Low Population Realm gets old

100 Tauren Paladin
I understand that this topic has been hashed and rehashed many times, but if this is the case why not do something about it? Nath needs a good replenishment of players. I am not talking about a server merge, more or less a free transfer to Nath from high population realms. I understand this cross realm zones is trying to fix things like this, but its more of a bandage not a perma fix. I too have 10 toons on this server that I would be heartbroken to take my main away from, I have also grown attached to Nathrezim since I have been here since day 1. Sure spend 25 buckaroonies to transfer my 1 character off, but why when blizzard could help keep a server that has been alive since launch. Leaving would only make the problem worse. You would figure instead of making new realms one after another, they would encourage players to join a low population realm like ours! We (Nathrezim) were deemed a realm for "New Players" for a while and it did nothing but make the new players see how crappy it was here, thus leaving and joining a high population realm. The economy is messed up, Pugs don't exist, we just need a breath of life back into Nath! Blizzard needs to hit this thing hard and just give free transfers to or from Nath!
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I agree, all nath needs is a little kick from free transfers coming in to really set things off again. I miss the days of nath being a good realm and i think it would be a good idea too if blizzard kept their servers from launch alive and kicking instead of making new ones. coming from a day 1 nath player, Yes We Can!
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Someone have 250$ for my transfers?
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I guess i have to start dealing drugs again.... man i thought Blizzard wouldn't push me to this again, o well BACK TO CRACK!
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