Bladestorm/Dragon Roar/Shockwave macro

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to work out a simple macro that will show & use Bladestorm, Dragon Roar or Shockwave, depending on which talent I have chosen. My current macro seems to use whichever ability I have, but I can't seem to get the right command to show the active Ability.

/cast Shockwave
/cast Dragon Roar
/cast Bladestorm

Any help?
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Did you pick an Icon for your macro?

If not, you ability should show up....

If you did: replace the icon with the very first one on the list, the red question mark. The ? mark is more or less a blank slate, and combined with #show will always display your available ability and if its active/on cooldown/etc.

#showtooltip is only useful if you actually replace the icon with a custom one, and it will still detail the next ability to fire off.

You can also simulate stance-dancing through macros this way too... cause for guys like me... I can't seem to stop myself from going into defensive stance to disarm people now a days....
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the macro will always pull the first listed /cast ability to use as its tooltip icon. If the first listed ability is unavailable, you'll simply get a question mark.
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Thanks for the help guys. That sounds very interesting Diminutive... I'll look into that, though I'm trying to use as few addons as I can get away with.

And yes Spritescaper - that is exactly what it is doing. I currently have Dragon Roar, and if I rearrange the macro to list /cast Dragon Roar first, then it will show its Tooltip.

and #show makes no difference either.

The macro works, it uses the ability on a press, but I'd like to see its Cooldown as well without having to use another addon or having to place the ability somewhere else on my action bar (which would defeat the purpose of using a macro in the first place)
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Not trying to be rude but you can just drag the spell(s) from the talent tree window directly to your action bar. So just make it part of your talent switching routine and you're gold.
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09/11/2012 03:48 AMPosted by Drede
Not trying to be rude but you can just drag the spell(s) from the talent tree window directly to your action bar. So just make it part of your talent switching routine and you're gold.

Yea, but I'm lazy :P And I tend to forget to do that... so if there's a macro that can just do that for me, then I'll happily use it instead.
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Such a macro is not feasable. Any macro that calls on two gcd causing abilities to be cast, regardless of if you can cast them at that point in time, is designed to completely fail.

Oh yes, and my complete list of macros can be found here:
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#showtooltip lazyfreakinbastard
/cast schmuckules


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Dude... Just drag it down from your talent tree. You're already going to be there anyway to switch talents so just pull it down when you exit. It takes a freaking nanosecond.

Edit: I'm sorry guys. Totally necro'd here and didn't realize it.
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/cast Bloodbath
/cast [mod:alt]Storm Bolt
/cast [mod:alt]Heroic Strike
/cast Dragon Roar
/cast Bladestorm
/cast Shockwave

Is the one I use and it works magically.
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/cast dragon roar
/cast shockwave
/cast bladestorm
/run local a=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell(GetRunningMacro([macro name here]),a((a(118000)))or a((a(46968)))or a((a(46924))))
That's what I use more or less. It will not show the actual tooltip or ability until you've used it once after logging on. Once you do it should work perfectly as long as you put the name of the macro where it says "[macro name here]", but if you do what I do and just label every macro as an empty space all you need to put there is a space as well.
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02/16/2014 10:32 PMPosted by Orbee
I'm sorry guys. Totally necro'd here and didn't realize it.

I don't think anyone else did either.
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/use Shockwave
/use Dragon Roar
/use Bladestorm
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("aoe", G"Shockwave" or G"Dragon Roar" or G"Bladestorm")

This macro will change the icon on your bars as well as be an all-in-one macro that you don't need to change when you switch talents.

The Bolded part has to have the same text as the macro name, and it is case sensitive. So if your macro is called Yolo, the text needs to be changed Yolo.
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