we the paying customer have no say so in what we think is a broke system aka CRZ.

Major lag when changing zones
Dismount of passenger off our very costly 2 person mounts...falling to their deaths costing gold to repair...
Lack of nodes for leveling professions when we never use to have that problem in old world...
NPC dead over and over by opposing faction to slow or stop leveling idiots from other realms.

Count them up...all working as intended....its been stated that the dismounting off two person mounts is now intended to happen..rather then fix the issue..cause they don't want to spend the man power to fix it now its working as intended.
Edited by Moused on 11/10/2012 10:54 AM PST
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90 Draenei Hunter
This is just... silly.

I understand why CRZs were implemented. Personally, I don't like them. I don't think they are necessary. But I do understand the reasoning behind them. But they didn't think things through. This is what de-bugging, alpha and beta versions, and PTRs are supposed to be for. So you can catch these issues and resolve them BEFORE pushing them to live servers.

100 people who posted before me have made this point already, but I am going to add my voice to the chorus. Once you discovered this issue exists, who's bright idea was it to disable the working functions (timed world events) instead of disabling the 'not-ready-for-primetime' feature (Cross-Realm Zones)?

Blizzard is usually very good about not going live with something until it's been thoroughly vetted, almost to a point of obsession. So most players are understandably surprised and annoyed when you so colossally drop the ball they way you apparently have with CRZ and it's very predictable effect on timed world events. It's so not like you guys to fail like this, we're all stunned when it happens. And this... non-solution solution is also not the typical way we are used to seeing Blizzard handle things. People are understandably frustrated.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Now it's solution time. Without having a complete understanding of how everything works on the back-end, all we front-end users can do, is offer common-sense solutions. Here are mine.

1. One thing I do not understand, is why there is shared iteration of Elder Clearwater and Riggle Bassbait across multiple servers. Having to complete across servers for the quest fish is...annoying, but I could learn to live with it. If it is just too much trouble to have a realm-unique NPC in a CRZ, then just take Booty Bay and Dalaran off the list of CRZs. Ultimately, there is no valid reason why there should not be one Tournament winner and one Extravaganza winner per server, period.

2. Another thing I've often wondered, is why there isn't a single time zone for all US servers (and one for all EU, one for all Latin, etc), regardless of what the time zone is in whatever data center the servers physically live in. Set all US servers to CST (to split the difference between Pacific and Eastern) period. Make all EU servers run on Greenwich time, and so on and so forth. Dungeons, Raids, and Battlegrounds are something else altogether. I play on a server in EST, but whenever I enter an instance, my server clock...changes. As if the instance is in a different time zone than my server is. Set them all to the same time. Simple.

3. This one has little to do with the timed world event issue, but it is nevertheless a CRZ issue that many folks have been lamenting, so I'm adding it to my list. CRZs, if you are going to insist of having them, need to be fully restricted by server type. PvP and PvE obviously don't mix. But to those folks who chose to play on RP servers and the reasons they did so, you must recognize why RP and non-RP also doesn't mix, otherwise you might as well just scrap the whole idea of separate servers for the minority of players who seek RP immersion. Now, we understand that there are significantly fewer RP-PvP servers than the other types, but if you CRZ just those together (and just the RP-PvE types together), it will still be better than it was before, at least in terms of the dubious reasoning behind CRZs. Those who rolled on RP or RP-PvP knew going in that they were going to have population issues. They accepted that as the price to be paid for not having to play with people with names like 'Fartwizard'. Trust me, they aren't going to complain because CRZ was less effective for them.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
Any news on when this issue will be addressed?
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100 Orc Death Knight
Going by their response to most other issues stemming from CRZ, never. They'll just call it working as intended and try to forget it exists.
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89 Human Warrior
You know how they could fix this? By getting rid of CrZ.....seriously whoever thought of mixing the servers together needs to be.....well I wont say it here.....but you get the picture.
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3 Undead Warrior
So is this still disabled? Or can it be done?
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