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90 Orc Warlock
I played for awhile back in the Vanilla/BC days on this character. I did not make it to 60 in Vanilla...but I hit 70 not too long into BC. I earned Challenger for S1 and Rival in S2. I then quit until about 2 or 3 months ago.

Unfortunately there seems to be no indication from this Achievement system that I even existed back then. It would be nice if there was a Feat of Strength or something to show that I have been around since '06.

I race changed from Orc recently if you are going to look for me on Warcraft Realms or whatever.

TLDR; no one cares, but it would be nice if I could see proof that I am not some FOTM reroller.
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100 Orc Hunter
Achievement was added at end of BC time, from that time it start seem *most* recording everything after that, not before it. Unless you have some classic old pvp title it does record that.

Hope that helped! I remember that i didnt get arena achievement either until end of BC-Wotlk ish.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
It would be nice, yes, but the majority of BC achievements weren't retroactive. By this I mean unless you had some actual loot from a final boss of a raid, or a Classic PvP title, you never got credit for the achievements when they were introduced with WoW 3.0.
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90 Human Paladin

TLDR; no one cares, but it would be nice if I could see proof that I am not some FOTM reroller.

you care about what people say on the internet?
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