Greetings Greymane and those surfing the Greymane forums,
Shargahns Call is opening recruitment in hopes of finding fellow players to level to 90 with. Once level capped we look to spend a week on farming heroic instances. After which we hope to have developed a player basis big enough to start 10man raids as soon as we can, hope being the third week into the expansion. Raid times are Tues-Thurs 8pm server to 11pm server, subject to alterations based on the needs of the raider basis.
Shargahns Call was a guild that was able to clear all heroic DragonSoul content. I started this guild many years ago back on BloodScalp and brought it here to Greymane with a lot of my good friends to thrive during Cataclysm. As mentioned we cleared the majority of Cataclysm's content and finished very strong. However nothing lasts forever and now the guild is in need of new members. I look to build it back up to become as strong it once was, full of friends who are looking to see all that Mists of Pandaria raiding has to offer.
The mists are about to clear and a whole new world will be revealed. Golganneth has unleashed the call of Shargahn, will you answer? If interested at all or have any questions please send a in game tell or in game mail to Lilstampede.
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