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100 Blood Elf Hunter
The sun was beating down hard on the elf as she walked briskly through Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar before entering the Drag with a lynx pet near her side and flyers in her right hand. Coriani didn’t want to stay in this part of the city too long; from what rumors she had heard, the warchief didn’t like non-orcs to loiter in the Drag for long periods of time. Last thing the elf wanted to do was to find out if said rumors were true so she kept her brisk pace while walking up the stairs to the upper path that went to the Valley of Wisdom, hoping not to trip and fall.

Naturally, she tripped and fell to the ground with a small yelp after passing a shop a bit later; the flyers she had been carrying in her right hand flying down to the ground below the high path. If there was one thing the blood elf was known for back when she was briefly a farstrider many years ago before being kicked out, it was her clumsiness. It was common for her to trip and injure herself in some way; lately the falls she had taken luckily hadn’t produced any serious injury that required a healer.

Luckily Cori hadn’t fallen to the ground below the high path; otherwise she would have needed a healer to deal with those types of injuries. Other than her right wrist being sore, the elf didn’t note anything else hurting while she got up and dusted her blue armor off. Part of her long red hair had fallen out of the elaborate pony-tail it was in but she could fix that later once she was out of this area of Orgrimmar.

She was about to pick up the flyers and get going again when she realized they were missing. Where had they scattered off to? After a quick glance down to the ground below the path, the elf spotted several parchments-type papers located in and around the pond near the entrance to the Cleft… great, she had better go pick them up quickly before one of the grunts investigated it and give her a possible ticket. She cursed silently and shook her head.

After her lynx pet, TigerCat nudged at her, the elf quickly started walking back towards the stairs; hoping the rumor about non-orcs weren’t true. She had briefly thought about jumping down with a parachute but Cori didn’t want to risk further injure for these flyers. What type of information was on the parchment papers?

Well, the flyers weren’t for advertising her business of ammo production; it was for a missing person, child to be more exact. One she has had trouble tracking down. Why was she the one who had to post the flyers and not someone else? These parchments papers were starting to cause her problems. There was an answer to that...


A few weeks earlier, Coriani had returned to Silvermoon city for a few reasons. One reason was to check on the pets she kept in the stables of the city, another reason was to check on her place she had inside the city (Coriani’s other place was in Eversong Woods.) and make sure nothing had been stolen inside of it. She also had decided to come and finish a big shipment of arrows that the Farstriders ordered.

After leaving the Sunfury Spire and walking through the Court of the Sun, Coriani had thought about going to her house which was located between The Bazaar and the Walk of the Elders but decided against after looking at the streets of Murder Row. While she could go through that area of Silvermoon to her house, it was the one place that scared her due to the types of persons that hanged out in Murder Row. She had gone to Farstriders Square to see her pets instead.

Coriani didn’t have many pets for a beastmaster type huntress. She knew of some beastmasters that had over twenty pets while she only had four pets. Her most experience pet was TigerCat, a Springpaw lynx she had raised since he was young cub. The pet that gave her the most trouble was Stinger, a male silithid that she had tamed while being smashed drunk a few years ago in Silithus. Another pet was a female fox that was on the skittish side and her most recent pet was spirit beast crawler she had found during a trip to Vashj’ir. She had plans to tame more pets when she had the spare time.

After Coriani had visited with her stabled pets and paid the stable master gold to cover damages her pets had done while she had been away (It wasn’t uncommon for Stinger to attempt to damage the stables whenever she was gone and for the fox to bite ankles.), the elf left and decided to go to her place with TigerCat trailing slightly behind.

The elf had been thinking about Silvermoon while walking to her place. If there was one thing Coriani liked about Silvermoon, it was the colors of the building. Reds and gold were much more appealing to the eyes than the dark iron of Orgrimmar. She generally didn’t stay in Undercity for any long periods of time to note the colors due to the extreme stench.

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100 Blood Elf Hunter

The huntress briefly sighed as she had reached the small stairway outside of her house some time later. So far it didn’t look like anyone had been near her place since she had left a few months earlier which made her sigh in relief. However, that changed quickly when the door creep open on its own while she had started to look for keys. That alarmed Coriani; she specifically remembered locking down the place before leaving. Someone had to broken into her house.

She had entered her place while grapping the crossbow off her back and having in hand just in case intruders were still inside. Her house wasn’t brightly colored like the streets of Silvermoon. The walls were light gray while the floor was a grayish blue color. There were plans to paint the walls either red or bright blue but that was something to do when the huntress had spare time. Spare time was something she didn’t have a lot of.

Coriani was still trying to figure out what had or if anything had been stolen as she had walked though her house. Something still seemed off. The pictures she had of various family members were still on the walls, the anvil and small forge were still in the small room closest to her room along with several bars of pyrite. She had counted them to make sure none had been stolen. The furniture was... wait, no furniture? That what she hadn’t seen! The small table near the cookstove was gone, along with several chairs that had been around it. Even her plushy bed was gone.

She had shaken her head in disbelief. When had her furniture gone missing? Better yet, who or what had stolen it? Why would someone steal just old furniture and not any of the pyrite bars or the small forge? Wouldn’t that be more valuable? Coriani didn’t know if she could track down who had been seen near her house. Guard patrols didn’t go near her house that often.

Well, thankfully whoever had been in her house hadn’t stolen her any cookware. Coriani could still cook and she could live without furniture if need be. She wasn’t sure if she was going to have time to track down or buy new furniture with the large arrow order. The blood elf carried a few sleeping mats with her at all times; one for herself and her pet, TigerCat.

Later that night after finishing part of the arrow order, Coriani had cooked root vegetables for herself while she had given her TigerCat fish. After she finished her food, the elf started to feel a bit lightheaded. It wasn’t from the lack of food, rather the lack of Bloodthistle. Yes, Cori was addicted to the herb; then again she was addicted to any herb that had magical properties in them. Bloodthistle was the easiest for her to obtain.

After finding the Bloodthistle in her packs, she had chewed on a few petals of it before rolling out the mats for her and the lynx. Cori was tired from not being able to sleep much the night before due to nightmares and hoped being back in her place would make her be able to rest peacefully without being woken up. She could have stayed awake and worked on arrows but decided slumber was better. It didn’t take her long to fall into a deep sleep.

Unfortunately, the blood elf’s sleep wasn’t peaceful. She had dreams, terrifying dreams of when she had been captured and tortured by a murderous Sin’dorei rogue named Oristanne a few years earlier. There had been a killing spree going on in Silvermoon and the wilderness of Eversong Woods. Coriani had foolishly decided to venture out without her pets, thinking the person responsible for the murders wouldn’t imprison her. Needless to say, she was an easy target with her only weapon being a broken bow and was captured.

Her current dream of the time had been of when her torturer had been questioning her for information about a Blood Elf named “Lor’eth”. Coriani at the time knew of at least five different Sin’dorei with that name. She remembered telling him of something of the effect of which one did he want as she had known several with the name “Lor’eth” at the time, shortly before Oristanne had injured her hand with a fire poker.

Coriani had then woken up, a few hours after falling asleep, shaking as she started to catch up on her breath. Her thought had drifted back towards her dreams. She endured other tortures during that captivity before passing out and then waking severely injured outside of Silvermoon. If it hadn’t been for Rrazz, a draenei priest and Waraila, a tauren druid who had healed her injuries, Cori was certain she wouldn’t have survived. The elf still didn’t know how she had gotten away from the murderous rogue; Cori had been affected by a poison that wiped some of her memories during that time but was thankful she did.

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100 Blood Elf Hunter

Still, the blood elf was annoyed she was still getting nightmares a few years later after the ordeal. It didn’t help that Oristanne had abducted twice since the first incident. A few months after her first ordeal, he had captured when she had gone to Tanaris to look for a rarely seen bird. Luckily, there had been an orc battalion in the area who had given chase and freed her after he had killed a few of their soldiers.

The fel rogue had then decided to vanish and Coriani had hoped he had died when the Cataclysm happened. That wasn’t the case though as she managed to get detained again by the rogue and two warlocks friends of his when she had ventured too close to his hideout (without her pet) a few months after the Cataclysm. The rogue had poisoned her with a rather nasty wound poison and then knocked her out. She had woken up some time later and escaped once she realized the rogue and his friends were gone.

Oristanne has since disappeared and Coriani was glad for that. Since the first ordeal with him, she had a fear of rogues and wasn't too comfortable around them. However, she wished her nightmares would go away. The blood elf didn’t know how to get rid of them. Maybe confronting the rogue would help- if he was still alive and started to cause trouble. She was a huntress and could track him down but wasn’t sure if she could beat him up though.

Her pointed ears had twitched as she heard a noise. Something… no, it wasn’t one of the stray cats that occasionally sneaked into her place. Someone was inside her house. Was it that fel rogue, Oristanne or the intruder that had stolen her furniture? Coriani instantly grabbed her crossbow that was close by and held onto it. She had then light off one of flares in her house as the footsteps got closer. She about screamed as elderly Sin'dorei with long, white hair appeared out of the shadows suddenly.

“Lor’eth… what are you doing here?” She got on her feet and pointed her crossbow at the figure who was lighting a lantern.

“Whoa, Cori, you don’t need to be afraid of me. You know I wouldn’t hurt you. Did you just wake up from a nightmare? It might explain things…”

Coriani’s body shook as she had kept her crossbow pointed. Lor’eth Dawnshadow was a retired Sin’dorei rogue and an old friend of her father’s. He also was old… very old; old enough to be considered venerable. She wasn’t sure on his exact age but knew he was at least four hundred years old. The huntress didn’t have to be afraid of him (she could easily defend herself against him; the old rogue reflexes had gotten slow) but she was at the moment. “Does it matter if I had a dream or not? How did you break inside? I’m guessing it’s with those thieving tools I’ve seen you carry around…”

“I didn’t break into your house, Cori. I merely let myself in. You left the door unlocked.” Lor’eth said, chuckling.

Wait, she had left the door to her place unlocked? The elf then remembered entering her house without locking the door behind her. She grunted, not the smartest thing to do, especially when you’re attempting to prevent intruders from entering a place. She should have checked the door to make sure it was locked before she had gone to sleep. If there was one thing Coriani didn’t like, it was being interrupted by unwelcomed guests.

“Hmm... didn’t you used to have to chair in that corner? And you have a mat on the floor…”

“My furniture was stolen while I’ve been gone and I assume you had something to do with it…”

“Calm down, Coriani and relax. You know I wouldn’t steal from you for a few reasons. One, you’re not a troll and two; I don’t want to break the blood oath I made with your father while he was still alive. Besides, I’ve just got back from being in Stranglethorn Vale for nearly two months. Farstrider Lor’eth was suppose to keep an eye on your place… you should be asking him what happened. Now, it obvious to me you had woken up from having another nightmare before I came inside. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll brew you some tea, with Bloodthistle in it.” Lor’eth said.

Coriani had sighed before deciding to sit down on her sleeping mat, fixing her pony-tail and keeping her crossbow nearby. She had heard rumors Lor’eth had made some sort of blood oath with her father many years ago but she had never been able to confirm if one was made or what it was about. Now that the elf had confirmed one had been made, she knew someone else was responsible for stealing her furniture if the old rogue considered himself under a blood oath to not steal anything from her or the rest of her family. Besides, he couldn’t have pilfered her furniture if he had been in Stranglethorn Vale for two months.

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100 Blood Elf Hunter

The tea had finished steeping minutes later and Cori took a sip of it after Lor’eth had brought a mug over to her. She usually chewed the pedals of Bloodthistle but occasionally she smoked or drank it like she was doing now. Coriani watched the old rogue winced while he had slowly sat down when she realized TigerCat was still stretched out on his mat, asleep. She sighed; luckily Lor’eth had no intention of hurting her.

“If I had been thinking, I’d bother you during the day but I’m here now while I can remember. I’m going to assume you having a nightmare of that one rogue, Oristanne.”

Coriani nodded, “What else would it be? Of course I have a nightmare of the fel wretched rogue. Particularly of he was torturing me…” She shuddered at the memory.

“I’m not surprised you still get nightmares of the bastard. Thankfully he didn’t kill you like the rest of his victims. It also doesn’t help that he’s captured you twice since. I’ve heard he has disappeared some time after the Cataclysm. Let’s hope someone has managed to deal with him... for good.” Lor’eth said.

“I heard that too and I’m hoping he stays that way. If I even hear of him coming back, I may have to track him down and possibly confront him.” Coriani rubbed her eyes.

“And you should, if you hear rumors of murders caused by any rogue that resemble him. However, confronting Oristanne by yourself wouldn’t be wise. You would need to hire mercenaries to deal with him… just like what you did a few months before the Lich King was killed when you hired that death knight to kill that traitorous cousin who joined the Cult of the Damned.”

The huntress looked at Lor’eth with a surprise look on her face. She hadn't told anyone about that, how did he know? She hired a death knight after she had tracked down her cousin, also named Lor’eth who had joined the Cult of the Damned and murdered innocents, including a venerable great aunt of his. “How did you know about that?”

“You told me; don’t you remember? Then again you had been drinking wine at the time.” Lor’eth said.

“I hope I didn't tell anyone else about it. Anyways, if Oristanne is still alive and he decides to have another murder spree like the one he commited a few ago, he’ll be dealt with in some way.” She muttered under her breath as she watched the old Sin’Dorei nod slowly at her.

Coriani finished her tea as she had noticed Lor’eth sigh slowly and wipe his forehead. Wait, why was he doing that? She decided to watch him for a several seconds and noticed something else seemed to be worrying him. Most likely the matter was serious. “Something seems to be bothering you. What is it?”

“You can say that… that’s another reason why I came here. Your cousin is missing.”

The huntress looked at him. Which cousin? Most of them had died when the scourge invaded Silvermoon. She had few cousins that were alive; however, they were still high elves and lived in Alliance territories along with her siblings. Coriani didn’t concern herself with them. Wait, her father’s younger brother who was a pirate had a child some years back but she was still young and not considered an adult yet. “Which one is missing? It better not be one of the high elf ones…”

“The only one that’s a blood elf and alive. I’m sure you remember young Failiani.” Lor’eth said with a concerned look on his face.

Cori remembered Failiani alright. She was the young cousin she had been thinking of a few seconds earlier. Fail was her nickname the huntress had called her. It had been some years since Cori had seen the young elf. Fail’s parents had died a few years after the Scourge invaded Silvermoon and she had been placed in the care of Coriani’s father, until he died five years ago. Her cousin had supposedly since been placed in care of her mother’s side of the family, how had Failiani gone missing then? “How long has she been missing? Who was taking care of her?”

“Failiani was in the care of her mother’s brother until he died. I’m not sure you’re aware but Failiani is a distant relative of mine and I got guardianship of her since the other two living relatives on her mother’s side of family are high elves. I can’t remember how long she has been missing but it’s been at least six months.”

The huntress shook her head. Lor’eth had been giving guardianship of her cousin? No wonder why she was missing, it wasn’t hard to sneak away from the old Sin’dorei. Wait, how long had Fail been missing? Six months... why had he waited this long to tell her, was the old rogue’s memory slipping or what? “Why did you wait this long to tell me that Fail has been missing, Lor'eth? I would have located her easily by now…”

“I thought I could find her. She’s been training as a rogue student for a few years now and has potential to be good.”

((continued below.))
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Wait, Failiani had been training as a rogue? It didn’t surprise Cori as both of her young cousins’ parents had been roguish types. However, based on the tone Lor’eth was using, Fail wasn't that good of a rogue, yet. Again that didn’t surprise the huntress; she hoped her cousin wasn’t an expert killer considering Fail was still a child and hadn’t reached adulthood. “Potential to be good?”

“Well, Failiani has a long ways to go in her training, Cori. She can sneak around somewhat and can fight with a sword and dagger against a simple foe but if someone captures her, I don’t believe she can escape on her own. It took her nearly fifty tries to open a simple junkbox… I need your help in finding your cousin before she gets seriously harmed. Failiani unfortunately has a tendency to think she can take anything on, especially a powerful foe when she clearly doesn’t the ability to. That inclination has gotten her into trouble with trolls before.”

The Sin’dorei sighed. Coriani wasn't surprised that the old rogue had asked her to help search for her cousin who basically had ran away from Silvermoon for some reason, most likely being a brat and to hunt down trolls. It would be easier for her to look for Fail with her being a huntress. “I’ll look for her when I can but have you tried to find her? What does she look like now?”

“I have tried to find her, Coriani. That’s one reason I went to Stranglethorn Vale for the amount of time I did. I looked through the jungles and troll ruins to find her but didn’t see her anywhere. I’m thoroughly exhausted; I’m far too old to be searching for her. You’re far more suited to track down Failiani than I am. Other than me, you’re the only relative she has left that isn’t a blasted high elf. As for what she looks like, she has long red hair that’s a little lighter than yours and looks fairly similar to her father. I can’t remember how tall she is…”

Wait, Lor’eth couldn’t recall how tall her cousin was? He was the last one to have seen her! That was going to make things a bit more difficult. Fail hadn’t reached 4’5 in height last time Coriani had seen her some years back and she figured her young cousin had grown in height since. Her train of thought had been interrupted when Lor’eth started to have a coughing fit that lasted for several seconds. The cough he had wasn’t the sound of a healthy cough, either and that worried her. Hopefully he wouldn’t come down sick and die. “I’ll look for Failiani even if she’s being a brat, don’t you worry.” She heard the old rogue chuckle.

“I appreciate that. I better be going back to my place now and getting some more rest. Hope you can get few more hours of sleep before having to get up.” Lor’eth said, getting up on his feet at a snail’s pace.

“You can make it back, right?” Coriani asked. The coughing fit he had earlier concerned her a bit. She could wake up TigerCat and have her pet escort him if need be.

“Of course I can make it back; it’s not that far from here. I’ll keep in contact. Take care, Cori.” Lor’eth said before walking off with the lantern.


Coriani had finally made it back to the pond where the flyers had landed after tripping a few more times; once down the stairs and once near the orphanage. She started to pick them up while inspecting the parchment papers, noting the one ones that had landed in the water would have to be redone. In the few weeks since Lor’eth had visited her, Coriani had attempted to find more information about her missing cousin. According to the enchanting trainer in Silvermoon who Fail trained from, Failiani had actually been missing for nearly eight months, longer than what Lor’eth had told her.

The huntress still hadn’t gotten the information on how tall her cousin was. It varied; the enchanting trainer said Fail was smaller than Coriani but didn't say by how much. One of the auctioneers in the Bazaar thought Failiani was around 4’9 while another said her cousin was around 5'6.

“TigerCat, what are you looking at?” She noticed the lynx seemed to be looking intently towards the Cleft of Shadows. If there was one area in Orgrimmar that Coriani stay away from, it was there. Rogues and warlocks lived down there. “What are you doing? Get back here, TigerCat. You know I don’t like going in there and besides, it’s probably just a local.”

Just a local? Hah! If only Coriani had known who her pet was starting to prowl after. Coriani finished picking up the flyers she could find a few minutes later, not noticing the few flyers that were near a small bush. She had the feeling that something or someone was watching her but she decided to ignored it and instead make her way over to the Valley of Wisdom to rewrite the flyers.

Little did Coriani know that several of the flyers had landed on top of engineering trainers building and scattered about as she left…
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80 Blood Elf Rogue
After watching Coriani walk out of sight, a cloaked and hooded figure with glowing green eyes quickly made her way down the path to the Cleft of Shadows with one of the flyers in hand. She looked for a place that was hidden from the view to read what was on the flyer. Once she had found a hidden spot behind one of the tents, the female lowered her hood of her cloak, revealing a young but pale looking Sin’Dorei with long red hair. One could say she wasn’t an adult yet and they would be correct. However, Failiani here would attempt to convince them she was an adult if asked about her age.

Failiani was a bit curious about what information these flyers contain. Her cousin normally didn’t carry around parchment papers, not even for Coriani’s business which was ammo production (specializing in creating arrows). The young Sin’Dorei quietly let out a yawn as she started to read the flyer which stated:


Information of whereabouts about a child that has been missing for nearly eight months. Failiani Arrowind, also known as Fail was last seen in Silvermoon City before running away from her guardian, Lor’eth Dawnshadow. Her height is somewhere between 4’9”-5’6” and she is of thin build. Failiani has long, straight red hair that may have been cut and glowing green eyes. She might have small red earrings on her pointed ears. She could be carrying a small dagger and a cutlass. She had some training has a rogue; however she is of low threat.

Any information should be sent by mail to her cousin, Coriani Arrowind.

The young elf shook her head and let out an angry sigh. The flyer labeled her as a missing person. She hadn’t run away from Silvermoon; she had gotten permission from her guardian and distant relative Lor’eth in writing before leaving. Was he losing his memory? Yes, however, Failiani had blissfully ignored the part of his letter which was stated in Bolded Letters that if he had summoned her to come back to Silvermoon, she was to come home the moment she had received it, no fooling around. Failiani of course had been ignoring such summons for months.

Failiani wasn’t happy about the nickname her cousin said she was known by. Yes, Fail was one of her nicknames; however it was her least favorite one. She usually went by Faili or Fai if her actual name wasn’t use. The rogue did smirk about the height the missing flyer had on her; it was wrong. She was nearly 5'9” about one year ago when she first thought she had quit growing; she was currently around the same height as her cousin, which was 5’10”. She was thin but that was average for Sin’dorei.

Her red hair was still long but she wasn’t about to cut and her eyes were green, both the iris and the glowing effect, similar to her cousin’s eyes. Faili didn’t have earrings like her cousin did. She still had the dagger Lor’eth had given to her as a gift but Failiani considered it too valuable to be used in a fight (the old rogue told her he had paid a small fortune) and had acquired another dagger since. She had also found a purplish and silver colored sword that she used in place of her cutlass.

The Sin’dorei was miffed about the flyer referring to her threat in a fight being low (even though it was.). She could fight, stab, slice and dice at some foes. It made it sound like to her she couldn’t defend herself, which she could- against another student. She was going to get back at her cousin in some way but how… then it came to her. Failiani could write and send fake information of her whereabouts as an ‘anonymous informer’ in hopes Cori would go fall for it and search for her over Azeroth. Good idea but Orgrimmar wasn’t the place to do it.

She got out a hearthstone Lor’eth had given and was about to use it when she suddenly felt extremely sleepy. The young elf couldn't do anything about as she collapsed and fell into a deep sleep within seconds. Why had Failiani fallen asleep rather suddenly? It was simple... she was affected by a powerful cursed that causes her to fall into a deep sleep intermittently.

Sometime later, Failiani woke up with a groan. Wondering why she still had her hearthstone in hand and was still in Orgrimmar, Faili shook her head, realizing she had fallen asleep once again. Deciding to leave before she could sleep again, she activated her hearthstone and ended up at the place she had been living for the last six months.

Once Failiani arrived at her destination, she went to work. Several hours later, Failiani had four letters with the fake locations that she would send one, as a ‘mysterious informer’ to Coriani every week or so. The elf smirked as she left the building where she had parchment papers scattered about and mailed the first letter off. As long as her cousin didn’t show Lor'eth the letters, her plan should work and Cori would have ‘fun’ in Silithus. Besides, it wasn’t like Faili was going to run into any trouble in the meantime...

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100 Blood Elf Hunter
11 days later, Coriani landed her flying machine outside of Ratchet and climbed out. She wiped her forehead and decided to make a small campfire to cook. Granted, she could go to Broken Keel Tavern in Ratchet and possible get a meal there but she didn’t feel like moving plus she wasn’t sure if there was any vegetarian in that building. The huntress got the fire started a minute later and then she got out a small pan with some vegetables while she started to yawn. She was exhausted from the past week after making a not so fun trip to Silithus.

While she cooked root vegetables for a stew, Cori sat down and her thoughts transpired over what had happened over the past week and a half. Why had she gone to Silithus? Coriani had decided to go there because of two letters she had received that claimed Fail had talking about going to the dreaded place. The huntress pulled out the letters and decided to read them while the vegetables cooked. The first letter she had received from Lor’eth Dawnshadow a day after Theramore was bombed.


I heard about what happened at Theramore. Honorless and cowardly act that it was… Anyways, that’s not the reason I’m writing. I got a possible location that Failiani might have gone to. I just remembered that Fail had wanted to go to Silithus and kill silithids for their ‘skins’. I specially told her not to go there, citing the dangers with the Twilight Hammer but that didn’t seem to bother her at the time. Far as I know, she didn’t go there but you might want to check just to be sure.

Lor’eth Dawnshadow- By the way, burn this letter when you have the chance.

Coriani sighed before throwing the letter into the fire, not knowing why the old rogue had wanted her to burn it. She had heard rumors about Theramore and had decided to make a detour on her trip down to Silithus to see if they were true or not. The rumors had been true and the scene was worse than what she had expected. She wasn’t expecting to see a crater there and was certain no one would be living there for a time. The huntress had a few Alliance contacts (that she kept secret for the most part-one was a druid and the other a priest and both wanted to cure her addition) that weren’t in that city luckily at the time.

The huntress checked on her vegetables which weren’t tender yet when TigerCat jumped out of the flying machine and nudged her. She briefly looked in her bags and gave him a fish while she opened the parchment paper. The second letter she received a day after she had ‘visited’ Theramore from a distance when she had made a brief spot in Mudsprocket. Apparently Cori hadn’t picked up the all the flyers she had dropped in Orgrimmar but she couldn’t do anything about that. Anyways, it read;

To whom it may concern,

I happened to spot one of your flyers in Orgrimmar and I may possibly have seen your cousin in a tavern a week or so ago. She was wearing high heeled boots on that made her appear taller than what your flyer claims and she had appeared to dye her hair black. I had overheard Fail talk with a drunken orc about how her trainer thought she failed at everything and she wanted to prove him wrong by going to Silithus and bringing him a silithid husk from the queen of every hive. Unfortunately, some drunken troll spilled Coconut Rum on me and before I could… stop her, she was gone. Now if I were you, I’d go look for her in Silithus if her threat in a fight is as low as you mentioned.

A concerned horde citizen.

The huntress sighed as she watched TigerCat eat his fish before thinking about the second letter. While she didn’t know who the letter was from (if she had known, she would have been angry at a certain cousin of hers), the information seemed genuine; even the part with Fail dyeing her hair black. She had already been on way to Silithus but after receiving the second letter, she had decided to make haste for the dreaded place right then.

Once Coriani had reached Silithus, she decided to start searching the locations of the silithid hives for Fail, starting with Hive’Regal- the place where she had tamed Stinger years earlier. She searched all the tunnels of that hive and didn’t see any sign of Fail or her cousin’s weapons. On her way out of Hive’Regal, she ran into a scout (who startled her at the time) that told her he hadn’t seen any blood elves near the hive recently.

The next day, Cori had then decided to search Hive’Zora and Hive’Ashi, neither place had any sign of her cousin. Antoher day she had decided to go to Southwind Village or rather the ruins of it and search for Failiani. Again, she didn’t find her cousin or any evidence that someone had been there in the past few days. Coriani had even decided to search the Twilight Hammer camp located in southwestern part of Silithus for Fail. Thankfully the huntress hadn’t found any sign of her cousin there. Was the search for Fail in Silithus a bust? It had felt like it at the time.
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Her trip to Silithus hadn’t been a total waste though. Before leaving, Coriani made a stop at Cenarion Hold and see if someone had seen her cousin recently. With luck, a few of the guards had seen Fail and remembered her coming to Silithus nearly a year earlier. The guards had been suspicious of her cousin’s age but Fail had assured them that she was an adult, just looked ‘young for her age’. Even with that explanation, they had given Fail some minor errands with little danger involved due to her skills. Her cousin only stayed about two days before someone contacted her with tasks elsewhere.

The huntress remembers nodding with the information before she decided to show them Failiani birth records (Coriani had the records for instances such as this). Once she had shown the guards the records, they informed her that they’d keep an eye out for Fail and let Cori know if she was spotted. The elf had thanked them before leaving and heading towards Gadgetzan where she could work on and post a missing person flyer of her cousin.

Coriani’s attention turned back to her vegetables which were cooked. She put them into a wooden bowl and was about to eat them when her pointed ears twitched at the sound of a squawk. She turned and looked towards her flying machine where her newest pet, a saltspray gull was perching on the top of her seat. How did she get this bird as a pet? Simple, on her way from Gadgetzan, she had made a stop at the Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge in Thousand Needles and got smashed drunk that night after drinking too many glasses of Eversong Wine. The next morning, she woke up on one of the smaller barges with it nearby and it has followed her around since.

She briefly looked through her bags and threw a fish towards the gull. The bird gobbled up the fish while Cori returned decided to eat her food. Coriani quickly finished the vegetables and then decided to look over the newly-done missing person flyers which she had already posted one in Gadgetzen, another on the Speedbarge in Thousand Needles, and one in Thunderbluff. She had plans to post flyers Everlook in Winterspring, Booty Bay, and Ratchet which was one reason she had stopped outside of town.

Cori had decided to put the part of Fail possibly dyeing her hair black on the flyer along with a height correction. The guards at Cenarion Hold also informed her that while the boots Fail had been wearing did have a heel to them; her cousin’s height wasn’t below 5’5”. In fact, Failiani seemed to nearly as tall as Cori about a year ago. Nearly didn’t mean exact to the huntress so she estimated Fail’s height somewhere between 5’5” and 5’8” (which was still wrong but Cori didn’t know that). She petted TigerCat while she read the flyer.


Information of whereabouts about a child that has been missing for nearly eight months. Failiani Arrowind, also known as Fail was last seen in Silvermoon City before running away from her guardian, Lor’eth Dawnshadow. Her height is somewhere between 5’5”-5’8” and she is of thin build. Failiani has natural long red hair but she may have also dyed it black. She might have small red earrings on her pointed ears. She could be carrying a small dagger and a cutlass. Fail had some training has a rogue; however she is of low threat according to her guardian.

Any information should be sent by mail to her cousin, Coriani Arrowind.

The huntress hoped the information on the flyers were correct as she got onto her feet and attempted to put out the small campfire she had made. Coriani wasn’t about to go to Ratchet to post flyers with a fire left unattended. She got it out about a minute later but not before burning her left hand. Granted, she was wearing blue mail gloves but even that wouldn’t stop a burn. She winced while she took off her glove and looked at her hand. Yep, it was red and hurting.

The blood elf looked through her packs and pulled out Bloodthistle and an Embersilk bandage. She chewed on the addictive herb while she quickly wrapped her left hand with the bandage. Once her hand was wrapped, she started to walk towards Ratchet with her pets behind her. It wouldn’t take her long to reach town since she had landed on the outskirts of it. Hopefully her hand would quit hurting and start mending soon but if it didn’t begin to heal with a few days, she would have to go seek a healer (or go to the Da Doctas clinic.).

Once in Ratchet, Coriani walked around and posted some of the flyers; several on the building of the bank, one near the docks; more near the Broken Keel tavern (not on the building but on a post close to it), and some near the flightmaster. She hoped that would be enough of the flyers to help her in the search for Failiani.

Satisfied with all the flyers she had posted, she headed back towards her flying machine. Once there, she climbed in and started to head north.
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Meanwhile, Failiani sighed with relief as she mailed off the second letter with the fake locations to her cousin. She had meant to do it days earlier but every time she had tried walking near a mailbox, she had fallen into an inconvenient deep sleep. Most likely that was due to excitement and with the curse the young elf was affected with, she noted that extreme emotional states made the curse effects worse. The young elf was thrilled of the notion of making Coriani frustrated by searching all over for her without any results. The place where Faili was staying at wasn’t on Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms.

Where would the letter hopefully send Cori next? She had put down a few fakes locations; a cave in Winterspring and Alcaz Island. It didn’t occur to the young rogue that there was a chance that Coriani could compare the two letters and note it came from the same person or worse, send the letters to Lor’eth. However, her huntress cousin probably wouldn’t do that until she actually searched the places.

If there was one thing Faili liked about sending misleading letters, she could do this without running into any sort of trouble. Well, not really. A few days earlier, she had a few gold coins stolen from her by one of the vagrant locals when she had fallen asleep outside of a tavern. But generally speaking those locals didn’t attack people unless provoked (even then the guards would handle it quick) and as long as she didn’t cause any fights, she should stay safe.

The young elf briefly brushed her red hair out of her face as she started to think of her guardian. Failiani knew Lor’eth worried about her but he had given her permission to leave Silvermoon eight months ago. She did worry about him at times, due to his age mainly. Lor’eth was at least four hundred years old but Faili figured he was older. He talked about fighting in the troll wars; however, every Amani troll he got into a fight with he mentioned it as a ‘war’.

Lor’eth has even mentioned when he rescued Failiani a few years earlier from when she had foolishly gotten herself captured by trolls (and cursed by a troll witchdoctor) as a ‘good fought war’. Faili figured he hadn’t been born before or during the actual Troll wars though his grandfather or possibly his father might have been alive during that time. She didn’t know of any Sin’dorei that could still alive from that time.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she suddenly noticed a slightly glowing wooden staff lying on the ground. She was going to pick it up and disenchant the magical properties off of it until she noticed the weapon had dropped from a bear-like creature with black and white fur. What the- furlogs didn’t black and white fur, at least the ones she had seen didn't have that color of fur. What was it?

Faili decided to watch the bear-like creature pick up their staff and start to walk away when it suddenly stared at her with its’ blue eyes. That startled the young rogue to the point where she nearly screamed. She started to run towards the closest building (a bank) where she could hide behind some flower vases from the bear-like creature when she suddenly yawn. No, she couldn’t fall asleep now; the creature would get her.

Naturally, Failiani collapsed and fell into a deep sleep within seconds. She woke up some time later, with the bear-like creature standing over her. The creature noticed she seemed to be afraid of him and decided to explain what he was. The young elf found out he was a pandaren monk from the Wandering Isle, something that Failiani had never seen or even heard about.

The pandaren was curious about why a ‘youth’ was doing in the place she was at. Failiani winced briefly; she had a fear of people finding out how old she actually was. She checked on her pony-tail before attempting to convince him that she was an adult, just looked youthful like the majority of Sin'dorei. If there was one thing Faili didn’t want, it was to be returned to Silvermoon city by force; especially by this creature.

The young rogue even showed him altered birth records that ‘proved’ her adulthood; she figured there was a chance that the pandaren would be fooled by these since the likelihood of him knowing what actual Sin’dorei records looked like were slim. Failiani never showed the altered birth records to other blood elves, for obvious reasons. She was smart enough not to do that thankfully.

Faili sighed in relief as he left minutes later, thankful that she hadn’t been dragged away either to Silvermoon city or a nefarious place that she couldn’t escape from. Even though this pandaren hadn’t abducted her, who knew what the others of his race were like. Far as she knew, they were bloodthirsty monsters with agendas worse than trolls. With that in mind, Failiani decided to run inside of the nearby building and hide behind giant flower vases until nightfall, in case more pandaren showed up.
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((OOC- I decided to move this from a previous post to here. This is a RP I've been planning for a time. Coriani and Failiani are alts- my main is Alliance on a PVP server and there is a chance I may post on her in this thread by accident for Cori or Faili or a slighter chance of posting on her. I'll have this play out on the forums- for now mainly due to health reasons (my health is poor). If a summary is needed, I’ll write one at a later time.

This is open for Horde or Alliance players as long as there are no one-liners in posts. Feel free to post any in-game encounters with Coriani or Failiani in this thread.

Failiani isn't quite missing yet- there is someone who knows where she is located and that might be revealed in her next post. Unfortunately she does live up to her least favorite nickname, Fail so I do plan on her to run into serious trouble where she'll find herself missing, possibly by another player. This I'll probably play out in game-if someone volunteers to be responsible for that. If there aren't volunteers, that's fine. She'll run into trouble other ways.

If there are any questions regarding anything in the thread so far or volunteers for Faili's eventual disappearance, feel free to ask me either in this thread or in game by mail.))
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((I do apologize for this very long delay. Warning, this post is very long.))

An angry sigh left was all that was heard out of blood elf’s mouth after Coriani landed her flying machine north of Ratchet. The huntress stepped off out of it before walking down near the water’s edge and sitting down. She had been searching for Failiani for over a month now and still hadn’t located her. Cori had thought at first that tracking down her cousin was going to be easy considering Fail had a hard time succeeding at many things; this wasn’t the case at all. It was a difficult task but then again the young elf had been missing for over nine months now. Anyone missing that long was going to be hard to locate and the likelihood of them being injured was great.

With that in mind, the huntress was worried for Fail. While she had a few people who had said they’d help with the search in their spare time and had received some info on her cousin’s previous whereabouts, Cori feared it wouldn’t be enough to find the young elf in a timely manner. She needed to find the rogue soon before serious harm could fall on Failiani- if it already hadn’t. Coriani had found evidence a few days ago that Failiani’s life was in significant danger. Someone with malicious intentions and who the huntress thought had died many years ago was also looking for the young elf and now had the means to find her- thanks due to something Coriani had done.

How did Coriani know for certain that Failiani’s life was in danger? It was due to a journal that she had ‘acquired’ a few days ago in Duskwallow Marsh. Why had Cori gone to that dreaded swamp in the first place? The huntress went there because of a letter from another mysterious person she had received. The huntress decided to pull that letter, a petal of Bloodthistle and the journal out of her Embersilk pack and read them while thinking about what had transpired over the past month.
About one month earlier,

Coriani had just landed her flying machine at Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara when her hearthstone buzzed, indicating that she had mail waiting for her at the mailbox near the inn. She had made her way over there where she found a letter whose sender wasn’t stated, similar to the letter she had received a couple of weeks earlier. Coriani didn’t care at the time who the person was that wrote it, as long as the letter contained information about her cousin’s whereabouts.

The huntress had then decided to go back to her flying machine where her pet TigerCat was waiting. She sat down nearby and opened the letter with her right hand. Coriani decided to check on her bandaged left hand to make sure the burn she had received a few days earlier wasn’t getting any worse. To her surprise, the burn was nearly gone. She re-wrapped her hand with an embersilk bandage just to make sure it would healed all the way before reading the latest letter which had stated:

Throm-Ka, huntress;

I noticed a flyer on the bulletin board and grabbed one before leaving for Duskwallow Marsh on an assignment. A few days ago, I spotted what appeared to be your young cousin. I can’t recall what her hair color was due to a hood concealing her hair but her weapons matched the description. I would have stopped her if she hadn’t been traveling with an older female Sin’dorei; caster by the looks of her robes.

I couldn’t tell you what they talked about for the most part; due to a majority of their conversation being in what I thought was Thalassian which I can’t speak or write in. Your cousin did mention in orcish about her recent trip to Winterspring and was talking about going to… either Alcaz Island or Fray Island.

I’ll be patrolling the swamps for another month if you wish to speak with me. I can’t say what my name is in case some Alliance dog intercepts this letter but look for an orc grunt with an eye patch over his left eye.

Cori hadn’t noticed at the time what language the letter was written in or that the writing was exactly the same as the first mysterious letter she received. What mattered to her was that the information seemed genuine; even the part of Fail traveling with another Sin’dorei though she wondered who, most likely a fugitive or shady type person.

She would have to make her way to Duskwallow Marsh within a month to find that orc grunt and ask him about her cousin. But first, she needed to go to Winterspring and question the goblins there about Fail’s recent trip along with handing out more of the flyers. Coriani had decided right then to climb onto her flying machine and head to Everlook in Winterspring since it wasn’t too far of a distance.
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It was nearly noon when she had arrived in Everlook, Cori went and asked one of the goblin bruisers about her cousin. After paying the goblin a few gold coins, the huntress found out to her surprise that Fail’s ‘recent’ trip to Winterspring had happened over 6 months ago at the time. That wasn’t recent… however, the bruiser informed her that during Failiani’s visit she had left Everlook and headed south with a crate that contained her belongings. She had returned a few days later without it, claiming it had been lost. The goblins hadn’t been able to find it.

A crate… 6 months was a long time for one to be missing and the chance of it being looted was high. But still, there was a slight hope that Coriani could find it unscathed and see what her cousin had inside of the crate. Early that night, she left and headed south towards Frostwhisper Gorge with her pet, TigerCat in hopes of finding the lost crate that belonged to her cousin. After traveling for most of the night on foot, Coriani decided to stop near a small cave a few miles north of the gorge and attempted to start a small campfire.

Despite wearing her warmer mail gear and warm cloak, the blood elf was cold and was thankful at the time when the campfire started. Granted, traveling though a part of a snowstorm a few hours earlier hadn’t the smartest idea but she was willing to do that if she found anything on her cousin. After some minutes, Cori sat down on the snow covered ground and took off the mail glove on her left hand to see if the burn was gone. After removing the bandage and throwing them on a partially snow-covered crate nearby, Coriani noticed the burn was fully healed.

Wait, a crate? The huntress remembered getting back on her feet and walking over to it. She dusted the snow off of it noted the box was Sin’dorei in origin. Did this crate once belong to her young cousin or someone else? There was one way of finding out… Coriani looked in her engineering toolbox to see if she had anything that could pry the top off. She didn’t find a pry bar in her toolbox but she did find her gnomish army knife- that would work. The huntress started to carefully place the knife between the top and side of the box and attempted to pry the top off.

After a minute or so later, the top of the crate was off and Coriani had looked inside only to notice straw with a small wooden box on top of it. The huntress decided to start searching though the crate with her left hand without putting her mail glove on; something she would regret later. She grabbed the small wooden box and put it on the ground besides her, wondering what was in it before grabbing the straw and taking it out.

At the bottom of the crate, Cori found several thieves tools, broken glass pieces on them along with a letter written for Failiani from one of the rogue trainers in Silvermoon. That basically confirmed it for Coriani that the box did belong to her young cousin. What had caused Fail to drop it? The huntress wasn’t sure yet as she decided to pick up one of the glass pieces to inspect it. Before Cori knew it, her left hand suddenly hurt and stung when some sort of liquid dripped onto it.

Ouch… where had that fel liquid come from? The huntress shook her head when she had realized it had come from the broken glass piece she had just picked up. The broken glass pieces had been vials… of poison. What type of poison Coriani hadn’t been sure about at the time but she could send the vials pieces to Master Lor’eth and have him determine what had been inside of them. She knew it wasn’t lethal but whatever the liquid was, her left hand still stung.

The elf then looked for something to put the vial pieces into- whatever she put them into she couldn’t use again for food or Bloodthistle. Cori found an old netherweave pack that would suffice and began to pick up the rest of the glass pieces with her injured left hand. Why she hadn’t used her right hand that had glove on to pick up the pieces, she wasn’t sure at the time but it was something she would regret.

Once Coriani got the vial fragments picked up, she took a look at back of her left hand. It was red, similar looking to a burn with tiny bumps on top of that; either a rash or blisters. Great, her hand had just healed from a burn last thing and now she managed to get it injured again- with poison this time. However, this latest injury may have been prevented if she had remembered to put her glove back on before searching the crate. She should have had her gloves on but hopefully she would remember that the next time she went looking through crates.
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The huntress carefully closed the netherweave pack up and put it inside of one of her other bags before she grabbed an embersilk bandage from one of her other packs. Coriani figured she would need a healer to check out her hand but until she could get to one, a bandage would have to do. After she bandaged her left hand, she decided to put her glove back on in case she ran into more vicious poisons.

Cori had put her left hand mail glove back on before she turned her attention to the small wooden box. What did Failiani have inside of this? The elf looked over the box and found a latch to open it. Once it was opened, Coriani was amused to find Fail’s stuffed rag-toy that resembled a lynx. How cute… she remembered it was a gift to her young cousin and she had considered it valuable. Why was it left here along with the crate?

It didn’t take Coriani that long to find the answer to that. After she had carefully put the rag-toy lynx back inside of the wooden box and put that in her embersilk bag, Cori decided to take a small stroll around when noticed a small tree nearby had an arrow stuck in it. Normally that wouldn’t concern the blood elf but that was when she noticed there were two frozen arrows on the side of the Sin’dorei looking crate. What the… she hadn’t noticed that earlier. Had someone tried to attack her cousin or were these fired at a later date? Coriani wasn’t sure but that would be a question to ask a goblin bruiser once she got back to Everlook.

She was about to head out when something nudged at her. The huntress looked down and noticed her pet lynx was hungry… not surprising considering the cold. It was best to feed him before going back to the goblin town, lest she have a grouchy pet. Granted, Cori should have eaten something but that wasn’t on her mind at the time. After she had gave TigerCat a few good size mountain trout fish, Coriani headed back to the Everlook.

Several hours later, Coriani arrived when she had decided to check herself into the inn. She remembered being very tired at the time due to the traveling on foot and then slept for nearly 18 hours straight. Eighteen hours… that was a long time to be sleeping but she hadn’t slept much in the past weeks. After she paid the innkeeper, she walked out and decided to ask the one goblin bruiser about the arrows she had found and her cousin’s behaviors before she had left.

The goblin bruiser was on a break at the time but Coriani was able to get some answers from him, after paying him a few gold coins. He remembered Failiani had seemed troubled before she had left Winterspring months ago but she didn’t mention why. Cori showed the goblin one of the arrows she had found and he was certain that wasn’t what had troubled Fail at the time; he didn’t remember her having any injuries or her mentioning any fights. He figured the arrows were fired at a later time by a bored adventurer.

The Sin’dorei thanked the bruiser for his time before she headed back to her flying machine. Despite the goblin’s words, Coriani was concerned that Fail had have ran into some sort trouble months ago, even if it was minor. Something had caused her cousin to leave Winterspring months ago without her possessions after all. As for the cause of that, Cori didn’t know at the time but hoped it was something minor.

Once Coriani had reached her flying machine, she climbed inside along with her pet and started the engines before she headed south. She still had to make her way to Duskwallow Marsh and find the orc grunt to question him about Failiani. Once there, Cori had hoped she would find more information about her cousin’s whereabouts.

She didn’t go to Duskwallow Marsh right away due to her hearthstone buzzing when she neared Orgrimmar. She had mail waiting for her at the mailbox in the Valley of Honor. Was the mail related to her search for Failiani or business matters? Cori decided to see what it was about and go to the Da Doctas Clinic for her injured left hand if it was around.

The huntress shook her head after she got her mail and read it. She had hoped it was related to Failiani but it wasn’t. Someone by the name of Qixilixa had sent her an advertisement; attempting to get Cori to buy this person’s stash of ‘all natural’ Bloodthistle (most likely a goblin based on the Goblin Rocket fuel stains on the parchment paper). How this someone had found out about Cori’s addiction to the herb had bothered her at the time however; Cori wasn’t about to buy Bloodthistle from someone she didn’t know. Besides, the way the advertisement stated the words ‘all natural’, the herbs were probably tainted with Goblin rocket fuel or poison, not fit for chewing.
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Coriani destroyed the advertisement before she headed to the stables to check on her Saltspray Gull. The blood elf had left stabled before she had left for Winterspring since she hadn’t been sure if it could handle being in cold weather for a time. The stable master informed her once she got there that her pet had escaped several hours earlier and hadn’t been able to locate it in the Valley of Honor. Great, just what she had wanted to do; go locate her pet before it could potentially damaged something. Not really but she would have to find it. After all, she didn’t want to pay any fines…

She tried calling for her pet but it didn’t come. However, she figured it was still in Orgrimmar. She decided to search the water areas for the bird. She made her way west towards the Drag and searched the small pond near the Engineering shop. Her pet wasn’t there; however, a passerby told her that they had seen a sea gull near the waterfall in the Valley of Wisdom. The elf nodded and decided to go check it out quickly (and to get out of the Drag). A few minutes later, she found the Gull with a small fish its claws. That impressed her a bit… maybe she could use him in the future when she needed fish for TigerCat. After bringing the bird pet back to the stable master, Coriani walked over to the nearby inn and paid the innkeeper to stay overnight. She was tired and needed to take a nap for a few hours.

However, her nap had lasted more than a few hours. It was late at night when she woke up. After checking her left hand and noting the blisters were still around, she decided to go to the Da Doctas Clinic with TigerCat. Coriani had feared that no one would be there to take a look at her hand due to her waking up late. Luckily, that hadn’t been the case. There were two Sin’dorei females talking when Coriani arrived and sat down near the bonfire. Her hand had hurt at the time but the injury wasn’t serious enough to interrupt a conversation so she kept quiet until the two other blood elves had finished speaking.

A little bit later, Cori noted the one of the females had left and other one had walked over to her. Cori took off her mail glove and showed the blood elf woman the blisters on her left hand. While her hand was examined, Cori told her how she had got them from the broken vials she had found in the crate and she didn’t have other side effects. A Sin’dorei male with interesting looking armor showed up at some point, too and talked with the other blood elf woman.

The huntress eventually told them about how the vials belonged to her young cousin and how she was missing. Coriani gave the blood elf woman a description of Fail and she said she’d help search in her spare time when duties weren’t calling, which was all Cori could ask for. After all, her cousin had been missing for over eight months at the time. Coriani remembered being asked if there were other relatives that could take care of Fail. Only other ones that she knew that were still alive were high elf and that wasn’t suitable in Cori’s mind. Once her cousin was found, the huntress would have to keep a better check on them.

The blisters on her hand were determined to be contact demerits and treated with a liquid before being bandaged. They talked about lost companion pets which Cori knew what it was like to lose a pet. She had an old bear that died before the Cataclysm.

Coriani found out that the blood elf’s woman was named Sidonwy. Cori had to leave and saw farewell after she had heard glass breaking near where she had parked her flying machine. Someone was vandalizing it and Cori needed to find out who it was.

Cori had been expecting to see someone damaging her flying machine but it wasn’t who she expected. Her pet saltspray gull was twenty yards above her flying machine dropping rocks on it. Wait, she had personally brought it to the stable masters some hours earlier; how had it escaped? The huntress wasn’t sure at the time but she wasn’t amused at its’ behavior. Her flying machine had small dents in it along with a broken window- that she would have to repair before leaving for Duskwallow Marsh. She didn’t even have the supplies on her at the time to fix it.

Fortunately for her, she was able to get the supplies she needed and was able to repair it. A few days later, Coriani left Orgrimmar with her pets and started to head towards Duskwallow Marsh. Yes, the huntress had the bird with her too; she wasn’t about to leave it unattended until it learned to behave when she wasn’t around. The elf didn’t want to take any chance of having the bird drop rocks on mounts, horde citizens, or Warchief Hellscream for that matter. Granted, she didn’t like Garrosh or agreed with his policies (she was fairly neutral-minded) but she kept that opinion to herself.
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She had reached Ratchet when she remembered that she still had the vial pieces in the old netherweave pack. She should have mailed it when she was in Orgrimmar but repairing her flying machine distracted her. Better mail it before she could forget about it again. Cori then turned around made a stop in the goblin town and carefully mailed them along with a letter for Lor’eth, explaining basically where she found the vials and asked what had been inside of them. Once mailed, Cori left again and made her way to the dreaded swamp.

A couple days later, Coriani had made it to Duskwallow Marsh and landed her flying machine at Mudsprocket. The huntress left her flying machine there and decided to search by foot for her cousin, at least for a while. There were some things she could find at ground level that she wouldn’t be able to see from the air, especially with the trees around.

She searched for several hours that day, trampling though the swamp until that late afternoon when she thought she had spotted him. Several yards ahead of her near a small clearing was a male orc. The orc was bald and had a patch over his left eye. Was this the person who had sent her the mysterious letter? Possibly… however; the orc didn’t wear the standard grunt uniform. He wore a black leather vest and black pants while being bare foot. Barefoot in a middle of a swamp... why? The orc also carried a wooden staff with tassels hanging off one end. Interesting; was this orc even a warrior at all?

“Throm-Ka! I’m just trying to teach my worg pup to fight the local critters. Are you looking for something, hunter?”

The huntress looked at the black worg pup nearby. Based on the size of the worg, Cori figured it was less than four months old. “I see. Actually, I am looking for someone. Have you seen a blood elf child walking with another Sin’dorei recently? My cousin is missing.”

“You’re the first blood elf I’ve seen since arriving here a week ago so no. Sorry I can’t help you in that regard. But if you can give me the description of your cousin, I’ll let you know if I see her.”

Coriani gave the orc a brief description of her cousin before a crocolisk started to head towards the worg pup. Before Cori could even pull out her crossbow, the orc leaped and kicked the crocolisk in the head. The elf watched him basically punch the creature until it quit moving. Interesting… his fighting styles were similar to monks of the Scarlet Crusade. Similar as she didn’t remember hearing about their monks leaping at their enemies. “Are you a monk?”

“I am, being trained by the Huojin Pandaren.”

The elf nodded, she had seen those pandaren training last time she was in Orgrimmar. They were from the Wandering Isle, a place Cori had never heard of. The huntress had heard rumors that there was another group of Pandaren that had joined the Alliance but she hadn’t been able to confirm that. From what she had seen of them, they seemed honorable.

“Well, I got to get back to training this worg pup. Well met, hunter.” the orc said as the pup started to attack a small toad.

“Farewell. I hope the training for him goes well.” Coriani said before she started to heard north, towards Tabetha's Farm.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter

Over two weeks later after she had met with the orc monk, Coriani still hadn’t found any sign that Failiani had been to Duskwallow Marsh within the last six months since she had gone missing. She had searched nearly every part of the damn swamp, including the area around Oxynia’s Lair on foot. She had even taken her flying machine and checked Alcaz Island a week earlier, Cori was thankful she hadn’t found her cousin there- that place freaked her out a bit. The trip to this place had felt like it was a waste.

At least until the last night Coriani was in Duskwallow Marsh before she left. The last search for Fail took her a few miles south of Mudsprocket where she noticed her pets were tired so she made a small campfire to cook some vegetables and have her pets take a quick nap. After her small meal was done, Cori took a petal of Bloodthistle out of her pack and started to chew on it. That is when she was visited by someone she definitely had not been expecting to see.

“O, why am I not surprised to see you chewing on an herb? I still you have an addiction to them… I suppose it’s better than sucking magic out of a fel crystal.” a slightly familiar voice said.

Cori’s ears twitched when she heard the voice. What the… if it was who the huntress thought it was at the time, she was in trouble. She turned and noticed a reddish-blond hair high elf in blue and silver robes a few yards away. Not just any high elf; it was one of Coriani’s relatives, her younger sister, Anessi to be exact. What was she doing here? To kill her? A slight possibility... however, Anessi was a priest of the healing magics and a pacifist- at least the last Cori saw her over ten years earlier. That could have changed but a better question was how did she locate Cori? This relative wasn’t a good tracker.

“Anessi, what are you doing here? Are you trying to kill me or something?” Coriani said, keeping a hand on her crossbow.

“Why would I kill you? That would ruin my hope for any reunification between our two people.”

Wait a minute; Anessi was one of those high elves? That didn’t surprise Cori; especially if her relative was still a pacifist. The likelihood of reunification between their peoples was extremely slim if not impossible. Cori herself had a distrust of high elves- due to them abandoning their people after Silvermoon was ravaged during the third war. It was the reason Coriani didn’t think about joining the Alliance. Even with her distrust of high elves, she wouldn’t kill them unless they made the first move and attacked her.

“How did you find me? You were never good at locating things…” Coriani muttered.

“The goblins at Mudsprocket informed me that there was a Sin’dorei with the last name Arrowind was here along with her pets. Jarinra managed to find you after you dropped that crossbow of yours.”

The huntress ears twitched as she heard a twig snap several yards away. Great, Anessi had company with her and it was likely Jarinra. That high elf was Cori’s youngest sibling who excelled at tracking. And yes, the huntress had dropped her crossbow earlier that morning, meaning she had been stalked all day. That thought at the time made her shiver. “I have to ask again, why did you come here? Don’t tell me you’re planning on giving me a sermon now.” Coriani said after she had taken another petal of Bloodthistle out of her pack and chewed on it. She was in trouble if that happened.

Anessi gave Cori a disapproving look concerning the Bloodthistle before speaking, “As much as I would like to give you a sermon now, that’s not why I came here. It’s about Uncle Taelis’ young daughter, Failiani. I’ve heard that the young one ran away and you have been looking for her. While I hope she is safe from harm, I found evidence that Failiani’s life is in danger from someone with nefarious intentions.”
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100 Blood Elf Hunter

The huntress glared at the high elf. She wasn’t surprised to hear that Failiani’s life was in jeopardy. However, how had her sister found evidence of it? Unless one of Cori’s high elf siblings found it and gave it to Anessi, which was the more likely situation. She figured her sister wasn’t involved in any threats with her pacifist spirit but Cori had a few cousins that were high elf who would consider hurting a blood elf child. “Who is after Failiani? If the person is one of the other high elf relatives I have…”

“The threat doesn’t come from your other siblings or cousins on Father’s side of family. Nor is Failiani’s high elf uncle on her mother’s side of the family involved. It’s… Nisensi.”

Coriani’s face pale instantly at hearing the name. Nisensi… that was a name Coriani hadn’t heard in over 30 years, before the first war. Nisensi was a high elf alchemist that had married Kathiel, one of Cori’s male cousin’s on her mother’s side of the family who was rather rich. Six months after they had married, Kathiel was found dead near the northwestern shore of Lake Elrendar. His death had been ruled an ‘accident’ as he had been drinking the night before and had ‘drowned’ attempting to swim across. However, that wasn’t quite the case.

A private investigation (and somewhat ‘secret’) run by Coriani’s father, Winthran found that the wine that Kathiel had been drinking was spiked with a poison with effects that were crippling and lethal- he could have even been dead before his body had entered the water. The suspicions of the murderer were of Nisensi since she was an alchemist and could easily make the lethal poison. She of course denied any wrongdoing and claimed to be ‘in mourning’ of her late husband. Two weeks later, Nisensi had vanished with all of Kathiel’s money.

Several months later, they had heard rumors of someone resembling Nisensi in the wilderness of the Blackened Woods killing wildlife and taking their organs. Cori’s father decided to investigate but never found enough evidence that high elf was involved. That changed though the day after that Lunar New Year. Anessi had gone with Farsila, a friend of hers to go flower picking in the wilderness and didn’t return that evening. Coriani’s family decided to go looking for her except Cori and Jarinra. Even though the huntress was an adult at the time, Jarinra was still a child and had to be looked after.

The family found Anessi some hours later, tied to a tree and barely alive while Farsila was missing. They found out from her sister before she passed out that Nisensi attacked them and had taken her friend. Cori’s father, Winthran and her Uncle Taelis decided to search for Farsila and Kathiel’s widow while Coriani’s mother (who was a priest) tended to Anessi. Cori’s sister survived due to healing she received but unfortunately a few days later, Farsila’s dismembered body was found near the coast.

That didn’t stop Cori’s father and uncle from searching for Nisensi, in fact it seemed to have motivated them. Coriani remembers they searched for weeks until one evening they walked and announced to the family that they had managed to locate Nisensi near Amani Pass and killed her. Her father and uncle didn’t say how she died exactly though…

“Isn’t she dead?” Coriani commented before she had shaken her head.

“That’s what I thought until five days ago. I was visiting Valgarde in Howling Fjord when I saw her walk out of the inn there. She’s alive- not as a death knight in case you’re wondering.”
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100 Blood Elf Hunter

The Sin’dorei sighed. She figured Nisensi wasn’t a death knight; her body would have been long decayed by the time the Scourge invaded to have possibly raised it. No, the high elf alchemist had most likely faked her own death and has been lying low all these years. The question was why was she showing up now? “I’m going to assume that she saw you. How did you find out that she is after Failiani? Where is this evidence that you claimed you had, Anessi?”

“She was about to attack me but Jarinra and cousin Hireni noticed and chased after her. Nisensi managed to escape but she dropped this in the process.”
Anessi said, pulling a journal from her pack. “This contains the ‘plans’ she’s been slowly making for many, many years. Her plans are bad... I will tell you that. I’m going to let you have the journal.”

The blood elf huntress checked her hair with her hand and watched Anessi put the journal on the ground. “I won’t attack you due to my beliefs but as for the other siblings; they told me to tell you as long as you don’t interfere with their lives, they won’t bother you or Failiani.” Anessi said before backing away slowly. “Anyways, I better be off and going. I hope you find Failiani before Nisensi does otherwise you may never see her again.”

“I hope I find her…” Coriani muttered.

“Farewell, Coriani. May the Light protect you.”

With that, Anessi turned around and left. After the huntress heard footsteps head in the direction of the high elf priest, Cori quickly picked up the leather journal and had started to read it. Within seconds of reading, her face had gotten pale.

Back near the water’s edge, Coriani took a look at the leather journal that belong to Nisensi and shivered, thinking of the plans she had for Fail. That high elf wench wanted a blood elf child as a lab experiment; for testing of a biological compound to kill blood elves painfully that was difficult to cure and trace. Nisensi managed to obtain one of Coriani’s flyers for Failiani and decided that child would be Fail. The journal claimed she would be writing her own flyers to locate Fail and possibly hiring a mercenary to track down the child.

The elf took another glance of the second letter she had received about a month earlier and noted it was written in Thalassian. Wait a minute, how did she not spot that earlier? The orc who wrote the letter claimed not to know Thalassian; how come the letter was written in that language? Unless… Coriani quickly pulled out the first mysterious letter she had received and compared the writings; it was the same handwriting in both letters. She felt like a fool, she should have checked a month ago when she first received the letter. It might have saved her some time…

However, the letters brought up a question. Who was the person writing the letters? Whoever it was seemed to have known some of the locations where Failiani had been since she had been missing. Was it Nisensi? Coriani compared the writings of the letters to Nisensi’s journal and was relieved that they didn’t match. However, there was a chance that high elf had minions who were helping her… Coriani shook at that thought.

Coriani sighed; she was going to have Lor’eth know of this newest threat against her cousin. She knew the old rogue was going to be worried but he needed to know. With that in mind, the huntress got out a piece of parchment paper and started to draft a letter. Thankfully, the blisters on her hand had healed...
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100 Human Paladin
((Very nice story. I'm glad you're continuing it and I hope you'll get lots of people involved.))
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80 Blood Elf Rogue
((Thanks for comments. Warning, post is very long.))

Failiani was taking a stride around the lower parts of Shattrath city when she suddenly felt her hearthstone buzz, indicating she had mail. Who had sent it? Only mail she had received in the last six months was from the Auction House. However, her auctions hadn’t been sold when she checked less than an hour earlier. Had Lor’eth discovered where she has been hiding? She hoped not. The young elf decided to go and check the nearest mailbox which happened to be located near the orphanage.

It didn’t take her long to reach the orphanage; Failiani watched the young children run around as she grabbed a letter from the box. She had an idea of what they went though as she was an orphan herself. Her parents had died a few years after the Scourge invasion due to the Amani trolls. She was placed in the care of her Uncle Winthran, Coriani’s father where she lived until he died five years ago. Failiani was then taken care of by her late mother’s older brother due to Cori’s mother having a mental breakdown and disappearance a few months after Winthran’s death.

She was raised by him until about three years ago when he suddenly died. Only other close relatives Failiani had on her mother side of the family was an uncle and an aunt, both which happened to be high elves. She wasn’t able to be placed in the care of her cousin; Coriani due to her being on business trip elsewhere at the time. Lor’eth Dawnshadow happened to be a distant relative and wanted to care for her so he got guardianship. Faili was grateful for that at the time; he taught her more trades of being a rogue after all.

The young rogue ducked as a heavy leather ball nearly hit her. This wasn’t the place to read mail and she didn’t want to read it in the Scryer’s Bank. Faili looked around and noted there were crates of boxes near the back of the orphanage. That would do for now. She quickly walked behind the crates and sat down. She heard something hit the ground as she opened the letter. Her face nearly turned white as she started to read it. What the… was this a joke or a threat? Failiani didn’t recognize the handwriting at all. Who had written this? The letter stated,

To the late Taelis Arrowind’s young daughter, Failiani;

I heard that you ran away from Silvermoon, for whatever reasons you have may had. However, I have a feeling that such a decision has left you destitute. Fortunately, I have good news; I have chosen you to be my latest experiment. You see, I’m creating potions that will hopefully kill all Blood Elves and I need a child subject to test them, one that will not be missed by anyone. From what I’ve I heard about you, you can’t even defend yourself against a minor threats, let one a major one. How can you survive Azeroth if you can’t defend yourself? You are the perfect fit for this.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you want to be my lab subject or not. One way or another, I WILL have you in my custody; even if I have to hire mercenaries to locate and capture you. And trust me when I say this; it’ll only be a matter of time before I do find out where you are hiding. Once I do… you won’t be safe, nor anyone that decides to look for you.

In fact, one of my minions captured a friend of yours than two weeks ago. I believe that creature was named Sirabel. Ohh, it was fun torturing her for information on your whereabouts. Too bad she didn’t tell me anything. Don’t worry for her, she is dead and you will never see her again. The rings included with the letter are proof of that.

Well, I hope this letter was informative on my plans for you. Until we meet again.


P.S. You may not know who I am but I know all about your family. Your father tried to kill me many years ago but he failed as I am alive. I find it ironic that your nickname is FAIL; perhaps your own family thinks of you as a failure...

The young elf shook her head. This had to be an elaborate prank, right? She did hear something fall to the ground earlier when she had opened the letter. Failiani looked on the ground and found two rings, one was blue sapphire on top of it and the other was a simple gold band. No, it couldn’t be but those rings did belong to Sirabel as they had the name inscribed on them.

Failiani felt tears stream down her eyes. No, Sirabel had to be alive; she couldn’t have been captured and murdered. At least that what she kept telling herself as the tears continue to come. Who was the person? Sirabel was a Sin’dorei friend of her late mother’s who had managed to locate her in the past few weeks. Why was Faili still in Shattrath and not Silvermoon if someone had found her?

There was a reason for that. Failiani still had tears come down her eyes when she started to feel tired. NO, she couldn’t fall asleep now. Naturally, she fell asleep some seconds later as her thoughts drifted to the past few weeks.
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