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First off just want to say that I'm not a pro when it comes to PVP. I don't have any stats that are worth bragging about. What I do know is that I enjoy PVP and I can hold my own when it comes to playing this game for fun and knowing my classes. With that much said I wanted to try an experiment out.

With the latest season coming to an end, the MMR getting reset, and of course the new expansion. I wanted to try to kick start some PVP on this server.

Currently a lot of guilds are recruiting for MOP and I didn't want to try to start a guild dedicated to PVP only on a PVE server. So what I came up with is a PVP channel that we can join without having to leave a guild behind.

By typing /join PVP

You will enter a channel just like Trade chat but can see the channel from any zone. From there I just want to build a community of players that enjoy pvping but may not always be hanging out in SW. I have spread this through word of mouth a bit, but you may only see two or three people in the channel (if that) at a time.

I haven't used the channel for much yet just because most of the people in there are people on my friends list, but I figure if we can get a handful of people in there now then by mid October we may be able to get PUG RBG's going for the hell of it.

If you enjoy pvp at any certain degree then I ask ya to join the channel. Once MOP hits you/we can figure out which players are worth grouping up with.

I also encourage any Horde members taking up this task as well on their side. If this is a success. I believe we can find ourselves participating in some old World PVP action like the good ol' days.

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