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90 Orc Warrior
(Do not use people character names as this may be seen as impeding their gameplay) Dudi calling into question the decline of humor in horde players. Since end of wrath me notice more and more players lacking sense of humor or being more jerky to people making jokes. If trend keep happening Bladefist may be full of jerky people who no laugh. me remember near end of BC, Dudi or other trade peoples make joke and people laugh. at the end of wrath Dudi saw more people who no laugh at jokes but instead yell and say angry things, as if jokes cause them pain. these same people then say stuff of very mean or inappropriate nature. Dudi want know you thoughts on this matter, ways you think we can bring back positivity to trades or reasons for hope in turning this around.
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85 Night Elf Priest
I realize this is a trying time for you dudi, but you must consider the fact that many ppl have stopped playing until MoP comes out and

that WoW isnt as fun as it was. Hopefully MoP will change that.

Lastly, pvp turns ppl into jerks. A prime example would be me.

I used to be a funnyman in trade... now look at me...

reduced to making fun of ppl on the forums...
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90 Dwarf Paladin
I've noticed this too, its hard to be respectable when you have so many monkeys flinging poo at you. Try running a good person guild that doesnt like the elitist jerks and ragers, the cynics and the pessimists. Sometimes avoiding drama means making sacrifices, and hopefully with MoP more people will come back to the game and balance things out. I had to take a leave of absence just to retain my sanity, and hope to soon prove that you can be good at this game while being a good person.
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90 Tauren Druid
I like grapes.

That is all.
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