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90 Draenei Mage
Well... sitting in this guild alone and assessing the nonexistent future of this guild, Lesa rarely comes on anymore and never talks to me /sadphace (yes I intended to spell it as such), I figure it would finally be time to look for a new "raiding" guild/team. I'm too poor to server transfer and too lazy to level a character elsewhere, so I post this specifically on the frequently used/read Malygos Forums. That being said, let me tell you about myself...

I tend to be known as "that guy" if you know what I mean.
I am very obnoxious in vent and am very loud all the time.
I tend to be an @$$hole who doesn't shut the f**k up after I see someone make a stupid comment or screw up in a run.
I don't enjoy wiping... at all. The more wipes the less I enjoy.
I would rather go on a murdering rampage at midnight than a walk on a beach at sunset/sunrise.
I am very gross and my social desensitization has left me with nothing to be mentally disgusted.
When I raid I like to pull and don't stop until everything is dead, dying, or soon to be dead.
I would rather complain than congratulate.
I find jokes by others distasteful unless said joke is intended to be distasteful.
I would rather eat the beating heart of a raccoon than sit and listen to your stories.
I tend to tell everyone any secrets a person wants to tell me about and he/she specifically tells me not to tell anyone. I make a personal note to let the person it's about if applicable.
I can't keep my character stationary (unless I happen to be AFK surfing the internet for "entertainment" or taking a dump or eating my college dietary bread and peanut butter).
I do not enjoy failing (aka wiping) over consistently obvious mechanics (i.e. Dragon Soul).
I do enjoy dancing as a Bloodsail Admiral and if your special, I may show you some time.
While I have lead my share of raids, I do not enjoy doing it.
I would rather be the useless mage who just sits there and does the least amount of work humanly possible so that I can do other stuff like surf the internet.
I like to support the group from the bottom. Someone has to be there, right?
If I have a problem with 'said person', he/she will be sure to know about it.
I more than likely will never put anything in your guild bank.
I will always be sure to empty as much valuables as I can every chance I get (I have to think about my alts too).

I could go on with my "wonderful" characteristics, but if you're reading this I think you got the gist of it.

If you have had the unfortunate privilege to be in a raid with me or be in a guild with me, I am sure one or more of these aspects have been apparent to you.

However, if your group can handle/want something this annoying, give me a whisper or something in game. I will more than likely not read anything here until weeks after one would post something here. Or maybe I just read it and never respond. I do that on a lot of Malygos Forums. Trolling is allowed on my Malygos Forum Posts. I'm sure a "no trolling allowed" subtitle would prevent it from happening.

Note: I more than likely will not accept any offers until I raid with the potential group at least once and even then, I still probably will procrastinate to accept if it seemed like a suitable fit between everyone (I held off four months of persuasion from someone before going to the current guild). I am obviously looking for a raiding group at the start of MoP, so my ideal procrastination will not happen. However, I tend to be "that guy."
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90 Draenei Mage
That post is a lot longer than I initially thought.
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100 Worgen Hunter
My kind of mage.
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100 Draenei Death Knight
Hey you may have some fun with the guys from Obscenity.
They finally decided to create a guild though I'm less than thrilled with the name. I would have preferred Frank n Friends or Wait for nerfs or Win by Attrition.

Fun group with a good group of guys. Still manages to clear Heroic DS 346 times a week and somehow not exhausted. Dat attrition... too strong. Plus you can listen to a few old guys hit on Corm as she sounds gorgeous as always. She doesn't do anal but not everyone is perfect. Can get a teeny bit awkward but hilarious nonetheless.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Cumi, it makes me a little sad to see one of the better mages I have played with stuck looking for a raid. You should post on the recruit forums and just say you want your transfer paid for. There are a ton guilds doing that and the fact that your level 90 should help with that. I might downplay all those amazing traits you bring to a raid though.
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