The Reforged Hammer (Apply Within)

90 Human Rogue
Hi! I'm Degmarlee, yeap, that Degmarlee. Shout out to my main fan, Mixler and Tarquin's lovely golden ringlets - how he gets that Gilnean shine, I'll never know.
The glint of pure unfiltered ego.

Welcome back, man.

PS: get your !@# on feathermap.
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90 Orc Warrior
((You guys sound AMAZING! This is what I have been looking for. I am relatively new to RP but have been HORDECORE since I started playing WoW several years ago. I am loving the RP but want to get into something more and also do PvP/WPvP. I am currently on WrA but would server transfer in a heartbeat.))
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Roll up a lvl1 alt and send me an in-game mail. I'll send you back my BattleTag and we can chat. =)
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90 Undead Warlock
I admire what you are attempting to do, and although I am quite happy in my current guild, you may count on me for assistance.

Also death.
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90 Undead Warlock
Definitely count on me for death.
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Thundering Hammer is working right now on starting up our third Rated BG roster which means we will have openings for sub and main spots in both healer and DPS camps. If you're looking for RBG action and think you have what it takes contact me in game and we'll talk. In particular we expect to have gaps in the RSham, Spriest, HPal, Huntard and Boomkin (depending on 5.3 changes) departments that will need to be filled either on a sub or permanent basis in at least one of the three teams.

Special interest in folks with experience target calling and running strat to help bear the administrative overhead as we expand our offerings.

Be forewarned, if PvE is your first love and PvP is your on-again off-again mistress you'll probably be happier somewhere else, but if your passion is for stacking up Alliance bodies like cord-wood you should probably contact me soon.
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100 Orc Warrior
I can honestly say that since coming back and joining THC, I have had more fun in this game since probably early vanilla. I've met a lot of new people and reconnected with some very old friends who I didn't even think still played. Definitely a positive experience for me, and I want to thank Malkavet for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.
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100 Troll Shaman
Ah, feels good to be back on the Horde. Right, so most of your don't remember me, and some of your don't want to remember me. 's'all good though. I'm back. Deal wit' it. Not much for forum posts, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I love this friggin' guild. I haven't had this much fun on this game in years, so yea, there's that.

They even have me pvping. Me. Pvping. WITH ENTHUSIASM. Bloodlust isn't just a spell hotkeyed to my bar. Yea, so, in short; awesome guild, much killing, you should get on board.

FOR THE SWARM, er... Horde, for the Horde. Totally meant Horde. Which is really just a smaller, less committed Swarm in many ways... *walks off rambling*
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100 Troll Shaman
I will openly admit that the majority of my roleplaying in WoW has been incredibly racially-exclusive. I don't like hanging out with non-Trolls. And I mean, Matsu'jin is a bitter, angry, xenophobic little ball of violence, which is another way of saying he's not usually a lot of fun to be around (even if you're a troll). But the Thundering Hammer Clan has taken great strides to make him feel as though he "fits in", and I really appreciate that. I know he can be kind of a pain in the !@# sometimes, but THC has done a tremendous job of leveraging his goals in a direction that matches their own, and that's something I never thought would happen. Because of the Thundering Hammer Clan, "Obeah Chakari" is more than just a rallying cry for Trolls, now; its a declaration of unity for the Horde.

The Thundering Hammer Clan is an organization and a community that I will support, in any and every way that I can, until the day that WoW dies.
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I appreciate that a nearly eight year old guild of Hordecore pvpers exists on this server. About this time last year, the typical end of an expansion decline of players resulted in a wasted $15. Fortunately, Thorgrun put together a good group of players who aren't afraid to flag without a 3 to 1 advantage.

If you accidentally right click me instead of your mob, you die.

If you zone out of a bg and you keep your flag up, you die.

If you blueflag, you die and you get spat on.

I saw that Blizz is offering a discounted price on faction changes. Now is a good time to stop dancing for gold on mailboxes and to join the winning side.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
As a long time alliance PvE'er I left wow for a while and came back early 2013 looking for something different, so I went Horde, joined The Hammer through the recommendation of a friend, and haven't looked back.

If you're looking to join a guild that actually stands for something, then this is the place. If you're looking for a place that embraces PvP, enjoys a bit of roleplay, and is full of all around good people, this is the place. Teamwork, co-ordination and camaraderie are our strengths, and we dare anyone to try and break these bonds.

We have no fear of the alliance.
We have no fear of death.
What makes our clan grow?
Blood, Blood, ALLIANCE BLOOD!!

And lots of it :)
As the orcs say :
Lok'tar ogar!
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necro bump
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How are you going to Necro a thread whose last post was 1 Day before yours?
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90 Tauren Druid
I was originally from Feathermoon horde and thought of leveling a druid again with the boas i left years ago, but everytime i log onto feathermoon horde its dead. Im a hardcore pvper and this sounds great, but i wanna make sure im not coming back to a dead server. Ive got dukago in battletag, would love to bg and talk with u guys about it. I prefer arenas, but ive got rbg tanking exp as well as a warrior(<<pre 5.3), but wpvp ya im down to pwn some scrubs!
Edit: I can also go boomkin and i have 2200 this season arena exp
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Got a lvl1 alt on FM still? Send me an in-game mail, I'll hit you back with my BTag and we'll chat. FM Horde is, as it has been since Classic, all about relationships. Its who you know.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
You all are a bad influence on me. I see you out causing trouble and having a blast and I've enjoyed the few times I've managed to tag along. It has been a lot of fun. Now I've started flagging myself while out in the world and I feel like a librarian on my first motorcycle ride.
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One of us. One of us.
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We are farmers, dun da dun dun dun da bump.
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i am a necro'er dun da dun dun dun da bump

do you have a toon thats lv 90? We'll take you! Oh wait thats the people we wipe every world PvP instance.

But if you think you got some PvP skills and you can play coordinated as a team under pressure, then the Thundering Hammer is for you. Send a tell to any of us in game. Even if you want to learn some PvP for your class, we have had so many people who had never stepped into arenas become some of the finest PvPers on server. We keep the rivalry alive and we are ::hint hint:: looking for some good Rated BG players.
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