PSSSH alliance pvp in TB

90 Worgen Death Knight
Sorry but it is funny yall even taking me serious tho I should warn you, your hacking was a topic in trade today lol, saw your post figured would have some fun.

IN all honesty I think I have gone against Zerg once in Tol Barrad late at night within the last week and it was a 5v5 or something to that effect. People were !@#$%ing about how they use to be alliance and talking general ^-*!, to which they must cheat since they are kicking our asses etc etc etc. Simple fact was focus firing and actual team work kicks the asses of people unorganized lol.

Sorry tho was bored and figured I could troll a few of yall, see you in Tol Barrad tonight.
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90 Human Paladin
wow, my head hurts, this is why i dont pvp...

oh, and skeet, you're a jerk, you cycloned me, it was windy, and you should be ashamed
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90 Pandaren Priest
What the !@#$ did I just read?
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100 Human Warrior
K just won the last four matchs...had it all morning....bored now....Baje you can have it back.

PS. Sorry if its all sticky I couldnt find any tissue to wipe it off after I had my way with it.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Just came home from a long hard day of work....whew. Let you guys have a little enjoyment because it's sunday morning....the guys gotta watch the game, gotta deal with the kids and cook sunday lunch.
But as the night comes, the time of peace is now over....... Tb is gonna be a bloody with alliance tonight. I can promise you that!
PS. Can't talk smack if we're not there....but we gonna be there tonight.....let's see if you can say those words again!
Edited by Baje on 9/23/2012 4:22 PM PDT
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100 Gnome Warrior
Baje is a Horde now?! And a blood elf on top of that??

You're dead to me now.

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90 Night Elf Rogue
All of Zerg's main team is horde now
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90 Orc Hunter
noooo gonna miss tb
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