The Reforged Hammer (Apply Within)

[[ TLDR Intro:
Thundering Hammer Clan actively recruits mature adult PvP and RP focused players who are looking to join a community and be committed to a movement that is bigger than themselves.

In-Game Contacts: Malkavet, Thorgrun, Daralyn, Cantoria

An acrid, sweaty pall sulked over the central promontory of the basin. In its midst an undead mage surveyed the aftermath of frenzied battle. The ozone stench of arcane discharge stung his nostrils. At his feet the twisted wreckage of what had once been a druid of the Kel’dorei lay tumbled halfway down the slope to the water’s edge. Behind him a torn and singed banner of the Horde hung dank atop the main building of the isle. A barely functional forge and smithy, it was the central feature of the valley and one of the two most hotly contested elements of the battlefield.

Seven years they had been fighting over this narrow crevice between Arathi and the Hinterlands. Capturing, losing and then recapturing in an endless struggle for resources and supremacy. Some might call it madness, but for the dark-clad mage it was a most useful state of affairs, one which he sincerely hoped would continue.

Kneeling slowly he removed a small crystaline vial from a fold in his robes. From his waist his other claw-like hand retrieved a twisted dagger that pulsed with dark energies. With a surgeon’s care he sliced gingerly along the wrist of the fallen elf and teased forth a sample of blood.

A grunt of disgust erupted from over his shoulder, as an aged orc stared down at his work.

“Must you continue that vile habit, Blackheart?” Thorgrun Ashgrip wore a perpetual snarl between his long, white, braided mutton-chops, but his voice always carried a warm overtone that often left others wondering whether he was truly angry or simply speaking in jest. In this instance there was a little of both, mingled through many shared scars and years of long association. He did not in fact care for most of Malkavet’s habits, but he tolerated them.

For his part, the mage was content to show a modicum of respect for the wizened old Orc. The elder shaman was the titular head of the Clan, and this too was a circumstance which suited the Blackheart’s intentions and which he was happy to see continue.

“My research continues.” It was as close to deference as anyone was likely to get out of him.

Thorgrun sighed and turned his head. Malkavet could see by his eyes that he was counting the fallen. Not the enemy, but their own. He wore that weary look of resignation that always brooded over his eyes after a battle. Not for the first time the mage pondered what a curious dichotomy this old orc represented. He would fling himself into battle with as much blood lust as any of the Horde, but he was always affected by a melancholy regret after the fact. He was staring now, with that hollow expression, at the body of a fallen troll near the eastern bridge.

Malkavet did not remember the troll’s name. He had never bothered to learn it in the first place. So few of them lasted long enough for names to matter. They lived out their short existence as a bulwark against rampaging enemies and then they were replaced. Occasionally one would survive and become deadly enough to be really useful. Then perhaps he would bother with the names.

Another figure approached from the south, a gleaming metallic lump rounding the dilapidated corner of the blacksmith with a thick stave draped in umber and sable cloth. Mackh was one of the more useful killers. He had survived blood and fire and hell itself a dozen times over to still be here. Patches of leathery green flesh peeked through his bristling steel armor as he planted the standard of the Thundering Hammer Clan just outside the smithy door.

He looked up, flashing a wicked grin at Malkavet - all teeth and fangs, glistening with spittle and gore from the fight.

“Just like old times, eh Blackheart?”

Yes, Malkavet nodded. Just like old times. And off he moved without a word to find another elven corpse. Preferably fresh.
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Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read correctly - the Thundering Hammer Clan is back in action.

Let me tell you a story, and you see if you're with me...

Upon returning to Feathermoon after a two year hiatus, Teevi and I began hearing a familiar refrain from a lot of the folks we talked to as we rebuilt old connections. Time and again they would tell us that while the game is still fun (otherwise they wouldn't still be playing it!) the community, especially on Horde, just wasn't the same. The influx of new characters, the departure of old, the continual churn of players in and out, new alts, new mains, fewer stories, less PvP, smaller population - it all coalesced into a sense among many that the legacy of Feathermoon was becoming one of decline. No one wanted it to feel that way, and pretty much everyone agreed that it didn't HAVE to be that way, and yet it seemed all too often that it was.

A few PvP matches, roleplay encounters, and vent conversations later we decided that while you can never really reclaim the past - it was a moment in time with it's own unique flavor and nuance never to be recaptured - and even though we know we can't fix the whole Horde faction, we can at least do the same things that we did at first to build that sort of community within our guild, and to provide a place to safeguard and preserve the legacy of Feathermoon Horde.

So at the request of some dear friends from the old school, and with a fresh sense of enthusiasm that we haven't had ourselves since Classic, we're getting the band back together.

Do you remember what 178-7 stands for? (It happened at Tarren Mill!) Have you ever had a kill Quaved? Do you remember when Demonox looted the cape? And then wore it around Orgrimmar after protesting that he had deleted it to make the raid happy?! Did you ever get a cease-and-desist from Tarqmamba Inc? Have you ever /saluted The KULL or healed Ose? Did you help farm blue pearls for Mats' funeral? Do you remember who Moonfang belonged to? (I actually had to get Duke to remind me, I was so used to just saying 'Kill Moonfang... kill Moonfang's pet' over Vent. True story.) Do you remember what happened in the Tram that made Feathermoon infamous?

Most importantly... are you now or have you previously been HORDECORE?

Have I got your attention yet?

If so, here's the pitch:

The Thundering Hammer Clan is a Level 25 Horde Guild with a history going all the way back to the founding of Feathermoon. From Classic through Lich King we hosted one of the most successful and longest lived PvE raids on our server, providing access to content for literally hundreds of casual, mature players with real lives, real families and real jobs. We have also hosted one of the most legendary PvP teams our server has ever fielded, the (loved and hated) A-Team which produced six of our server's first ten High Warlords in the original Honor system.

We are a team of real-life friends on a mission to provide a roleplay friendly, PvP focused environment where a sense of comradarie and personal connection, combined with a deep respect for the history and legacy of our server (and a healthy loathing of the Alliance!) creates a community like no place else on Feathermoon.

We do not recruit characters, we recruit players. We believe that you build relationship with the player, and you play with the character - so come prepared to get to know people's real names, and probably their kids' names as well. We banter and have fun, be we also know when its time to get real. We maintain a mature environment, and expect maturity from our members. We face adversity and overcome it. Whining, complaining and guild drama are for Alliance guilds and we cordially invite you to faction transfer and take it over there.

If our focus and attitude doesn't appeal to you, then we wish you the best with your current guild.

If however you read this post and kept thinking how you wish the Horde on our server could go back to that, then there may be a home waiting for you here. I can't make any promises. I know what we do isn't for everyone, but if it is for you, there's a bunch of people waiting to welcome you home.

Apply in person in game, via in-game mail, or visit us at our website:

RP. PvP. Hordecore. It's what we do. Come join us.

For the Horde !@#$%es.
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90 Human Rogue
((If I may...

Come at me, bro.

Seriously, though, this gets the Tarqmamba Corp. Seal of Approval. And how.))
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100 Tauren Druid
(( Hordecore, baby! ))
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
(( Teevi-alt here. I want to emphasize that we, the players, fondly remember the past but we embrace this opportunity to make memories today.

If you remember what it was like back then-- the feeling of fellowship, the hysterical laughter at enormous odds, improbable outcomes and a sense of belonging -- help us provide the same circumstances that bred that sense of "Ya, I'd charge a hill with you!" now. We don't want to recapture so much as make new memories with the Horde we have today.

We're casual folk in terms of goals and schedules. We have a core value that says RL> WoW, so for those with responsibilities and RL limitations-- we get it. We don't believe in penalties for having a sense of priorities! Get that education, play with your toddler, make time for your spouse; we encourage all of the above! And if you have time to log on for one rp/pvp meet a week (out of the possibility of several) then, great!

If you do not remember the above but it sounds appealing to you? Come ride out with us. Our RP sessions are pretty revealing of who we are and where we are going. In fact, tonight we have one scheduled. If you see a member on, feel free to whisper and tag along. We recommend you be level 85 to participate but at least level 60 will get you to where the event begins.

One final note. We are not interested in closing out other guilds. One of the things we love about our Horde community is that other guilds, (like Noxilite --which Teevi is currently a member of) are guilds we consider sister-guilds. We raid together, laugh together, cry together and plot, plot, PLOT! We're not about fomenting discontent with your current guild. We're about offering/creating opportunities for those who haven't found it, to mix your rp with your pvp and do it with like-minded peeps.

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100 Blood Elf Priest
(( Over the past few years I realized there was something missing for me in WOW. Maybe I didn't see what it was, or maybe I didn't want to think about it. My excitement and energy for the game had gone stale. I was logging in less and less. So many friends had left for various reasons and I was seriously conteplating just throwing in the towel, canceling the subscription I have had since launch day so many years ago.

A couple months ago I got a whisper from one of my dear friends that had left WOW years ago. I was so happy to see Teevi back and Malkavet, I had missed them so much! A couple weeks flew by as me, Teevi, Malkavet, and some other friends joined together to BG, Chat on vent, quest (*gasp*), and simply have a wonderful time. Then Malk told me of his plan to reforge the Thundering Hammer Clan, and lets just say I was SUPER excited!

After years I had finally found what was The game came "back to life" for me. I am finally HOME. The PVP! The RP! The time spent laughing and going on in vent! Even (This may ruin my rep...) the PVE! *giggle* I am so thankful to be in this guild, and be a part of this outstanding group of people. I love you guys!


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100 Blood Elf Priest
(( Nearly forgot...

For the Horde, !@#$%es!!!!!))
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(( I have been with THC from the start and I have loved it ever since! From the Rp, Leveling, questing, pvping, and raiding. It is a great atmosphere to be in! As the others have posted before it has been one fun ride and still continues to be. Even we my Malkavet and Teevi had left and I went astray to another server. I quit because I couldn't find that connection with others and now that my original WoW family is back so am I! I love you guys!!! For the Horde, !@#$%es!!! ))
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90 Undead Death Knight
(( Your friendly neighborhood Alanth here.

THC was the first guild hordeside that I felt at home in, surrounded by people that also wished nothing but death upon the alliance. After Malk and Teevi's departure and the guild taking a turn and name change I didn't jive with, I found a new home with Errant Pride. One that I remain committed to.

But nothing will ever replace the experiences with the original THC back in the day. Do you want to be apart of this legacy, one forged in the tears of alliance and the lamentations of their women?

Do you want to be apart of a group who did and will do things like this?

Or this?

The band is back together again. Ride or die, For the Horde !@#$%es. ))
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Do you want to be apart of a group who did and will do things like this?

Oh man - the Jaina Raid. Yeah, that was fun times. We did that at the end of the first leg of the World Tour. We were talking about that just last night in fact while we ran the Theramore Scenario over, and over, and over again. Personally I liked our version of the Sack of Theramore better than Blizz's.
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Which reminds me - Im looking for a dedicated videographer to document our exploits in MoP. If you have the horsepower and editing skills to do it right, find me in game or email me.
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((HAWTazi here.

I've had a character in THC for quite some time, but after I came back after taking a lengthy hiatus, I found myself playing this character that was in a different guild. While I was having fun playing, I wasn't too involved with the guild, and I was getting bored again.

Queue the THC reboot, and I am having so much fun in-game again. I feel recharged, I'm getting involved in RP again, and it feels like my old Vanilla guild where I actually looked forward to logging in and hanging out. Crazy fun times are ahead; you know you want to be a part of them!

I actually talk in Vent now; that's how awesome these people are.

For the Horde, !@#$%es! ))
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100 Undead Priest
From someone who's been around almost as much as THC (in fact, I met Teevi for the first time in Ragefire Chasm as we were levelling up), let me tell you how happy I am that you guys are reforming.

Best of luck, and if I or Dawn Vigil can provide any sort of assistance, let me know!
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90 Tauren Druid
My name is Grizz, and I support this message.

Seriously, THC is a fantastic group of people. While I've never been guilded with them, I have raided with them from Vanilla up through the end of Wrath, and loved every moment of it.

Check them out. You won't be disappointed.
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((If you're thinking about us, or on the fence, we have a little guild RP event tonight (Sunday) that shall result in some fun times. 6:30 server! We also have one scheduled for Monday night, same time. Higher levels recommended, but all are welcome.

Except you A-siders. Well, not to the first part, anyway. Message a member if you'd like to swing by!))
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100 Undead Priest
I would like to invite all PvP'ers ( both serious and casual ) to take a look at this guild. There are a bunch of good people here and all have the same thing on their minds to bring death and destruction to the Alliance. :-)
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True Story: We also eat babies.
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90 Undead Death Knight
But just the Alliance babies.
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And just da ugly ones.

'course, to us, d'ey ALL be ugly!
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((Hey all, this is Mackh here..(You know that crazy Orc Warrior that was always loud in vent having a great time with friends.) I now play a Monk but I wanted to take some time to share my story of this amazing guild that I have been a part of since it's birth in the early days of Feathermoon. Being a personal friend of Malkavet, he convinced me to join WoW at its opening and my wife Wildeyes and I decided to do so. It was an experience like no other. We have made so many friends in this game because of the community that the Thundering Hammer Clan created. A few years ago I made a grave mistake and left the Thundering Hammer Raid to venture in different directions and unfortunately I lost my way and I lost some dear friends. I did the hardcore raiding and joined some server first raid boss kills but I never really felt happy playing the game after that.

So after a couple of years I cancelled my subscription and never really intended on coming back. I was hanging out with Malkavet one day at his house and he told me he was coming back to the game and it was at that moment that I truly believed that I may have a second chance to rebuild lost relationships and truly get back to playing the game for the reasons that I love it so much so long ago. I know we can't reverse time but I do know that the Thundering Hammer Clan is and will always be my home and family in this game.

If there is one thing that I wish anyone take from this story, its that the THC is not a guild. Its a family where you can be who you really are and its not about being hardcore. Its about having fun and really enjoying the time you spend in the game with friends and loved ones. The ONLY reason I still play this game is because of the Thundering Hammer Clan..

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