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I'd expect it to be a non-issue for a large majority of people.

Both as a GM of a big guild with several raid teams and several female officers who sometime raid lead and as a guy who PuGs into other people's groups I have a list of criteria to decide of this person should be raid leading for me.

For example fair when using masterlooter, good organizational skills and vocal on voice chat all matter to me. I never even considered male or female as a factor when deciding if a person is or will do a good job raid leading.

So do a good job and don't worry about it. Good Luck.
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I'm female and I've been the guild leader of my guild for 4.5 years.

Gender really has nothing to do with your ability to lead. Charisma, command, fairness, being unbiased, not playing favorites, and following through with what you say have everything to do with being a good leader; your reproductive organ placement, not so much.

That's not to say that I haven't seen my fair share of people who assume that because I'm female I would make a terrible leader, but my guild has been around for 5.5 years, 4.5 of that under my leadership. I also lead raids for one of our 2 raid groups, and have never once had an issue with that simply because of my gender. But I think that has more to do with the fact that I've been raiding with the same people for over 4 years.

As Wildor said, it's likely a non-issue.
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It will only be an issue if you make it one
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90 Tauren Warrior
Can you lead?
Do you want to?
Do you have the time to?
Should you randomly send gold to Rvalue? (The answer is yes, btw).

Those are really the only questions that matter.
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I think its more about confidence. Leaders have specific leadership qualities that either you show through your actions, voice and overall presence or you don't. People can usually iniately pick up on the qualities of a good leader. I'd say on almost an instinctual or subconscious level. If you give off the presence of a leader, people will naturally follow you.

A terrible but decent example of this is Dog training. There's some great shows, books and videos on the subject including Dog Whisperer. I'd recommend watching a few episode online if you can and you'll notice pretty quickly that you can get a really misbehaving dog to being to follow your command if you just 'act' like a leader and send clearer signals.

I think the same on some basic levels applies to all mammals, group species, etc. Yes, were not dogs but we do at times act like it -- IE Mob mentaility.
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The gender doesn't matter unless you have a bunch of really immature folks, in which case your raid team is starting out in trouble anyway.

I used to raid frequently, and about half of the leaders I've raided with have been female. I've led raids myself, and I'm female, though I'm more comfortable as healing lead - raid leading isn't my strongest suit. I tend to be second in command guildwise and raidwise, but that's not a gender thing, it's a personality thing.

Never seen any disrespect due to gender - some arguments, some strat disagreements, sure - but they had nothing to do with the RL being female, just on how well the team comp was suited to the proposed strat.

If you're a strong leader, and know what your weaknesses are to delegate those duties, go for it - you'll be fine. Just don't try to be superwoman and do everything and burn yourself out - that goes for guys and girls!
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A female friend of mine, someone I have been running around azeroth for about 3 years now, has proven her ability to lead. When both of us were in separate guilds on our old server, she would lead For the Horde runs. Her tactics were very clear, and the way she handled herself on vent and the way she presented herself made for a guaranteed 4 city boss kills every time we ran. If she wanted silence on vent, she got it, either by asking or muting people. When explaining the tactics, she made sure everyone was listening. She was comfortable with leading. Are you?

If you are comfortable with leading.... then lead! If you are going to lead a raid group, do what every other raid leader out there does. Set up loot rules, attendance rules, and being the GM, set up guild rules. Follow through and enforce them just as any other leader would. If you are serious about it, then people will take you seriously as a leader and not think jokingly due to you being female.

I also agree with something Bahnshee said. Delegate. Don't do everything yourself. If you are the raid leader, let another officer handle recruiting... just tell them what classes you need, that way you can focus on learning boss strats for the next new boss. I would also pick ONE person to be an assistant raid leader, for two reasons. One, being a raid leader myself, you can't catch everything in a fight. It's impossible. No matter how you have your camera angled or how you have your raid frames set up, there's always something you'll miss. A second pair of eyes is a good thing. The second reason being, there are always days when someone can't be around, and you'll need someone trustworthy to make a raid happen when you aren't around.

Lastly, a lot of this how you present yourself as a leader also dependent on your goals for MoP. If you are just going to be aiming for clearing normals before the next patch, then you don't need to be as strict as you would if you were trying to clear heroic mode content as fast as you possibly can. Think of that goal for MoP. Discuss it with your raiders, and make it very clear what the goal is. Do what you have to, to make that goal happen. If you achieve that goal while following a lot of the above advice, even people who could be considered "immature" will notice you are a good leader.
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14 Troll Priest
I have to mirror most of what everyone has said- and bring up Subrosian's post.

All of our guild issues have been from players under 25*- I even would go so far as to say that 90% of that was caused by players under 21/22. (We also have some GREAT GREAT people in the 16-21 range).

Some of the problems were #1- Having no knowledge on how to talk to a female at all- one basically came into the guild and hit on everything with woman bits.
#2- Just not having a lick of respect for women at all? (Where are their momma's!?)
#3- Feeling like because there are men their they "look up to" they don't have to listen to the woman/women. (Despite the fact that the men are listening- though sometimes putting advice also- it's helpful sometimes, as we do see things differently).

There really shouldn't be any issue- however, again if you're "accepted" or whatever as "one of the guys" they will feel more free to say what they want. And sometimes guys say the stupidest crap. It's not harassment, it's just "Hey guys gtg *naughty word* the wife real fast before raid, back in 20mins* then everyone else responding with "Ha! See you in 3" or something like that.
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I've been GM of my guild for quite some time (I am female) always been pretty casual with the exception of my main being in another guild so that I can raid.

Been raiding for a long time and have sort of been 2nd in charge kinda thing with my current raiding guild, but I'm at the point where I want to try and lead my own team and do well.. but the problem is.. who listens to a female trying to be the RL? May sound very s%xist but, it's true right? My previous guilds have been guy leaders and that's fine.. but how do I get a good solid team behind me that is willing to listen to me?

Just wondering if anyone else has been in the same sort of situation :) *will take all criticism as I know it's expected with this kind of post lol*


The only people who will have a problem with it are players who are so terrible anyway that you don't want them in the raid to begin with.
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The RL for the guild I've been with for years is female, and she is a great leader.

Being a Guild/Raid leader is no different than being a leader in any other situation: make your goals clear, tell each person what is expected, and provide criticism when needed. And don't forget, delegate as needed.
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14 Human Mage
My GL is female and out of the 4 raid groups in our guild, 3 are led by women (I'm one of them). I've pretty much always been in guilds run by a woman, or with a female RL, so this is pretty usual for me. This could very well be atypical.

Raid team I was in Wrath had 8/10 raiders were female and when we had to PUG, people were always shocked. Right now my current team is 6/11 female (I run a slightly larger roster)--both tanks, 2 healers, 2 dps.

I also lead server wide FTA runs that are fun and pretty popular. Best piece of advise to any RL is just be very organized, fair, and to keep the eye on the clock and stuff moving.
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90 Worgen Druid
It shouldn't be a problem unless you're recruiting a large number of under-21 players. The younger crowd WILL be a problem, the older crowd is used to working in an office environment which typically has female leadership (the majority of college graduates and new managers are female, at least in the US).

I have had almost the exact opposite experience. The only times I have gotten sh*t about my gender as a leader was back in BC when I was the only female officer in a group of 30ish male Army players. Honestly I think it how you conduct yourself and the mentality of the group.

Currently I am the GM of my guild and I raid lead when needed. No one in my guild has ever been sexist about it, and no app has ever questioned it. Only time I have seen it mentioned is in the comment's of our Holy Pally's live stream because I also happen to tank.
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09/14/2012 11:51 PMPosted by Ssinfull
It will only be an issue if you make it one


Have a female leader currently and have had male and female leaders in the past. Have seen no difference. If anyone within your raid disrespects you because of your gender, kick them out.

In raiding I had no problems with older men acting a fuss about be being female (trying to hit on me etc) than younger players. Age doesn't matter, at all.
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Don't do it. I was always in higher end raiding guilds - then I decided to make my own. Biggest mistake in the entire time I've played this game. It made it very very unfun. I'm happy to be just a raider again and I look forward to having lots of fun in MOP.
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14 Troll Priest
There's a reason I'm not the RL (too much to do with the other guild stuff!)

However- if I were to say "you know guys, if you hit that dang button, we'd stop dying" and I was right, they may give me a friendly "we know dang it!" Or "what button?" giving me heck over it. (I'm using forum friendly language if you can't tell) LOL

If they flamed me seriously over it I'd put my tall boots on show them they need to show a little respect and listen to other's opinions (or in some cases facts).

I don't really have that issue now... we weeded out most of the ones that have listening issues. We still relieve stress and find ways to laugh at ourselves (we'll troll the person for a good 3 days that we know stood in fire... or the guy that used charge or something and charged off the platform on Deathwing).
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90 Goblin Rogue
I am in a guild now where the GM is MT and sometimes is Raid Leader and is female.
My old guild had a female GM and she sometimes raid lead.
Never has been an issue.
They were both competant and confident in their leadership and playing their toon.
Course the raid teams were both mature and somewhat older than the norm.
You have to be confident and secure in your abilities to Raid Lead.
If you are, then the respect will follow.
If you have a bunch of immature yahoos, then you need to sit them.
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