Turmoil is a 8/8 Heroic 10 man group looking for a dedicated Main Tank to complete our group.

Death Knight or Druid preferred but we may consider a Paladin.

Raid Times
Tuesday 7:00 - 10pm
Wednesday 7:00 - 10pm
Monday 7 - 10pm

About us

As a raid we really enjoy joking and having fun in raid. You will need to be able to handle dry and often crude humor in between bosses. We all have been raiding in wow for quite awhile so we expect you to know what your class does and use the best enchants/gems available and to read up on websites on how to improve it. Being a small raid group we encourage each member to speak up and be involved with any ideas they have or any questions they have with the strategies.

We are looking for a person who can fit in and be more then just a raid spot. The guild does pvp groups 5mans(Excited for the new challenge modes) and various other stuff.