Leveling RAF and my threat is terrible

I'm leveling up RAF as a prot warrior/balance druid combo. My prot warrior's threat is terrible. I'm running full heirlooms and I've raided on my warrior (and kept up on Warrior changes in the beta) so I know how to play a warrior tank.

Disc Priests in particular (?) are pulling aggro all the time (probably because of AA and smite talents/glyphs/passives), but it seems just about anyone who really unloads into a target will outpace me in threat pretty much instantly.

Its highly likely this is due to gear, BUT, again I'm in full heirlooms, and have been adding gear to other slots as I go (all dungeon runs). Also, the boomkin in my group rips aggro as well, (even when I dualbox it). It is slightly odd to rip aggro off of myself...

Perhaps there's something I'm missing, or aggro is just a mess...thoughts?
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39 Worgen Warlock
Prot warrior threat right now is the highest of the tank classes in AOE scenarios. I had no problem with my RAF warrior all the way to 80 at least.


More info needed? Your priority system, etc?

p.s. Revenge is godly. Spam it.
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yes to all.
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39 Worgen Warlock
More info needed? Priority system, etc

09/11/2012 03:49 PMPosted by Felade
yes to all.

I mean which one are you using.
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71 Undead Warrior
Learn to recognize the spell effects for penance, holy fire and smite. When you see a mob getting hit by those, concentrate ALL your single target moves on that mob.

Let the warlock pets die.

Hunters seem to control their pets now, and aren't a problem.

Used aoe threat moves to cover the rest.

I haven't used tidy plates, or whatever the essential tanking mod is, my face is bright red, for sure.
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90 Human Paladin
Something you didn't mention is your Prot Warrior's current level.

It could quite literally be that you're missing something - a key ability that will make it substantially easier to hold aggro later on. Every class has those sort of issues at various points while leveling. There's also the matter of gear. Even with heirlooms, the overall stat budget on lower-level gear (especially pre-60) is so low that abilities often aren't scaling correctly due to disparities between the base damage and the scaling component.

In addition, players who unload early in a pull can (and usually will) steal threat. Tanks are balanced around a certain minimum of additional AP provided by Vengeance, and at the start of the pull the bulk of that AP simply isn't there yet.

Also - if you're not using Tidy Plate: Threat Plates, I highly recommend it for tanking.
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90 Human Warrior
Doing it wrong :(
My threat is redonculous. Dumb and obnoxious dps that dont let you pull not withstanding. That's the most anoying thing about low level dungeons.

Revenge may as well stay lit up, and hits hard. Shield slam is as it's name suggests, thunderclap nice and short cooldown...
how can you struggle with threat?

In addition, players who unload early in a pull can (and usually will) steal threat.

I often get the "changed target" alert on the pull, as the mobs momentarily look at the dps. Revenge /cleave/Tclap/Shockwave fixes that pretty fast.
If they do it on purpose, I make a point of asking them to cut it out. Unfortunatly that's usually when you get insulted. It's a L2play issue on their end, not yours.
The good thing is they'll learn eventually. After TBC stuff you can let them have agro then LOL at their dead toons corpse.
If they can't be bothered to give you ONE cotten picken second to establish agro, they're doing it on purpose to be a douche bag.

Too bad sometimes you get a healer that spam heals everyone. Doesn't care that the dps are obnoxious douche bags, and they might even take the dps's side and insult you.
LFD is full of social degenerates that need to l2 play.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I remember warr at first was a lot of target switching between thunderclaps to make sure I am hitting the things DPS is opening up on. I am hard pressed to believe anyone can pull off you once you charge->TC->SS. If anything gets pulled its the target(s) you DIDNT just SS.

As a healer I play pretty carefully with warr tank in 5 man. I literally don't cast while they charge -> TC. Once I see them TC I start casting because I know I won't ruin their positioning with my aoe healing threat. I doubt you will get that courtesy from most 5 man healers though. Try to be fast and beat them to the pull by a few seconds so you get your TC off before they can start blasting :)
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