Hello everyone this is zephyr a 85 worgen balance druid on the server whisperwind on the alliance side. I have a 407ilvl with 8/8h exp in ds. I aswell have a resto os that if im needed to use it will be just that an os. I also have alot of alts in order(I will not list names):

85 worgen hunter bm/surv
85 worgen priest disc/holy
85 night elf dk blood/frost
85 gnome mage fire/frost
85 gnome rogue combat/sub
85 human warlock affliction/demo
72 gnome warrior prot/fury
66 Human paladin holy/ret
Soon to start leveling: pandaren monk and shaman(resto/ele).

I am looking for a great guild to take me in for MoP raiding I expect to be on the main team unless you are a top 10 guild that is building a team 2. You may contact me in game through real id (ddarosa@bell.net) or contact me here

thx for reading :D