Returning: Is Aggy worth coming back too

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Greetings fellow Aggramarians, deviants, casuals, what have you...

Name is Kremlen, but most people, particularly on this server, know me as Veeno/Vavaboom/Osalamibacon...

Aggramar has always been my home, but due to RL constraints over the last few years, I have slowly faded away in the WoWverse. However, with MoP, I plan on making a return. Thought I'd post over here and see if Aggy is worth coming back too, particularly with the new player realm status...etc.

It's nice to see that <Expiation> is still around. Raided with them when they first started, among a few other guilds over here. Just thought I'd drop by and see how things had turned up/down/around/inside out in my 2 almost 3 years of leave.

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Kremlen, a realm is only what you make of it. In an overpopulated realm some might argue there isn’t enough space… a 10 man raid can only hold 10 men. Similarly, in a slower, more quiet realm some might argue it is dead. Which one of these two is Aggramar-Horde? It would have to be the slower, more quiet realm. Don’t let this fool you. There are a lot of great guilds doing a lot of great things! And with the coming turn of events, particularly the launch of MoP, I hope to see a population increase.

So, to answer your questions: Is Aggramar worth coming back to? I would say, Yes! A realm is only as good as you make it. And with all the great guilds and great players in Aggramr there is lots of space for your return.

Hope to see you around town!
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anddddd that's why he is a guild mentor and the rest of us aren't lol
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Aggramar is not that bad, I LOVE IT HERE!!!!! Then again, I only play on love of loves!!!!! It is what you make of it, there are MANY good players here. A TON of knowledge and old timers as well. All ya gotta do is ask around.
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Been on Aggy since I first played in BC. Always been enjoyable and there is a place for everybody here. Except people who selling items on the AH for 800-1000g because it looks good when transmogged. They can leave.
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