[H][25 Man] Thunder Billies is Recruiting!

90 Pandaren Mage
Thunder Billies is recruiting! We are a 10m guild that is switching to 25m for Pandaland, and we currently need Healers/DPS to fill out our roster. We are 8/8H DS as of 4/29/12.

Specific Classes We Are Looking for:
Priests (Any Spec)
Warriors (DPS)
Paladins (Any Spec)
Death Knights (Any Spec)
DPS/Heal Monks

If you don't fit into one of those feel free to apply.

Our Application forum can be found http://thunderbillies.org/viewforum.php?f=4

If you have any questions please Direct them to one of our officers. One of us is usually around in some form after 5 or 6 Server.

Schmeebs (Battletag Schmeebs#1804)

Or if none of them are available

Mota/Blackflag/Leela/Ohmfail Can pretend to be helpful until one of us shows up

Stuff you need to know:

We like downing bosses and getting our pixel crack, not wiping for the 1000th time to the same dumb thing - we care about progression and expect you to know your class. If you're not willing to put some effort into gearing up and being prepared to raid, we're not interested. Its not hard to learn enough to be an asset.

Raid times are Tuesday @ 7pm, Sunday @6:30pm server (MST).

We don't have mandatory raid attendance - we all have lives outside WoW (except Schmeebs) and assume you do too. However our raiders do make the majority of our raids and take the 60 seconds to post on the guild forums when they won't be on so 24 people aren't sitting around wondering "where the hell is Mota?" We do expect if you join to raid that you are around for most raids. 2 Days a week isn't a lot to ask and if you can't at least commit to that a good amount of the time, its probably best not to apply.

Loot Policy:

We call it our 'Don't be an !@#' system, Its a Mix of Loot Council and just /rolls. Everyone has a chance for loot and we like to let the people interested in the item decide between themselves, if they can't the officers will step in and either make a decision, or have people roll off. Over the course of the guild Loot drama has been few and far between, and always been directly related to trinkets for melee dps.

A little more about the guild:

The Guild has been around since Vanilla and raided independently since TBC. We raidied 25 man until Cata where a combination of peoples leaving the game and other stresses caused us to go down to 10 man.

We Have had most of the same raiding core for all of Cata and many of our core raiders have been with the guild since the start of Wrath of the Lich king or Early TBC

Many members of the guild come from varying degrees of 'Hardcore' raiding. We know what we are doing.

We Also PVP, screw around and get drunk doing random crap, and many other things. The guild is active outside of raids so if you like the social aspects of a guild, we have plenty of that.

Thank you for reading.
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90 Pandaren Mage
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Moar bumps
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90 Pandaren Monk
You guys are meanies. Killed me for killing you first. That's just rude.
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