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Hi, I recently have gotten back into WoW for MoP. I'm looking for a guild to raid with. I know im not gemmed/enchanted/socketed now, but I'm planning on it in MoP. I have arms/fury warrior, Shadow/disc priest, BM hunter, and Frost DK 85's that I can level/raid with in MoP will be happy to fill any of the roles my toons can fill. My raiding times would have to be later in the day and not Thursday/Friday for a little bit. Thanks!
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I second your notion Jawz...looking for a guild for MoP. Want to just play, raiding and everything on specific nights is second to just having a guild that plays. I.E. I just want to play with the people instead of the random LFG/LFR

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Hi guys! Luck of the Irish would love to have both of you as guildies, unfortunately only one of you is horde and we are a horde guild : ) we are trying hard to get a group together for raiding for MoP. We have 6 confirmed raiders so far. We are also looking for someone with raid leading experience. I'm pretty sure we will be doing Saturday or Sunday evening raids. If you'd like to join you can pst me, if I'm not online at that time, you can do /who luck of the irish and anyone online would be happy to send an invite.
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The Clique is a friendly, casual raiding guild on the Norgannon server. A lot of our core members know one another IRL, and we offer a stable, friendly environment to new raiders or seasoned raiders that want a break from hardcore environments.
We raid 11:30pm to 2:30am server time (EST) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday and loot is distributed via the epgp system. Our guild boasts quite a few west coast members and night owls, so if you are a fellow insomniac you will have a happy home here.
On the casual side of our guild, we have a lot of members who enjoy running old content for achievements, rep, mounts, etc. We have at least 4 members of our guild with the "Over 9000" achievement, and many of us have alts that we like to play from time to time and occasionally run alt raids with. We also have many members that focus more on real life than on the game and sign on mostly to raid because that is the most fun for them.In general, we are a group of people that play wow because we enjoy the people we play with and we have a lot of fun together raiding or otherwise. If this sounds like a good fit for what you are looking to do, I highly recommend sending in an application as we would love to get to know you!
If you are interested in joining us please fill out an application at http://the-clique.guildportal.com (note no www) and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in game. My battle tag is Hadorya#1497 or speak with one of our officers.
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