Sometimes Change is for the Better.....

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Times change, people change... some come, some go; eventually what was once fresh and full of possibility becomes stagnant and bland over years. Many factors attribute to this yet it results in the same... a once fun game now not very enthralling.

There are many realms I have played upon before making KT my home a few years ago. In that time I, like everyone else, have come to amass many things that just aren't feasible to move as I do not have that fabled money-tree yet in my backyard. So before I would toss in the towel and migrate elsewhere I'm still here but now actively searching.... searching for a fresh place, a new start, a guild with people that will bring the fun back that sadly has been lost.

No, this isn't that character. I also post under guise simply because I've tried to find other pastures before and I always get hounded, cajoled and coerced into staying. But three sated months turn to one the next time there's an issue. Soon one must wake to reality... people change, places change, we all change.... and sometimes with that change we must also change and find new avenues.

So here's the crux.... while I am not yet inclined to start totally anew on another server (without paying multiple transfers into the hundreds of dollars)... I am certainly NOT adverse to a faction transfer. I began as an RPer so many years ago before internet games ever existed. In that vein I remain true to character.... I can play a horde just as easily as an alliance.

So there is a toon on this server, paladin in fact, playing upon the alliance side at the current time. A tank... and a healer... and a dps..... yes, all 3 specs are taken up, all 3 specs are decently geared towards the 390+ range. Needless to say I focus, I work hard, to be versatile and assist my comrades in whatever capacity might be needed (though I will say forward that, as we all do, I have my preferences of specs.... I'm just not adverse to doing something else from time to time to help out and make sure we all have our fun)

So would there be a guild.... a collective of good PEOPLE.... that might wish to take in such a soul? Again, I am even willing to faction change if there would be a horde community wanting to offer a place. It is the PLAYER that seeks a new home; I'll adapt my toon if necessary for that right one. Interviews can be granted, applications can be filled out; I have no problem going through the normal channels as a guild would direct.

I look forward, in hopes, that there is some place.... people... still on this server who can make this game fun again. Thank you for your time, your attention, but most of all.. your civility.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Get with me in-game or via mail; perhaps we can work something out, depending on the specifics.
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