The Reforged Hammer (Apply Within)

11/27/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Dukago
Sorry dude. He has orders transferring him to my legion to act as our page since he has chosen to wear our uniform.

Who do you PvP with again?
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100 Orc Warrior
11/27/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Malkavet
But everyone knows that Alliance aren't really people.

I hereby dub thee an honorary member of the Thundering Hammer.

Achievement earned by Morgaath on 11/20/2012:

"Have one character in two different guilds at the same time."

11/27/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Dukago
Seeing as I failed to receive word of this...he's fired anyway...can't even deliver a letter. Morg I am glad you can swing an axe!

You will find I am much better at killing things than being a page :P
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11/27/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Malkavet
Sorry dude. He has orders transferring him to my legion to act as our page since he has chosen to wear our uniform.

Who do you PvP with again?

When I choose to? Only the best, someone has to carry my pudgy !@#...


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11/28/2012 06:21 AMPosted by Dukago
When I choose to? Only the best, someone has to carry my pudgy !@#...

QFMFT on so many levels.
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11/28/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Malkavet
When I choose to? Only the best, someone has to carry my pudgy !@#...

QFMFT on so many levels.

Malk, my vulgar old friend, perhaps one day it will be day.

...but not yet
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Speaking of which - RECRUITMENT UPDATE:

We have filled our 'required' roster and are now expanding the second team roster. Interested parties should talk to me in game. Eventually we will have two teams running two nights a week each. There are currently available openings for all positions, though we have more melee DPS and healing than we have ranged.

So if you're reading this thread and you have a Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Paladin (or other class!) and are looking to join the Premiere PvP community on Feathermoon for random BGs, Rated BGs, Krasarang and other World PvP, find a member of Thundering Hammer in Two Moons or on the field of battle and get in touch!

Hordecore is back and this is only the beginning!
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100 Troll Shaman
I have known these Thundering Hammer folks for a long time, and frankly, they're a huge part of the reason why I've decided to jump back on WoW. A lot of things have changed since the game first launched (Hell, a lot of things have changed in the past year or so -- the last time I played my hunter, Elawo, he had mana), but I'm glad that the Thundering Hammer's still around.

They really are a stellar group of people, and Feathermoon is lucky that they're around.

There's no stronger endorsement I could give them, to be honest; they're just fantastic.

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90 Pandaren Hunter
My wee Horde alt recently joined the Thundering Hammer and it's been great. They're very much fantastic and fun to be around*. The RP has been fun and they've been helping me find my way around. Horde cities really changed!

And Nathan is right. He said it way better than I could. They're fantabulous, even.

*Even if I am flagged while on Novi and happen to get nailed by a flying orc launched from their slingshot.
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90 Human Rogue
((Oh !@#$, Mats is back? Game on.))
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90 Undead Warrior
(( Hello Thundering Hammer clan, I have read your thread and I am filled with hope. I moved to this server from Wyrmcrest Accord a month before the expansion. That was, and I hear still is, a great RPing server. I came here because I was looking for a place that was not so hung up on their past.

I love what you try to achieve for this server, I would like to think I have been trying towards the same end. I have built a network of players and we have as many veteran FMers as well as new RPers. Our focus is RP and in that RP Horde unity, we would really love to work with such a prestigious guild of quality players.

If there is one or a few that coordinates your RP events, might there be an interest in seeing how we may help? We think that closer connections with fellow "Hordecore" players is key. We even have several players from Thorium Brotherhood, Scarlet Crusade, and Argent Dawn servers. ( just 3 of the servers connected to us.)

Thank you for your time.))
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Updated opening post with a TLDR intro including website, G+ and YouTube info.
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I have had tons of fun rolling with the Thundering Hammer crew. They are an amazing group of people, some of the nicest you will ever meet. The RP is even more engaging when you're standing over the smoldering ruins of an Alliance town.

Thundering Hammer is all about bringing back the Horde community. If you're looking to rebuild lost connections, rekindle your interest in the game, or just want to meet overall awesome people - Thundering Hammer is for you!

Join us!

FOR THE HORDE !@#$%es!
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To the Feathermoon Horde community - Thundering Hammer Clan is awesome.

This is a great group of energized, fun, helpful, and dedicated people. It's refreshing to find a guild who are not only dedicated to PvP, my main WoW pastime (...aside from my new addiction to battle pets), but who are also driven to revitalize RP and a renewed sense of community within Feathermoon.

You'll laugh, you'll'll mess up banner placements, but you'll have so much fun doing it!

If you're on the Horde or have a Horde alt, consider joining this fine group of people.
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I <3 my Troll twins so much.

In other news - dropping an update here to let folks know we have a BM Hunter opening in one of our two rosters and we are still interested in recruiting a few more Ranged spots and a Paladin or two for the rated teams.

Also: The new website is up! You should go check it out because it is HOT. Jatazi has done great work managing our social and online presence!

For our Ancestors, and FOR THE HORDE!!
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100 Blood Elf Mage
So everyone likes stories , right? I have one to share :) My husband and I have played WoW from the beginning, well, from release anyway, first on a PvP server, then on a PvE and now on Feathermoon, since about 2 weeks into the game's lifetime. We played Horde briefly, and then Alliance from our second server on. We were PvEers, not necessarily hardcore by most standards but hey, I finished raid 5 hours before going into labor for our first child, and missed out first Rag kill due to his birth. Still haven't forgiven him :P

Anyways.... so we raided, and were totally for the Alliance, and then Wrath rolled around and we weren't feeling WoW so much, so we took what was close to a year break. Came back, as like a drug, we missed it :) Played a bit and vanished again mid-Cata due to RL. And finally after almost 2 years off, MoP was out and we missed friends back in WoW, but we weren't ready to get sucked back in yet. Then the Scrolls of Resurrection started showing up in our in-boxes, and we could feel our resolve slipping.

We knew it was a matter of time before we would be playing again, so it was time to circle the wagons, have a meeting of the minds and attempt to figure out how to control the beast that was WoW. We knew that we always played Alliance, but we also knew that if we went Alliance, we'd want to raid, and the kids didn't like be taped to chairs for hours at a time, who knew?

An old friend contacted us from our vanilla days, only now she played Horde (eww!). She talked us into making characters and trying it out, including trying her guild out. We figured ok, they'll make us definitely go back Alliance and we'll deal with the rest when we get there. Only we didn't go back. We found ourselves faced with a force so magnetic that we didn't want to leave. The next thing we knew real money was paid and our Cata mains suddenly had ridiculously pointy ears.

We found ourselves face to face with not only a mature and outgoing group of people but also the most helpful group that anyone could have asked for coming back from two years away from the game. They cleared Halaa for me, and chased off the mean pally that kept ganking me, even though at level 64 (pally was a 90) I was worth no honor. We liked the guild so much we turned recruiters and brought other disenchanted players back with us to join the guild and the Horde.

So in short, what can possibly make two devoted Alliance PvE players, go Horde and turn into PvP players? This guild! They strive to improve the server every single day, whether it's PvP or RP, or even assisting the occasional misguided PvEer. You won't find a better group on Feathermoon.

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Recruitment Update: Thundering Hammer is assembling our rosters for Season 13. We still have potential openings in our two rosters for Fancy Lads, Chickens, and Huntards. Contact Malkavet in game if that sort of thing interests you.
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90 Tauren Warrior
His soul fly's across the stars and discovers a sanctuary in an unknown realm. Gliding down to his new body in the fountain of Moonglade, he grows and learns from the families and soldiers of the stars. He grew to realize that his new purpose would be to serve what would best help his friends and loved ones in this new life. He begins to seek out the great tauren warrior of Hyjal who goes by the name of Shenzar to try and gain the strength to defend his home. As the years passed on, the young warrior grew in body and in mind from his tauren mentor; learning that justice is the greatest path to peace.

When the day came that the warrior would return to Moonglade, he became paralyzed at the sight of his master laying dead in his bed with his neck sliced open. As the warrior prepared to give his mentor Shenzar a proper burial, a rather disturbing sight caught his eyes. A small badge that resembled a lion fell off the side of Shenzar's bed. Unaware of who this belonged to, the warrior returned to Moonglade and consulted with the sanctuary's elders. After hearing the story from the elders, the warrior set his sights on his races (species) true home of Pandaria to find answers on how to cope with his new enemy, the Alliance.

After many days of wandering around the land with his thoughts, the warrior came across a rather unique looking troll that spoke of being against the Alliance as well. The troll spoke of his clan having a future gathering in the world Outlands to discuss the history of a rebellion group known as the (original) Horde. Aware that this could very well help the warrior in his quest; he decides to attend the meeting. As the warrior went with the clan around the scarred land of Outlands to here stories from the past, the clans chieftain Thorgrun looked at the warrior with a sort of indecisive look as he spoke.

When the stories ended, the warrior realized that the clan have been in conflict with the Alliance for many years. The clan then gathered around inside a safe house, feeling confident the warrior slowly approached the chieftain. The warrior spoke to him softly saying that he wished to help Thorgrun and his clans quest for a better future by ending the Alliance one step at a time. To this day the warrior and the clan fight all across the lands of Azeroth and Outlands. Gaining strength through the moon, and fighting with light and darkness in his heart, the warrior would forever be known to all as "Mooncore" the moonborn.
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90 Tauren Warrior
When I first came to this server out of curiosity, i was quite surprised by a lot of good reviews towards the guilds on this server. Since mid-lvl i knew i wanted this character to be for pvp. The "Thundering Hammer Clan" had every quality of a mature and serious group that I was looking for. For the past several weeks i've done loads of enjoyable dailies, bg's, and arenas with them; the lot of them are more than glad to help starting players grow, but it helps move things along if your already "prepared". If your new to Feathermoon and are a dedicated rp'er and pvp'er, the "Thundering Hammer Clan" is a guild I recommend. :)
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90 Troll Monk

Hi! I'm Degmarlee, yeap, that Degmarlee. Shout out to my main fan, Mixler and Tarquin's lovely golden ringlets - how he gets that Gilnean shine, I'll never know.

You also might know that I left Feathermoon years ago and really never intended to come back. RP, PVP, Population Imbalance, the impending plague of Elves...I kinda figured my main time with WoW was gone.

Well I'm here to say that I was wrong! Feathermoon is back!

One night with the Thundering Hammer Clan and my real life has just fallen away like it was 2005. I'm posting on forums, tweaking specs and trying to figure out new and entertaining ways to spank GuildWatch like the cranky little baby it is!*

So if you miss that old time religion and Hordecore spirit that makes English soccer hooligans look like Justin Beiber fans - Come Join the Thundering Hammer Clan.


*Just a sidenote it's all in good fun; I was glad to see that GuildWatch was still around to actually fight for their land. /salute to the old-timers.
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