(RP Story) Dayn - The White Orb

90 Human Paladin
Dayn sat cross-legged in the tent to which he had been assigned in Northrend. Valgarde was an Alliance military encampment, one of two beachheads established in Northrend with regular shipping between the Alliance in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Dayn's duties and assignments varied from day to day, but they always ended the same, whether in Valgarde or encamped in the field; after Dayn made his evening meal, he would retreat inside his assigned tent (or his field tent and bedroll), and take the orb he had been given by Master Niklos.

At his establishment in Shattrach City, Mater Niklos had presented Dayn with a white orb, claiming it to be the soul of a kaldorei, which Niklos had, much to Dayn and Echoe's horror, enveloped in Shadow energy. Niklos had handed the orb - that Dayn referred to as his "kaldorei pearl"- to Dayn, and commanded him to cleanse the orb and release the soul therein.

Dayn had taken the orb, betraying no outward sign of how disturbed he was that Master Niklos had captured a kaldorei soul. Priests of the Light, undead or not, should not capture the souls of anyone except in extreme circumstances, and Dayn knew of no extenuating circumstances. However, extenuating circumstances or not, his task was certain - it was his task to cleanse the orb of the Shadows.

In Master Niklos' and Echoe's presence, Dayn had tried first to focus the light into a needle-sharp point, and attempted to penetrate the outer darkness now invading the soul, to use the Light's power to reinforce the soul within, and allow the Light to push the shadow energy from within.

Dayn's attempt had failed.

So too had his second attempt failed. His second attempt had been to draw the Shadow energies into his own being, freeing the soul from its contamination; this would, of course, present the secondary problem of purging the Shadow from himself, but that was problematic; as a paladin esquire, Dayn was used to putting himself at risk to protect and succor others. The Shadow energy had just begun to trickle into Dayn when Niklos had broken his concentration by the expedient method of sitting on him. What little Dayn had experienced had been a staggering amount of pain, and yet... when it left, he had keenly felt its lack. Was that the same feeling that the users of Fel magics experienced? The dark pain so intense it was almost pleasure, and the ache when it was gone?

His third attempt had been to cup the orb in his hands, and summon the Light, channeling its power to burn the Shadow energy away. He had poured everything he had into the effort, focusing and concentrating like never before... until he had tapped into his own soul to feed the attempt, and passed out.
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90 Human Paladin
He awoke to the sound of Echoe's healing hymn, and almost immediately conscious of his failure. Inside, he raged at himself; the scion of Darkness' scourge, the Tarnished Knight, the oh-so-bloody famous (or perhaps, infamous) Griffonclaw FitzSilver, had passed out like a child, unused to the sight of blood. He was furious at himself for not being strong enough, not having enough faith or power to erase the Shadow's infiltration of the kaldorei soul.

If the soul of the kaldorei was experiencing even a small portion of the pain Dayn had felt trying to draw the Shadows like a poison into himself, it was in a never-ceasing torment; Dayn had not been strong enough to heal the Shadows. To Dayn it seemed that the Shadow was corrupting the soul from the inside out, the constant pain designed to beat down the Light and virtue of the soul into surrender.

Master Niklos had sent Dayn on to his duties, with the order that Dayn only make one attempt per day.

And so it had been, developing into a cycle. Whatever Dayn's duties during the day, after the evening meal he made another attempt, gathering his will and hope and faith, pulling the Light and channeling it into the corrupted orb. He would see the deep, ebony black lessen a trifle, and such show of progress gave him new strength, but each evening ended the same; abject failure and unconsciousness, as he reached his strength's limit. Each morning he awoke more tired than refreshed, abjectly aware that the kaldorei soul contained in the orb remained in torment because Dayn was lacking.

Once more he made the assay, a growing doubt in himself nurtured a little more with each failure. He could not tell if he was making headway or not; in the morning, the orb resumed its onyx hue. His dreams were of being held by force by voidwalkers as faceless warlocks tormented a kaldorei victim. Each night, the victim's face changed; one night it resembled his father's old friend Telamir, other times it seemed to be one of Commander Charam Ashtalon's attendants. Once it had been his old crush Valira being tormented, and another night his only real human friend, Echoe.

Each morning found him on his knees, a candle lit, praying to the Light for strength, and praying to the kaldorei soul who suffered for his weakness for forgiveness.
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