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4 Gnome Mage
I just wanted to voice my disatifaction, I am very disapointed with the new battle system and abilities especially those of the warlock. There isn't enough offensive spells in the destruction class to fill the ten hotkeys. Where is soulfire or my extra imp, why make a class if your just gonna hose it? I will never play wow again, not even if you payed me. You have lost whatever it was that you had. I have been a fan of Blizzard since Diablo, but you never hosed any of those characters. It's more than tiring trying to figure out a whole new system everytime you have an expansion come out. If I wanted a new game I would have bought one. Why must you torture my toons? Why do you keep removing abilities? If you want any hope of keeping me as a subscriber then answer.
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100 Troll Mage
I just wanted to voice my diesafaticion. Son I am disapoint with the new battle sistim and abeleties especillu those of the worlock. There isnt enuf defensive spells in the arcane class to fill the 40 hotbar buttins that i click. Where is my guardin angle, why make a class if you just hose yourselves down with cool water after working in the yard all day. I will nev. pal wow again, not even if i payed you and got a slight discount. thou hath lost whatever it was i had. I have been a fan of blizzard since rock 'n roll racing on the snes, but you never hosed down with cool water after playing that game, even tho Snake Sanders was so op, nerf nao, too stronk. Its more than tiring tring to fling out a hole new system evertim you have an exp. come out for Blackthorne. The play control is just god awful and it's too hard. GIF GOLDS. If I wanted a new spur nitendo game I would've bought madden 97 from goodwill for $5 even though it's probably worth about 3 cents. Why must you tortrue my chars? Why dost thou keep inhibiting the amount of troops I can select, 9 is not enough unless they are all dragons then you just gotta make sure you aren't hitting your own guyz wit the blasts. If you want of any keeping hope of me to long for one then palz gif golds. TY
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100 Draenei Shaman
You should try being the healer in a BG against a warlock, mage or even a shadow priest (sometimes all of the above), 8 second CD for a cleanse, before you can cleanse yourself again, you're already dotted to death. Most of the time (for me anyway) the cleanse is on CD because of cleansing someone else. Yep, that seems completely fair.

Casters are the last classes that should be QQing.
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100 Human Priest
Can I have your stuff?
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90 Human Warlock
It's true that it sucks that they removed majority of the spells. Dominos now only has a couple of bars showing where beforehand it was completely full. Dark Soul: [Insert Spell Here] had a lot of potential and they should have gone with it further by adding more abilities.

However, I think your gear sucks. No warlock in the right mind would be complaining about Destruction as I'm sure you would have one-shot a handful of people by now.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
If I were a 'blue' this is how I'd answer this thread:

"It is our job to continue to efficiently network interdependent materials as well as continually utilize value-added data to meet our customer's needs."


"Our job is to continue to conveniently pursue economically sound deliverables as well as endeavor to interactively leverage existing parallel paradigms to set us apart from the competition."
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100 Tauren Paladin
I quit back in December because the game was no longer fun. I got a copy of Mists of Pandaria on Thursday and I can say with full confidence that they have made this game fun again. There are so many things to do. Yes they have made some changes to each class, but it may be for the better. It's still too early for me to voice on the class changes, but as far as I can see, the things they have taken out have been replaced with things that are better.

But seriously, you couldn't post this on your main in fear of what? That someone would bad mouth you because you don't like certain changes?
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