Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This First


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It could be an actual name, unlike the morons who use dictionary words or or references to pwning, noobs, or some other such retardedness.

So, 8/10
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How's it going everyone? I'm thinking about checking out this server because I heard you guys have awesome wpvp. Here's the thing though, I don't roleplay. It's not really my thing however I don't mind it being around me. It's actually kinda cool to see you guys make your own stories. So my question(s) is this. Would I fit in even if I don't roleplay? Is there action at all times? And are you guys noob friendly? Thanks in advance for help.
Whats an emerald dream?
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<~~ Bank Toon easier to run AH business on Armory app (HP reference should be obvious)

Transferred my original 1st WoW Rogue Honor Guard to ED and haven't looked back. I've left several of my 90's on Onyxia and Muradin pretty much unplayed since doing so. There is RP to be had if you know where to look and keep your eye on your social feed from chat (join World Defence and WPvP channels) plus ton of other craziness going on. Still haven't joined any serious RP guilds but ED is so much more populated and pleasant to quest pvp etc than either of my former realms were.

So if you see a VooDoo garbed Rogue Blood Guard Iôl running around say hi. You can't miss him he's garbed out in the Fang set and a VooDoo mask, and eventually Runetotem shoulders (can't quite solo Lady Vashj for them yet)
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Hey, i just got back into wow about two months ago. My friends started there own guild and so i decided i should play on there realm. Unfortunately, they wont add members unless we know them irl (were a bunch of seniors at high school :p). Because of this we only have 6 members and i feel were not enjoying the full extent of the game. So im think about joining this realm as its a rppvp like mine and if things dont pick up with my guild or i meet new an interesting players here il switch over my main. My only question is how long should i give my guild or should i just do it asap?
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Is the population still correct?

Alliance slightly outnumber horde, but still pretty even?
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The change of the original post by the OP to include a "reminder" for those transferring from KJ or BH saddens me a bit but is understandable if it has anything to do with this weekends activity on your forums. Speaking for myself only, I would like to say that the events, threads and posts of the past few days on these forums by a few individuals from the server who are considering a move here, have already arrived, or found their way to these forums because of recent movements of some members from a couple of guilds are not indicative of the player base that I have grown to know.

I have been on Kil'jaeden for over 6 years now and my experience is that most are very respectful and understand that Emerald Dream is a RP/PvP server and would not seek to disturb that balance in any way. We may behave one way on our server or our forums but most would not behave the same way on a different server or their forums. The active forum posters on the server are a very small representation of players and most I know have never even been to the forums.

Because Kil'jaeden is such an old server (I believe 2004) there are many who love the lore of this game and while may be inexperienced at RP would sit in silence before before upsetting the atmosphere of this or any server.

I hope you will welcome them and give them the opportunity to quell any negativity that some may have. The little toon I have here has had a great experience thus far.
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10/08/2013 05:55 PMPosted by Kittystyle
The active forum posters on the server are a very small representation of players and most I know have never even been to the forums.

I think this is true of nearly any realm's forums. Goodness knows, there are forum heroes here on ED that I rarely encounter in-game, and plenty of solid people in-game who rarely use the forums.

Bricke (the OP) added his disclaimer to the first page because the influx this time around has been from those two servers, but this certainly isn't the first time we've undergone large migrations. It tends to happen toward the end of an xpac. Players find themselves growing bored with the same old unbalanced fights on their home realms, or perhaps they notice a drop-off in activity and are looking to renew their passion for the game. I don't think it's specifically BH or KJ players we're concerned about - it's anyone from a pure PvP realm coming here for the promise of WPVP without realizing that the RP environment is a large part of what sustains the balance and activity in our WPvP.

I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself here, and I do hope that any other BH or KJ players who migrate here find what they were looking for and more. Many of us who transfer to ED never look back, myself included.

Edit: I also updated the second post with the latest stats from RealmPop, which puts the Alliance at a very slight advantage over Horde, but within 3%. You won't find a closer balance anywhere.
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This place sounds great!
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This place sounds great!

This post is what convinced me to transfer. Best realm I've been on in-game!
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Hey, just a heads-up to potential transfers who have been adding me on btag. I do my best to talk to all of you and answer any questions you have about ED. One thing to keep in mind is that I participate primarily in the RP community here. I have a surface understanding of PvP and WPvP from doing city defenses and instanced PvP like arenas and RBGs, but you might want to try Anagram (the OP) if you have more PvP-oriented questions. He's the PvP guru for sure.

Also, don't be offended if I take you off btag after a few days. It's nothing personal, I just need to keep my friends list in check or I'll get overwhelmed. :P
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Great post! Although where you mentioned KJ for wpvp, that has long since been dead. Also with the recent transfer of the biggest alliance guild, WPvP on KJ will most likely hardly ever happen. On top of the horde:alliance ratio has taken a turn for the worse for alliance sadly enough. Any remaining WPvP lovers have fled to either Emerald Dream or Bleeding Hollow. Except the alliance guild who decided they would try Darkspear horde >.>
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I've been hearing mixed opinions from everyone on Emerald Dream, from yesterday on. Things like alliance is dead, there's not much progression, horde is way too populated compared to alliance, etc.

Anyone have any facts on any of this that would help decide to try out Emerald Dream's alliance side?
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Yeah, I would like to know myself. Just jumped back on the game after 2 years and it seems Alliance is dead on Lightning Hoof. Now I'm thinking about moving over to Emerald Dream but not sure.
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I've been hearing mixed opinions from everyone on Emerald Dream, from yesterday on. Things like alliance is dead, there's not much progression, horde is way too populated compared to alliance, etc.

Anyone have any facts on any of this that would help decide to try out Emerald Dream's alliance side?

Actually, Emerald Dream has just undergone a shift toward the Alliance. That's not to say that the actual populations are unbalanced - just that a handful of the very active WPvPers have transferred over to the Alliance. That, in combination with the disbanding of the Horde's most notorious zerg-PvP guild, has made things a little dicey.

Of course, we're also experiencing an influx of transfers to both Horde and Alliance from other servers. We expect that in a few weeks, maybe a month, the new balance will settle.

If it's progression raiding you're looking for, though, I can't really speak to that. Both Horde and Alliance have a handful of PvE guilds, but it's not really a priority for EDers.
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"Kil'Jaeden is another excellent realm with relatively even Horde:Alliance ratios, where WPvP is inescapable".

Not anymore

alliance died

tons of them have transferred off the server and/or faction changed

it's rare to see alliance in the world anymore

it's sad
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