Didn't really play in cata and I rejoined my old guild. Well, it seems they might not be going in a direction that works for me in MoP so I may be looking for a raiding guild. I am rerolling monk (RaF'd myself, ready to ding 80) in MoP and role isn't too important to me.

I would be looking for a guild that raids between 7-11pm server time. I like to have fun but am a serious player who cares about gearing right and not screwing around in raids (at least until it is on easy farm mode). I am interested in heroic raiding. I would rather spend a long time on one hard boss and finally get it down than kill 10 easy bosses. I would also prefer a more mature guild who doesn't mind goofing around some times but also doesn't sound like a bunch of kids on xbox live.

Let me know if you would be interested in me filling out an application.